How To Protect Yourself from Cyberbullying


Internet safety is key. Most users guard their personal details, don’t open suspicious online links, and browse using anti-virus programs. However, no program can guarantee cyberbullying protection. Experts consider it the greatest web threat in the modern era. defines bullying as intimidation and oppression that happens using electronic tech, including equipment and gadgets like computers and mobile phones, and communication methods, including texts and social media platforms.

The acts can involve:

  • People sending vulgar, mean, or intimidating images or texts by phone or computer.
  • Sharing private, sensitive data or/and false info about another individual.
  • Impersonation of someone to make them look bad.

The actions are always repeated, they are deliberate and hostile and mean to cause harm. A cyberbully can be a stranger or someone familiar. The insulting views can be tough on some users, which makes learning protection from bullying online vital.

If you’re being bullied online or witnessed it happening to another human, there are ways to end it. We should never tolerate this act. Below there are bullying online protection tips that you can use to safeguard yourself from cyberbullies.

Ignore And Don’t Respond

If you or an individual you live with experience online harassment, the best advice is to avoid responding to name-calling or minor teasing. Some consumers are simply after attention waiting for a negative reaction from account owners after they compose a post. 

The first thought when you experience cyberbullying is sticking up for yourself. It’s the first natural reaction when someone says unkind words. Even if you respond with something subtle, you’re opening a social space for more attacks.

The important thing is to avoid retaliating and posting posts in revenge for internet trolling or humiliating an oppressor. You’ll be taking yourself down to his level and making the situation worse.

If you are a parent, it is a good idea to monitor everything your children are doing, use parental control systems, and always remind the kids about the dangers of the internet.

Talk To Someone

In every situation, especially if you are a teenager, one of the best bullying prevention strategies is to reach out to a trusted adult as soon as you realize it is bothering you. A teacher, parents, counselors, school administrators, or a police officer are experienced in handling many issues and can guide you on what to do.

If you’re studying, institutions have online safety and online bullying prevention rules and are now monitoring their students’ activities. If you’ve already been a victim, it can be helpful to have a conversation with a counselor or a friend for support if you’re hurt or upset. Don’t suffer alone.

Set And Secure Your Boundaries

One of the reasons for the high rise in the use of vulgar language on the internet is people’s lack of boundaries. Internet users no longer keep their personal information and lives to themselves. They feel the desire to share with everyone, including strangers, making them vulnerable.

Although you might see no harm in sharing your good moments with the world, you will be inviting ill-wishers every time you do that. This information is vividly explained in completely free essays on cyber bullying which give a valuable insight into the topic and help set boundaries for the person to be comfortable online. Whatever you do, your safety should be the priority.


Whether you’re using gaming platforms or social media, don’t reveal private details like home address, phone number, credit card numbers, etc. Passwords exist for a reason. It’s critical not to disclose things like passwords, even with your best friends or family members. Take action and ensure that your passwords are secure and not easy to crack.

Note that it’s not your fault that humans are unkind. Because of this, you do not have a reason to blame yourself. But you can shield yourself from these provokers if you maintain good boundaries. Only allow the people you trust and know into your offline and internet space.

Take Advantage of Privacy Settings

Find out which measures you can take to ensure that your details and what you disclose remain private on your site. On Instagram and other sites, you can change settings to enable only the persons you choose to visit your posts.

Go through these settings frequently and regularly because most companies keep updating them.

Also, it is a good idea to protect your devices and everything you store on them. Pay attention to the most used items like your phone and computer, and change passwords from time to time.

Screenshot All Evidence

Save threatening messages, phone records, and emails and take screenshots. Save every type of communication and contact as evidence because they will help you build your case when you report cyberbullying. Record the times, dates, and descriptions of the moments the act happened.

When you submit a review about a tormentor to the information center or site administration, it helps uncover anonymous persons that don’t use real names. The site operators will pull down the opinion or suspend accounts from the platform. Most websites don’t condone hurtful comments.

Work On Your Self-Confidence

One of the vital life choices you can make is to believe that you’re the only person who knows yourself best. Register it in your mind that you’re not what a stranger tells you. If you do this, it will not bother you. Although it is hard and not fun, it might be the most effective defense.

Cut Off the Bully!

Cyber bullying 1

When you’re bullied on the internet, the first thing should be to stop talking to the troll immediately after the situation escalates. Most websites have a mute or block button for a reason. Quit communicating with this person because they will only continue hurting you.

If it’s someone you know personally, don’t take their calls and blacklist their numbers.

Educate Yourself and Those Around You

Reading this text is a good starting point. However, there is a vast range of tools and articles on this topic. If you have ideas and knowledge on how others can safeguard themselves, educate those around you because no one is immune to the terrible act.

If you are not sure whom to turn to in a difficult situation, you should always start with your close ones – parents, a spouse, a best friend. Also, never hesitate to contact the authorities and, if you feel too stressed or violated, address the police.


Cyberbullying happens everywhere. Most bullies want to assert power over others. They feel like they’re untouchable when they demean victims. They derive pleasure when making life uncomfortable and difficult for other users. Most will hide under pseudo accounts, but a few courageous ones don’t hide.

If you are feeling upset, sad, nervous or anxious, causing emotional distress or emotional anxiety, you might be a victim.

You can stand up against the vile troll but it’s wise to do it safely. Humans are unpredictable, and some will go to massive lengths to harm others. In most ways, internet incidences might be worse, tough to deal with and more harmful than physical hate. We hope that everything we have discussed on safety and bullying prevention will help humans take steps to notice and cushion themselves against cyber trolls.


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