How Much RAM do you Need for Gaming?

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RAM for gaming

When did RAM become such a vital part of the PC cogwheel? No, not the male sheep. When your computer specifications speak of memory, it refers merely to RAM (Random Access Memory).

Well, for the non-techy, I guess you have heard of it but do not know what it entails. It comprises two or four small memory chips depending on your computer. Having a good enough RAM is an essential thing in a gaming laptop or PC. For a very long time, many have had issues with RAM. In the current generation, computers manufactured have different RAM spaces, which range from 4GB mark up to 32GB.

Different RAM Spaces and their Uses

2GB RAM – Only found in budget tablet designs. They are perfect for them, but still, you will need more than that on a laptop or your home desktop.

4GB RAM – It’s an entry-level that comes with budget notebooks. It works fine with gadgets like windows and Chrome Operating Systems.

8GB RAM – It’s an excellent component for windows and macOS gadgets system and the most recommended for different game settings.

16GB RAM – An ideal RAM for professional work and the most globally demanding games.

32GB RAM and beyond – It’s for enthusiasts and purposely for built workstations.

You need to remember that buying more RAM that you will not put into productive use is just a waste of money and resources. Buy the crucial things wisely and spend the rest of the money on other components, such as central processing unit (CPU) and graphics card. Random access memory is often confused with long-term storage. In some instances, manufacturers or retailers tend to mix up the terms.

A good RAM computer will favor the room of many progRAMs simultaneously. But do not forget that Random Access Memory is not only the determinant. After all, you can open many progRAMs technically at once, even with RAM that has a small capacity. The only problem you will endure is the system that’s working slowly.

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The Balance Between Your PC Capacity and Speed

When gaming, consider focusing your efforts on PC capacity and speed. If your PC has a fast GPU, it will improve the graphics performance. It will give you options to choose the highest graphics settings and resolutions.

CPU-bound games such as the Civilization V need a faster CPU to help calculate games in the PC background rather than just rendering some of the graphics. If you have a solid-state hard drive, then be sure of faster loading times than the mechanical one. Is RAM different? Yes, we can’t disagree with that.

The DDR4 and DDR3 RAM

DDR4 is slightly faster than the DDR3, but the speed of each in a PC is entirely a minor thing. You only have worries about how much RAM you will have and not how fast the RAM is. To avoid data swapping out of the hard drive, you need to have RAM that has enough space. The progRAMs that your computer uses in an operating system (OS) have a memory print. Swapping will only make your PC to be slow.

How much memory you need depends on the progRAMs you want to install, run and use on your computer. If your computer needs a web browser and desktop progRAMs, then 4GB RAM may be sufficient for it to run correctly. A computer that will store robust, diverse applications, databases and virtual machines, even the 32GB for workstations and inbuilt will not be enough to run smoothly.

ddr3 vs ddr4

RAM Recommendation for Games

In the recent past, games that were created worked on every gadget. But for this new generation, many of the games are cross-platform. They are merely designed to work on Xbox and Play stations games. These playbox games (Xbox and PS4) have been designed with 8GB RAM.

So there is a surprise that any recent games need 6GB and 8GB RAM to work on the PC. So before installing any games, you have to ensure how much capacity your computer had since some games require more RAM than that in the computer.

You need to know that more RAM isn’t necessary for graphic settings game improvement. Some of the top-quality games require different RAM. Such are:




Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

4 GB

8 GB


8 GB

12 GB

Far Cry Primal

4 GB

8 GB

The Witcher 3

6 GB

8 GB

Fallout 4

8 GB

12 GB

Quantum Break

8 GB

16 GB

The Rise of the Tomb Raider

6 GB

8 GB

Dying Light

4 GB

8 GB

Batman: Arkham Knight

6 GB

12 GB

The Division

6 GB

8 GB

When you look at the numbers, you can see clearly that you need an average of 8GB RAM for your gaming PC to play smoothly.

Play On-board Graphics

Your PC needs to have a discrete NVIDIA graphic card when you want to play onboard graphics games. If you purchase a computer for gaming, avoid built-in graphics game cards on a PC. It’s because they are much slower. The more you stick with them, the more you will need RAM.

Your PC needs to have discrete graphics cards of their video RAM. It’s mainly used for textures and is separate from your PC’s standard RAM. On the hand, onboard graphics RAM usually reserves a portion in that same RAM instead of providing an external one. It merely means that the speed of the RAM can make a huge difference.

Minimum Memory

So, how much RAM do you need to have a good gaming experience? Many PC games usually are accompanied by a diverse range of memory options. But the minimum RAM that you can get in the market is 4GB. It’s both for laptops and desktop gadgets. A system can run most current games with 4GB RAM, but there is a drive that you want to meet better playability.

With a laptop, you will have better capability with the 8GB minimum. The more memory you have will help you get the best performance processor. Do not have hopes of visual improvements after you have upgraded your gadget memory. You need to know that gaming is graphics-dependent.

What Should You Get?

Before purchasing RAM, ask yourself, “should I get 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of RAM?” Well, 16GB is recognized as the safest way to go. It has more future proof and will sort out your needs throughout your computer life-span. 8GB is more viable if one has a tight schedule. It will not only cut your budget costs but will put you in a comfortable position when you want to game.

What Role does RAM have in Gaming?

When you are in the middle of a game, all the relevant data sources that your computer/laptop accesses ensure that the game runs smoothly in excellent condition and without any interference. It’s stored in the Random Access Memory. In the past, picking a RAM was a bit trickier.

It was because each game has different requirements. Nobody knew the real “PC gaming” back then, as they had different needs. In the recent generation, the situation is entirely different. Why? Some operating systems support more RAM, like the 64-bit operating system. After the 32-bit, it became the norm because the 32-bit operating system only supported a maximum of 4GB of RAM.

RAM for gaming

Single Module vs Multiple Modules

Most of the motherboards support memories that are dual-channel. At some sure high-end motherboards can even help a quad-channel. I guess you are asking yourself if dual-channel will give a drastic performance boost. Sure it will, but it can never be noticeable in gaming.

Multiple RAM modules are cheaper and easier to remove and replace new ones in case of failure. If your PC has a single 16GB and some malware functions, be sure it will be out of commission up to when you can replace new ones. If your computer has two different 8GB modules and, for instance, one of the modules fails, you will still have the benefit of using your PC. A spoiled 8GB module will be slightly cheaper than buying a 16GB module.

RAM Facts

RAM stores anything that you load, whether a file or an application. The RAM module storage is slightly much faster than those used in storage drives. It makes them favorable for active but not advisable for storage. RAM is primarily a short-term memory part of the “brain” that allows you to have information faster and recall every piece of information needed immediately.

If you don’t take up the chance of saving your data to a hard drive, then I am sorry you won’t access it after the RAM finishes with it. The more Random Access Memory you have, the more data you will store in your PC. RAM will enable you to translate better performance and higher multi-tasking and brings out the processor ability that your hardware has.

It’s something that has an art of balance. When your PC has little RAM space, your PC speed reduces whenever you bog it down. Your memory PC will provide immediate storage accessibility for any operations done on your gadget.

To Conclude

Decide on which RAM you want to set up on your computer. Generally, more RAM in your computer makes it more pleasant. We certainly do not recommend the use of 32GB. But if you are looking for the best ways to improve your frame rate well, a video card will be the right choice for you. It will make much more difference than you going from 8GB RAM to 32GB RAM. It won’t have any effects or changes at all—no need for that. Before searching for specialized memories, look at the compatible RAM with high-speed mode. A RAM for a gamer is fast and has a better capacity to withhold the game without any interference.

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