How to save toolbars in Minecraft?

How to Save Toolbars in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game in which you, the player, may do whatever you want; the possibilities are essentially limitless, and the only thing that restricts your builds is your imagination. You may express yourself by donning different skins and building different constructions in the game, which acts as a terrific outlet for your creativity.

The game has something for every type of player that plays it. For the hardcore builders, Minecraft has an extensive list of cool and unique blocks to build with. For the nerds out there the games Redstone lets you create crazy machines and for the explorers out there, the game has a beautiful and surreal world generation.

Building structures in the game is the most gratifying way to play the game out of all the many ways to play it. Not only do you make anything from scratch, but the sense of success you receive when you complete a project is immensely satisfying.

But there's one thing that hinders the creativity of players in the game. And that is their survival world, if you embark on a great project then you’ll end up spending more time on collecting resources than actually working on the build itself.

Minecraft all about toolbars

Creative mode helps tackle this issue where you can build with any block you want. And many builders love playing creative. But as there is a ton of different blocks in the game it becomes a hassle to constantly switch between blocks.

To tackle this issue in the 1.12 update a new feature known as save toolbar was added in the game. Now you can save entire Hotbars, and if you need a different Hotbar full of some different items, you can switch very easily.

So how do you do this? We’ll explain everything there is to know about this feature and how to use it in the most effective manner!

What are saved toolbars?

If you play Minecraft you can see that you have a toolbar on the screen. This is an extension of your inventory and allows you to access blocks faster by clicking a button on the keyboard and getting that item. In creative, there is a save toolbar feature that saves entire toolbars for future use.

Suppose you’re building a big city, and there is some palette of blocks that will always be needed to create the house, and there is another set of blocks that are needed to detail these houses. 

You can now save a toolbar containing all the essential blocks as a saved toolbar and another saved toolbar containing the detailing blocks and access them with a press of a button.

Now that you understand the utility of this feature, let’s see how can we actually use this on our game, and be more productive while building structures in Minecraft!

All about minecraft hotbars

How to save toolbars Minecraft 

Before we jump into the guide, there are some things that we need to take care of. First and foremost we have to set a key that will allow us to toggle the saved toolbars, this will be set from the settings option in Minecraft. Also, this saved toolbar feature can’t be used in survival.

Creative Mode

So if you want to use this feature, you’ll have to be in creative mode only, no spectator mode, no adventure mode, only creative mode, strictly!

Save Toolbar options 001
  • Start by going to Options menu by clicking on the Options button on the homescreen. Alternatively, you can also go to the options menu when playing the game.
Save Toolbar options 002
  • When you enter the options menu, you’ll see a ton of different options, you have to click/press the button that says Controls.
Save Toolbar options 003
  • Once you're inside the controls sub menu, can finally set a key that will toggle the saved toolbars that we will be creating. Use a key which isn’t being used already and isn’t very necessary to you while playing the game.
  • Now that we’ve taken care of this situation the only thing that remains is creating our own custom saved toolbars in the game. Hop onto a creative world and get all the items that you want to save in your toolbar in your hotbar.
Save Toolbar options 004

And you know there are only 9 different slots to put your items in, so put in the set of items that you’ll be needed carefully. Once the set of blocks is in the Hotbar, simply press the key that you set before to toggle the saved toolbars along with the numeric key 1.

On doing so, your toolbar will be saved and can be accessed by pressing the set key + 1. Similarly, if you want to create more saved toolbars, simply add a set of items to the Hotbar once again, and then press the set key, and this time rather than pressing 1, press key 2!

Now you can access this saved toolbar by pressing the set key along with 2. You get the idea at this point, you can create 9 more toolbars by pressing the set key along with the numeric digits from 1 - 9. And yes, there are only 9 different saved toolbar slots in the game, so you can create 9.

Minecraft Options Tool Bar Conclusion

Also, these saved toolbars work across worlds, so if you hop onto a different world, you’ll still have access to the saved toolbars.

You can also edit these custom toolbars by going to the bookshelf icon in the inventory. You’ll see all the custom toolbars you've created in the past, you can add items from here, and the opposite can be done as well.

These toolbars are very powerful tools that will obviously help you build more efficiently in the game. Especially when you start tackling projects that are way bigger and will take a long time to find, you’ll definitely need these toolbars there.

The toolbars can also be used if you’re a server owner and have a set of blocks that are always needed to be on you. Rather than searching for them individually, you can simply press two keys and instantly get all the set items. That’s the power of saved toolbars!


How do you clear your Hotbar in Minecraft Creative? 

You have to perform command/clear. It will clear your Hotbar as well as all of your armour and stock. Copy:

How do you clear your Hotbar in Minecraft Creative? 

You can do the command /clear which will clear your hot bar but also the rest of your inventory and armour.

Where to find the saved toolbars in Minecraft? 

You need to be in creative mod on your server or single player map.. You can save enchanted things there, some custom books, nbt chests, well, pretty much anything you want!

How to use Saved Toolbars? 

To save blocks, you decided to save, just place them in your main inventory

Saved Toolbars - Frustrated!

I'm just curious how saved toolbars are used? 

Please save by clicking the key "c" and holding the key. Press the key. Press the numbers. You're able to save a new toolbar to a folder. To load press key "x", hold the key. When pressing key "x" it saves the number 1 to 9. Make sure your toolbars are fully loaded. Your toolbar is successfully saved

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