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Blade makes a great Blade 350 QX2 quadcopter for people who want a safe and reliable quadcopter to fly around home or yard, and around pets or children. At first glance, the white and red colors of the Blade may fool you into thinking it’s a premium brand, and it is, but it’s not a Parrot. It has two red and two black sturdy rotors, with two long black legs that protect a hanging camera gimbal.

A long white GPS antenna is installed on its roof. The camera is not included but you can add one if you wish. The Blade will run you a few hundred dollars, but it’s more than worth it as you’ll be able to focus on the flying experience, and not on learning how to fly. In fact, you’ll want to purchase the additional Blade camera to unlock the full capabilities of this drone.

Key features of the Blade 350 QX2

The Blade 350 QX2 drone is Go-Pro ready once you remove it from the box. Choose your favorite digital camera, or skip it, if the kids will be playing with this drone. It’s so easy to fly that you’ll feel confident in stepping out of the room and letting your kids learn how to fly it on their own. A Blade pilot needs no prior flying experience.

Once your Blade 350 QX2 has been charged up it’s ready for an impressive fifteen minute flight time. Who wants to buy a drone that only flies for five or ten minutes when you can buy a Blade?

A lot of the functionality of the Blade drone is reliant on its long white antenna, installed on the roof of the quad. This enables it to have improved GPS performance between the radio controller and the drone.

Blade uses its own patented “SAFE” technology. SAFE stands for: Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope. Apparently this is what makes the quad a part of the premium line of quadcopters on the market today. Many beginner pilots may find that they crash drones more often than not, but that won’t happen if they buy the 350 QX2 with its impressive SAFE.

There are two flight modes available on Blade 350 QX2 quadcopter. There is Smart flight mode, and AP flight mode. With the Smart mode, it will turn on the SAFE Circle barrier, which keeps the quad within a specified flight distance. You can also use the altitude hold to get it to hover in position while you plot your next tactic. Both are designed to help you capture the best photographs and video footage should you choose to buy a camera as well.

Each of these flight modes include self-levelling technology, which is perfect for beginners. The Blade will be able to keep itself smooth and stable in the air, even if you’re fumbling at the controls. The GPS and altitude sensors work on their own to hold the drone’s position in a stable hover.

The AP flight mode will enable you to fly the drone faster, and farther out. It also has the GPS and altitude hold to help you have a better flight. This mode enables the pilot to have more control by switching off the SAFE controls.

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In this mode the drone pilot will be able to do manual aerobatics with steeper extreme angles. You’ll be able to fly at a faster speed and access amazing pan and track film features if you’re shooting video.

There are also additional flight modes for the pro who is ready for the stability and the agility flight modes. These are preprogrammed for experienced drone pilots, and to give them some interest in buying a Blade, as the manufacturer wants to cater to all levels of drone users.

Once you feel like you’ve stepped past the beginner level you’ll be able to more aggressively fly your drone and try aerobatic maneuvers. These are capabilities that you’ll educate yourself about from reading the user manuals.

When you’re getting tired the return to home function, also a part of the SAFE technology, will bring the Blade 350 QX2 quadcopter back to its starting position. This feature can be accessed at any time. It works by flipping a switch. It’s also a great feature to have if you’re a beginner, and not yet sure about how to land a drone.

If you lose visual contact with your drone, you can also flip the switch to bring it back within sight of you. The return to home feature will also work if it loses its signal with the transmitter for any reason. It’s a nice failsafe that will prevent you from worrying about losing your investment.

You can pre-program in specific flight boundaries. Your drone will have its boundaries preset to 100 meters of distance and 50 meters height, but these can be adjusted to less or more with the programming interface.

Best specifications of the Blade 350 QX2

The Go-Pro compatible camera mount will enable you to attach any type of film and video camera that you wish. You can also purchase a Blade CG02 GB three axis stabilized HD camera for additional cost. It promises to work best with the Blade.

    • The Blade is built with a long lasting E-lite 3000 mAh, 11.1 volt, Lithium rechargeable battery, enabling the fifteen minutes of flight time.
    • To recharge the 350 QX2 quadcopter there is an E-lite DC battery charger with AC adaptor included in the box.
    • The radio controller is called a Spektrum DX4 and it needs four double AA batteries to work, included in the box.
    • Inside the box you’ll get one Blade 350 QX2, the charger cord, 4 batteries, and a GoPro compatible camera mount.

The Blade 350 QX2 quadcopter is perfect for drone enthusiasts who want something a bit different than one of the other premium brands on the market today, particularly if they’re seeking additional safety features to prevent damaging their investment. The Blade 350 QX2 drone has enough to interest both the beginner and the pro drone pilot.

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