How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone

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How to Turn Off Safesearch on iPhone

How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone is an interesting question as this built-in feature filters and/or blurs explicit content, such as Nudity, graphic sex acts, violence, gore, and sexually explicit material from search results. This makes the device safer for all users, especially minors.

However, there might be times when you need to turn it off. For example, if you’re trying to search for something that’s being blocked by the filters or if you want to get more specific search results for your research.

Managing or How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone

Before proceeding with the steps below, we would like to highlight that the results of the search engine may be overly offensive, explicit, or triggering. Disabling the SafeSearch feature is unadvised for children and emotional/sensitive people.

1.  To start, open your iPhone and locate the “Settings” app, which resembles a gear icon. Tap on it to proceed.

iPhone Settings

 2. Once in the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on “Screen Time.” This option allows you to manage various aspects of your iPhone’s usage, including SafeSearch.

Screen Time

 3. In the Screen Time menu, tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions.” 

Content and Privacy Restrictions

4. Under “Content & Privacy Restrictions,” tap on “Content Restrictions” and enter your passcode if prompted.

Content Restrictions

 5. Scroll down to “Web Content” and tap on “Limit Adult Websites.” Here, you can choose to “Allow” unrestricted access, effectively disabling SafeSearch.

Web Content

Now open your search engine and try searching for something you know would generally raise a red flag with SafeSearch enabled. If you can search without any issues, you’ve successfully turned off this feature!

Managing the SafeSearch Settings Through Search Engine Settings

Alternatively, you can disable SafeSearch directly through your preferred search engine settings, such as Google Chrome or Safari.

On Safari:

1. Open your chosen search engine app, tap on the three horizontal lines or dots (usually located in the top-right corner), and select “Settings.”

Browser Menu

2. Look for the SafeSearch or Filtering option and toggle it off to disable SafeSearch.


On Google Chrome: 

Safari is available on all Apple devices, but many people find it complicated or they are just more comfortable surfing the net on another search engine. To disable SafeSearch on Chrome: 

1. Launch Google Chrome if it’s not already open. 

Google Chrome on IOS

2. Go to the Google Search homepage by typing “” into the address bar and hitting Enter. 

Navigate to Google

3. If you are not already signed in, click on the “Sign in” button in the upper right corner of the Google Search page and sign in with your Google Account. 

Sign In

4. Once you’re signed in, click on the “Settings” icon, represented by a gear or three vertical lines, in the upper right corner of the Google Search page.

Browser Menu

5. Scroll down to the “SafeSearch filters” section.


6. By default, it is set to “Blur” To disable SafeSearch, select “Off.” 

SafeSearch Turn Off

7. After making the change, tap the “Save” button if it’s available. If there is no “Save” button, your settings should be updated automatically.

Disabling SafeSearch can expose users to explicit and potentially harmful content, consequently, it should only be done when necessary. 

Note: The web is not a safe place for children, parental guidance and restriction should always be maintained for people under 18 years old, and it is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their kids.

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Why Can’t I Turn off SafeSearch on My iPhone? 

Usually, disabling SafeSearch is not a complicated procedure, yet you may be unable to turn it off on some devices.

If you can not disable SafeSearch, it might be due to restrictions set by a parent or a legal guardian looking forward to protecting the minor under their guardianship.

That does not apply only to parental restrictions on iPhones, also, business devices might be managed by an organization, institution, or company with enforced content restrictions. 

In such cases, you may need to seek permission or assistance from the responsible party to make the necessary changes.


To sum it all up, disabling SafeSearch can be necessary for various reasons, such as accessing specific content. 

You can do so either through the Screen Time settings or directly within your preferred search engine app. 

It is essential to remember that disabling SafeSearch should be done with caution, especially for younger users. Responsible internet usage and other parental controls are essential to ensure a safe online environment.


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