How to build a UAV


Building a UAV is not rocket science, as you only have to able to read and follow instructions carefully. There are several means available to assist devoted lovers of UAVs with the knowledge how to build a UAV without any experience in electronics or programming.

It doesn’t even have to be an expensive project. You can build a basic drone for a couple of hundred dollars, but if you want to go all out and add intricate sensors or telemetry, the project will definitely become more costly.

Determine what drone you need before knowing how to build a UAV

There are two fundamental UAV platforms to choose from when you want to build your own drone, namely fixed-wing platforms and multi-rotor platforms. Fixed-wing drones host an advanced range and are generally more durable.

Although you need a lot of space for operation purposes, it is a great drone to use for first person video (FPV). This is the process whereby a video is streamed directly from your drone back to a ground base.

If you don’t have a lot of space, the better option would be how to build a UAV with a multi-rotor platform. This drone is perfect for utilization during aerial photography procedures, as it has the ability to hover in determined areas while taking photographs of such areas or objects. The most popular multi-rotor drone is a four-motor drone, or quad copter.

When compared to fixed-wing drones, however, the multi-rotor UAV has the disadvantage that its flight-time is fairly limited.

How to build a UAV from available ready-to-assemble kits

There are several drone kits available for purchase in both the fixed-wing and multi-rotor range. Some of the most popular Quad Copter kits include:

1. The Syma X5C 4-channel


The Syma X5C 4-channel remote control Explorer Quad Copter: This drone hosts an integrated six-axis gyroscope which enables defined hovering while in operation. It employs spread-spectrum technology to enhance its remote distance with minimal power usage and its reaction speed is approximately 100 times quicker than that of other remote control drones. With its applied modular design, this quad copter is easy to assemble and maintain.

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2. Hubsan X4 H107C


The Hubsan X4 H107C video recording 4-channel mini Quad Copter (six-axis): This mini drone hosts a six-axis control flight system with an adaptable gyro sensitivity mode. With its four channels, it allows for improved stability during operation. It has a durable, lightweight frame and can be upgraded with the inclusion of four LED lights for night navigation.

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3. Nine Eagles 4-Channel Galaxy Visitor 2


The Nine Eagles 4-Channel Galaxy Visitor2 remote control Quad Copter (with camera): This drone employs “headless flying”, making it relatively easy for beginners to manage through its intelligent control and conventional control modes. With the effortless press of a button, the user can switch from one mode to another. It also hosts an auto-return function, which enables the drone to return to its first point of take-off.

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