Monster Hunter Rise Update 2.0 | Magnificent Creatures Await!

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Monster Hunter Rise update

Monster Hunter Rise will introduce its first update this April. And best of all, it'll cost you absolutely nothing. 

That's good news! After all, I'm never one to turn down a freebie; those are few and far between these days.

The newly released Monster Hunter Rise has gone down a storm since it launched last weekend. So then, it is of little surprise that the game's future roadmap is already the topic of our times.

Inclusions expected to play a role in the forthcoming patch are new monster additions, alongside other undeclared features.

Recently, Monster Hunter Rise launched to widespread critical approval as the newest entry in the ever-popular role-playing adventure series. Yet, even so early in its life cycle, the game's sales figures continue to impress.

As it stands, Monster Hunter Rise has already broken the four million mark concerning units sold. A number only set to increase with each passing week.

Capcom is hoping to encourage more engagement with two further updates, despite its player base having clocked considerable hours already.

The first of which is update 2.0, due to roll out at some point in April.

With monsters being one of the main selling points, the inclusion of two further fantastical beasts will no doubt please players. Known as Chameleos and Apex Rathalos, these mighty creatures are bound to put up a fierce fight when they land in April.

Secondly, the following patch refers to a new game option entitled Rampage hunt. However, this time around, players can expect a strategy-styled defence mode to grace the game.


Monster Hunter Rise Update 2.0

In an announcement via the game's official web page, Capcom shared its plans for the upcoming 2.0 update.

"The first update is scheduled for the end of April and introduces Chameleos, as well as several other new monsters," Capcom said. 

"Get Ready for More Monsters!"

Rather interestingly, it certainly seems as though more monsters, other than the two mentioned, are inbound. Whichever type these are, exciting times lay ahead.

There's also the prospect of a new "Hunter Rank" cap, which will act as welcome news for those wishing to play the game long-term. Regarding the "several new monsters," we can't say for sure when those inclusions will arrive.

One of my favourite aspects of Monster Hunter is the unique designs of the creatures themselves. It's such a fantastic feeling exploring new areas, not knowing what lair I've unwittingly entered.

With two new monsters set to make an entrance come April, I can't wait to see the creature designs up close. 

But do stay tuned for more info on the situation, as we'll be sure to serve it your way as and when anything juicy surfaces.

Monster-Hunter-Rise 2

The Future of Monster Hunter Rise 

Now, let's look at the future long-term plans for Monster Hunter Rise. On that note, what's lying in wait for players later down the pipeline?

In the future, we can expect a 3.0 update at some point, though, as it stands, details surrounding that lay on the slim side. However, in the past, Capcom has expressed intentions to add more monsters into the mix.

(No complaints there!)

More intriguing, though, is the potential of a new game ending. Mind you, how this would play out remains a mystery at this stage.

As we've come to expect from Capcom in recent years, these updates will come free-of-cost to the consumer, which is an excellent move.

Then again, there does exist paid DLC content. However, that consists mainly of cosmetics and in-game items. So essentially, everyone can experience the new monsters when they do eventually drop.

Right now, you can pick up Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch. With Capcom making plans long into the future, it looks as though players can expect a steady slew of content in the coming months.

The key will be whether they can keep players coming back. For the foreseeable future, at least, it seems as though that shouldn't be too hard a task to achieve.

After all, there appears to be a healthy global appetite for the Monster Hunter franchise currently.


Monster Hunter Rise | Capcom's Back

In recent years, Capcom has undergone somewhat of a revival. Even setting aside its many accomplishments down the decades, the Resident Evil franchise finds itself once again thriving.

Not only is there massive hype over the next instalment, but the recent Resi reboots did a fine job of rekindling past glories.

Then there's the Monster Hunter IP. In essence, a series that continues to sit favourably with fans of deep, role-playing, action RPG games. Oh, and how can I forget to recount Devil May Cry! In short, there's no stopping Capcom right now.

And certainly, no shortage of titles stockpiling their resume!

As someone who grew up playing the original Resi games, I can't express enough how pleased I am to see Capcom making great games again. Let us hope they maintain the quality of work as we advance.

UPDATE: Just before publishing this article, a new advert for the game dropped on Twitter. The trailer shows off the new "Wirebug" feature, which allows players to traverse more freely. On top of that, there is also a new form of powerful attack, known as "Silkbind."

We also got a sneaky peek at "Wyvern Riding." Every bit as exhilarating as it sounds.

In truth, Monster Hunter Rises journey has just begun, but hopefully, this is the beginning of a long a prosperous road for Capcom and its player base.

I, for one, am fully onboard. What's more, I wish you all luck in your monster-slaying endeavours!

See you on the battlegrounds!

That concludes today's slice of news. What do you make of Monster Hunter Rise so far? Are you looking forward to checking out update 2.0? Perhaps you have some ideas for further game improvements?

As always, your opinions matter most. So please, be sure to sound-off in the comments.

I love to read them all.

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