Kansas State University Salina Offers Degree in UAVs

Degree in UAVs

Kansas State University Salina Offers Degree in UAVsPhoto by Eric Kilby / CC BY-SA 2.0

With all the interest in unmanned aircraft systems, for both personal and commercial purposes, technology is rapidly progressing faster than there are technologists who can keep up with demand. Universities must keep up with requests from employers for fully qualified technologists, who have focused their studies on UAVs and drones.

Kansas State University Salina is offering a bachelor’s degree and minor program to meet the career demands of students. The new program begins in Fall 2015.

Program of studies

Students in the new program will not only get to study drone technology, but they’ll also take courses in computer science, electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering. Successful students who complete the program will earn a Bachelors of Science with an unmanned aircraft systems option.

Students will get in-depth study of UAS function, including software and data, sensors, actuators, camera systems, and payloads. Individual courses will focus on electronics, communications, control systems, machine design, materials and manufacturing technology, and the fundamentals of UAS operations.

Why University of Kansas?

Kansas State University is fully qualified to deliver this program, as they currently offer an existing degree in aeronautical technology. This program centers on field operations and piloting. Its focus is on design and implementation of drones.

K-State remains at the forefront of drone technology, through education and research. They have a reputation for innovative engineering technology, going back fifty years. This new degree is a hybrid of two programs merged into one. It includes a practical application to drone technology.

The program is headed by Saeed Khan, also an engineering technology associate professor.

Other programs of study

The University will soon start another program of studies in the UAV field. This will be a minor in flight operations, data acquisition, and management. This program will be managed by doctoral-level professors.

Why is this degree needed?

The UAV program often focuses on the pilot, rather than the engineer. In the past students would have to take two different degrees to absorb the knowledge they needed to work in the drone field. Now, they can save money and hours by learning everything they need within one comprehensive degree.

This program of study will benefit the UAS industry by providing candidates for employment.

What is the minor program?

For students who don’t wish to get a bachelor’s degree in drones, there is also a minor program. This program will supplement their education, by teaching them how to fly unmanned aircraft, and give them the tools for data and management needs.

Students of other programs such as agriculture, biology, wildlife science, landscape architecture, filmmaking and more can see how drones can be utilized within their chosen fields, without requiring them to learn the intricacies of engineering design.

Potential careers from the minor program may be as instructor pilots or research analysis assistants. Offering the additional minor program will increase the value of the university’s program.

Kansas State University Salina continues to lead the way in drone technology. Their new program will provide the training that people need for new careers in the UAV field.

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