How To Draw Fortnite Skins

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With bright colours, impressive game mechanics, and a constantly changing and evolving world for gamers to explore, Fortnite is a breath of fresh air. Right from the start, the one aspect of the game that made it stand out was the skins. 

Skins in Fortnite are aesthetic changes the player can make to their playable character. These make your character stand out from the rest of the players. Some skins can be unlocked with a higher rank level, so skins help players show off their rank level as well. 

Drawing Fortnite skins is a simple and easy task. You can start with a reference photo to get a basic outline. Once you get that, with the help of different pencils and markers, you can add features to it. Clothing items and accessories can add a unique touch to your fortnite skin.

Some of the most popular skins in the game have been Chun Li, The Reaper, Galaxy, Merry Marauder, Black Knight, etc. These skins get fans excited to play and stand a chance to unlock them. In this article, we’ll be teaching you how you can draw your own Fortnite skins from scratch. 

Key Takeaways

  • Details like proportion, shading, and colour scheme are crucial when designing Fortnite skins. 
  • Looking at and learning from the work of other artists will help you improve your Fortnite skin. 
  • You need to develop your style. You may put your spin on well-known figures to express your individuality.
fortnite skin sketches
Image by Blitsy

Materials Needed for Drawing Fortnite Skins

It’s a lot of fun to draw Fortnite skins, but you’ll need some particular supplies to get the best results. There are a plethora of tools one can use to draw impressive skins. In this part, we’ll go through the supplies you’ll need to sketch Fortnite skins.

  • Pencils: Pencils in HB and 2B grades are the most popular and best suited for outlining and rough sketches. Softer pencils, such as 4B or 6B, are great for shading and creating depth in your drawings. 
  • Paper: Using high-quality paper while sketching Fortnite skins is also important. To avoid tears while erasing and shading, choose sturdy paper (also known as Cardstock), which is slightly thicker than normal paper. 
  • Markers and coloured pencils: Markers and coloured pencils give a nice touch of colour to your Fortnite skin design. Coloured pencils give dimension and texture to your artwork. 
  • Drawing tablet and stylus: These are vital equipment if you prefer digital drawing. Create editable and shareable digital drawings with the help of these tools. Wacom, Huion, and XP-Pen are a few brands that produce drawing tablets. 
  • Images for reference: Having reference photographs is very crucial while developing Fortnite skins. Using reference pictures as a visual aid can allow you to draw better. 

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Drawing Fortnite Skins: Step-by-Step Instructions

The skins in Fortnite give the game a unique charm. While other battle royale games do provide you with skins, they are pretty standard. The ones in Fortnite are eye-catching and give your character a personality. Below you will learn how you can draw your own Fortnite skins. 

You can follow this tutorial for better understanding.

 The Step by Step procedure

  • Step 1:

First, begin with a reference photo. This is what you will be taking inspiration from. You can use current skins in the game or any character you wish to make a skin on. You can use tracing paper to mark the outline of your character.

For beginners, it is best to keep the reference photo very simple. Just trace around the edges or freehand your concept. Once you have a clean outline with a few features, you can begin working on the finer details.

tracing the outline
Image by Ytimg
  • Step 2:

Move on to the body details. Here you will have to work on skin texture and other body details that give your character realism. You need to ensure all your body proportions are equal. Nothing gets exaggerated unless you want it to be.

Here you will also work on the basic layout of the clothes. You do not have to make it too detailed, for this step is still the crafting stage. Once this step is over, you can add more details.

  • Step 3:

Now you can work on the finer details to bring your character to life. Work on the accessories and skin texture to better resemble real characters. Use short lines and simple strokes to achieve the finer details in your drawing.

Since you are using reference photos, you can add different clothing and accessories. You should always try to make your character unique.

colours and shading
Image by Ytimg
  • Step 4:

Now comes the shading and highlights. You can use different pencils, both black and colored, to achieve this. Shading and highlights will define the different aspects of your character. This is essential for realism.

Once you have finished with the shading and highlights, you can add small touches. These small touches, like shadows and reflections, will add depth to your character. If you do not have the skillset, you can avoid it.

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Common Errors to Avoid While Drawing Fortnite Skins

It’s tempting for Fortnite fans to try drawing their favorite skins. There are, however, several pitfalls that would-be painters should strive to avoid. The following are some of them:

Skipping The Sketching Step

Skipping the sketching step is a common error amateur artists make. Doing a rough sketch first is vital. Only after this should one move on to more detailed sketching stages. Inadequate proportions and lopsidedness are the results of not starting with a sketch.

Lack Of Research

People make another typical error while drawing Fortnite skins, which is not analyzing the reference material well enough. Examining the specifics of the skin is crucial, be it via in-game pictures or fan art made by other artists. 

Complicating The Design Too Much

There are a lot of Fortnite skins with elaborate patterns and textures. It’s tempting to sketch every little detail, but doing so will make it much harder to understand. 

Misusing Tools 

The drawing outcome is very sensitive to the mediums used. Getting the level of detail you want is possible only with the right equipment. A clean and exact drawing is easier if you use the right tools. 

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Examples of Fortnite Skin Drawings

Fortnite skins are popular among fans, and many artists love creating their own skins. Here are some examples of Fortnite skin drawings and the techniques used to create them.

The Raven Skin

raven skin
Image by Imageio

The Raven Skin is a popular choice among Fortnite players. One technique these drawings use is shading to create depth and dimension. Artists can create the illusion of light and form by adding shadows to certain drawing areas.

To create something similar, start with a basic sketch of the Raven Ski. Now, add shading to create depth and dimension. Use a pencil or pen to add details like feathers and lines to the character’s outfit.

The Dark Voyager Skin

dark voyager skin
Image by Progameguides

The Dark Voyager Skin is another popular skin in Fortnite. Many artists have created impressive drawings of this character. One technique used in these drawings is bold lines and colors to create a dynamic and striking skin.

To create a similar skin, start with a bold outline of the Dark Voyager Skin. Then add color using markers or colored pencils. Use various colors to add depth and dimension to the skin and bold lines to create a strong, dynamic image.

The Tomato Head Skin

tomato head skin
Image by Imageio

The Tomato Head Skin in Fortnite is humorous and whimsical. Many artists have drawn their own versions of this character. One technique in these drawings is using exaggerated features and expressions. 

To create a similar drawing, start with a basic sketch of the Tomato Head Skin. Add exaggerated features like a large nose and mouth. Use bright colors to add a playful and whimsical feel to the skin. Don’t be afraid to add silly details like a tomato on top of the character’s head.

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The time spent drawing Fortnite skins may assist artists of all ability levels. It is possible to create unique skins for Fortnite characters in time. Understand the approaches employed by other artists and experiment with new styles. Eliminating clichés such as incorrect measurements will provide a better skin.


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