How to Turn Off Auto Jump in Minecraft

How to turn off auto jump in minecraft

Minecraft is a game with infinite possibilities; only your imagination limits your builds in the game. With such a fantastic concept, the only thing the players need to interact with the game is adequate controls, that are easy to grasp and master.

Fortunately, Minecraft has been one of the easiest games to get a hang of because the controls are so simple. Players understand the controls very well and have become used to it, be it the pocket edition of Minecraft, the console version, or even the PC version.

Auto Jump is one such feature that was added to the game to improve the controls of the Pocket edition first. The Pocket edition was created keeping mobile players in mind. At the time of the release, mobiles weren’t as big as today, so Minecraft devs had to reinvent the games control so that the PE players' ability isn’t hindered due to a lack of suitable controls.

Auto Jumping simply allowed players to jump automatically over the fun blocks. And as a Mobile player myself, I'd like to tell you that this feature was essential when we had smaller phones. But this feature isn’t best suited for the console or even the PC version. 

On PC, rather than helping me play the game better, auto jump constantly ended up killing me. I've been in situations where I fell into my own zombie farm because of auto jump and was devoured! You don’t want to be in this situation.

So in this quick and easy to follow guide we will show you how to turn off this Auto Jump feature in the game so that your in-game character bounces only when you want him to and not when it is near a block!

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Minecraft versions

How to turn off Auto Jump in Minecraft Java

Turning off the Auto Jump feature is as simple as toggling the on/off button, you just need to know where it’s situated. 

First, we’ll see how to turn it off in the JAVA version of the game, and then we’ll move onto the Bedrock version of the game that will cover the Pocket Edition, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the Bedrock version on PC as well.

There aren’t big dissimilarities in the versions, but navigating the menu is different in both games.

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For the JAVA edition, first, restart the game so that you’re on the home screen where you can see these options. Alternatively, you can also turn it off while playing the game by following this guide.

Next up, Click/Select the Options button from the home screen. Clicking this button will take you to a new menu where you’ll see a ton of different options on how to change certain parts of the game.

Minecraft Options

The Options sub-menu will have a button that will be labeled Accessibility Settings… Once again click/select that button and you’ll enter another sub-menu where you’ll find the option to turn off the Auto-Jump feature in Minecraft and a ton of other options as well.

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FOV Effects

Once you click on the Auto Jump button, the auto jump feature will get disabled and your in-game avatar won’t jump without you clicking the space bar on your keyboard. And that’s how you can disable Auto Jump in the JAVA edition of Minecraft!

How to turn off / disable auto jump in Minecraft Bedrock

The Bedrock version of Minecraft is considered the future of the game. It is compatible with almost every device that you can play games on. The JAVA and Bedrock editions are increasingly trying to reach parity as well!

This guide will cover the Minecraft game on Playstation (any Playstation that supports Minecraft) Xbox (any Xox that supports Minecraft), the Nintendo Switch, Pocket edition of Minecraft, and lats but not least, the Windows version of Minecraft Bedrock!

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AutoJump Feature

The Minecraft home screen for the bedrock edition is pretty minimal, and you’ll find the settings button on the home screen itself. Alternately you can also turn off the Auto Jump while playing the game, just follow the same steps as shown here.

Autojump feature 002

When you press/click the settings button, you’ll enter the settings menu of Miecrat bedrock. Here you’ll have to navigate yourself to the Keyborard and Mouse button and click it to enter the sub menu where the Auto Jump on/off toggle is located.

Auto Jump 003

The Auto Jump toggle should be visible once you enter the sub menu. After this just simply click the Auto Jump button and the feature will get disabled form the game. And that’s how you disable auto jump in Minecraft Bedrock edition irrespective of the platform you’re using it on!

Auto Jump Feature Pros and Cons in Minecraft

Pros and Cons Autojump

The Auto Jump feature was first added to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft so that the players playing on a Mobile could focus more on the other functions in the game rather than having to jump all the time. This feature ( some would argue possibly a pointless control) was added to the JAVA edition in 1.10, or the Frostburn update.

Along with the addition of the auto jump mechanic, the devs also added a ton of great Nether-related blocks to the game that is essential to the game even today. Structure blocks, magma blocks, nether bricks, fossils made from bone blocks were also added to the game.

Mobs like Strays and Husks were also introduced to the game via the frostburn update in Minecraft. 

The Auto Jump feature was both loved and hated by fans at the time of its release, some like it while some straight-up despise it. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons so that you can make a better choice on should you leave the feature on or disable it!


If you’re a Mobile player, then the auto jump feature is a must for you. The mobile screens aren’t very big even today. So rather than having to click the jump button again and again, why not let the code do the jumping. 

Apart from that, as there is no haptic feedback to your fingers on a screen, your fingers might miss the jump button many times, and jumping is very important especially when you’re running away from mobs!


On platforms where Minecraft can be played using controllers or a keyboard and mouse the auto jump is redundant, you don’t really need it as it will hinder your playing style. 

You will jump when you get near a one-block high obstacle, which is not very convenient on a controller, as you can simply press a button to jump!

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