Syma X11C Quadcopter Review

Quadcopter Syma X11C

Quadcopter Syma X11CThe Quadcopter Syma X11C is an attractive compact toy drone with three different color choices in an oval body, with built-in Air Camera. It’s one of the Amazon TOP 100 RC Toy bestsellers, and in around the top eight, so you know you’re getting one of the best RC toys around today.

It’s affordable pricing of around $40 will enable you to buy one for every member of your family. The technology of the remote controller will keep your quads from interfering with each other in the air.

You can choose from the white casing and attractive blue and red graphics on top of its body, and two black and two white rotors, or the black casing with two black and two white rotors, and attractive yellow and red graphics.

There is also the red casing with black and white rotors and black and white graphics. All four blades are protected by a narrow white blade protectors that fit around the quad in a unique design.

This new Syma quadcopter is easy to fly, fits within the palm of your hand, and you’ll find that you can concentrate on taking great footage from the air, without having to worry about putting all your attention on the controls.

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Cool new features of the Syma X11C

The quadcopter Syma X11C has a built-in high degree camera. You have the choice to either take snapshots of the amazing countryside, or to film video to be shared with friends later. The camera isn’t professional quality at this price point, but you can still have fun with it.

The gyro direction stabilizer has the latest six axis flight control that you’d expect in premium brands of quadcopters.

Most drones over $40 have LED running lights but the Syma goes one step further, making theirs bright and flashy, with red, blue, and purple colors. These lights will enable you to see your drone at a distance, or to have fun while flying at night time.

There is a 3D lock which will enable you to lock up the controls to have a precision flying experience.

You’ll find that you have more time in the air without needing to bring your quadcopter Syma X11C back in for a landing to get it charged up again.

You can do some amazing tricks with your Syma X11C and impress your friends, kids, and pets. The 360 degree eversion button will allow you to roll your quad, or to do a series of continuous rolls through the air.


The blade protectors are built as one piece and are made from an extremely elasticized plastic circle. This protector will keep your blades from hitting other objects while in the air, and also work as anti-collision so it will bounce back if it hits a tree trunk or wall. The protector is built with aerodynamics in mind, and will actually keep the drone in the air.

The Quadcopter Syma X11C Radio Controller

You’ll be excited to get your hands on the radio controller. It has a shiny white casing, with red controls. It’s small and ergonomically easy to hold. It takes four double AA 1.7 volt batteries, which you need to purchase separately. You can use the radio controller to fly the Syma X11C out to a distance of thirty meters.

The controller operates at a frequency of 2.4Ghz, allowing for better remote distance. This decreases the chances for interference from other drones in the air. It also takes up less power, preserving your batteries. It also allows for a faster reaction speed between the controller and the quad so you aren’t left frustrated by any delay times.

You’ll also be able to purchase two or three of the Syma X11C quadcopters, and fly them in the air at the same time, with each pilot remaining in full control of their unit, without interference.

The radio controller will enable you to fly the Syma X11C through the air in a forwards and backwards motion. You’ll be able to turn your quad left or right, and do side flights in left or right, 360 degree rolling. You can also control the camera and the video camera through the radio controller.

The radio controller has two small joysticks that are used to control left and right motions of the quad. The on/off button is on the top center and lights up when it’s one. On the top left and right sides are the speed and eversion switches.

There are some unique circular control buttons on the bottom of the unit. These are used for trim, and to reset the video, as well as fine tuning.

Detailed Specifications of the Quadcopter Syma X11C

The Syma will connect via the USB port connection to your computer, so you can charge it up, and upload videos and photographs.

The Syma contains a rechargeable 3.7 Volt, 200 Mah Li-poly battery. It takes about fifty to sixty minutes to charge your drone up for flight. You can charge via your computer, or plug it directly into a wall outlet. Once it’s ready to go, you’ll have about six to eight minutes of flying time.

The Syma X11C measures 15.2 centimeters by 15.2 centimeters, making it small enough to fit within the palm of your hand. It measures only 3.7 centimeters in height. This small size is perfect for flying indoors or out. You can fly it in your backyard, without any worries about trying to find a large flying field for some of the larger quads on the market today.

Inside the box you’ll find one Syma X11C quadcopter, a USB charging cable, the remote controller, four blades, and an instruction manual.

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Syma provides online support for your purchase. You check out videos, and news, and download manuals.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift, the quadcopter Syma X11C is not only affordable, it’s from a reliable name brand manufacturer of quadcopters, so it promises to be sturdy, durable, and has a basic camera for extra fun!

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