Ultimate Review Of Best Hedge Trimmer In 2023

Best Hedge Trimmer

First impression really does counts, and in a homestead, it starts right from the exterior of your property.

The shape and tidiness of your shrubs is a crucial component of curb appeal.

For this very reason, having the right hedge trimmer to help you to perfectly manicure your hedges, bushes, and tree surrounding your home is of the essence.

With the right hedge trimmer, achieving a perfectly manicured lawn is no longer a taxing task, but it can actually be an enjoyable activity for you.

A really good hedge trimmer is the difference between an okay hedge and a perfect one; it also the difference between tired arm and getting the job done without any effort.

Better yet, the best hedge trimmer will let you groom that growth like a pro, saving you from the costs of hiring a gardener.

But with plenty of hedge trimmers in the market, choosing one for your needs can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there’s no need to beat about the selection process because we’ve outlined the top 5 hedge trimmers in the market.

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and just need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!



Blade Length

Cut Thickness






6.5 Lbs.




6.35 Lbs.




8.4 Lbs.

Other Great Recommendations



N/A-Can’t handle thick vegetation

7.8 Lbs.




10.8 Lbs.

Top 5 Hedge Trimmers in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Hedge Trimmers

Black Decker HH2455 - Best for the Small Yards

Black Decker HH2455, also known as the HedgeHog Trimmer, is a powerful option for the small and midsize spaces with various types of shrubbery.

 It's a popular option because it blends performance, design, and affordability.

Black Decker HH2455

Features and Benefits

New Body Design

An innovative inline motor design addresses the issue of balance, precision, and control.

The new motor design equally distributes the weight of the trimmer, which in turn offers sufficient trimming power without compromising on the control or precision.


The 24-inch, pre-hardened and rust-resistance dual-action blades are a bit longer than what you get on other trimmers.

The obvious benefit is that you cut more on each pass and achieve an extended reach, which is great if you’ve some hard to reach spots that need maintaining.

The blade also stays sharp for long term cutting.

Ergonomic Handle

The rubberized 3-sided bale handle is comfortable to use and doesn't slip. The handles are designed from an ergonomic point of view and really help to reduce fatigue.

However, the defining element on the handle is the swivel design that lets you turn the blade and handle 90 degrees on either side, with a total of 5 different positions.

When trimming, it goes without saying that you're likely to need the trimmer in different positions, and the rotatable handle ensures you don't compromise on your agility and reach.


The 120V 3.3 Amp motor offers sufficient power, enough to cut through ¾ -inch branches with ease, while at the same time offering a crisp and neat finish.

That said, considering the blades are longer, the motor could perhaps do with a slight upgrade. While it’s by no means severely lacking, as it can devour anything up to ½ inch with ease, some users claim the machine tends to labor a bit on the ¾-inch branches.

Safety and Ease of Use

The lock-on switch reduces hand and muscle fatigue by letting you work continuously without pressing the button the whole time.

The lock-off function, on the other hand, disables the lock-on feature to prevent the risk of the machine accidentally starting up.

Another safety feature is the cord retention with a pigtail that prevents the trimmer from getting unplugged.

  • Long blade for extended reach
  • A design that promotes balance, precision, and ease of use
  • Comfortable
  • The 150-feet cord is quite short

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Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer - Best Budget Option

Toro 51490 is a lightweight and modest corded hedge trimmer; it lacks the frills of the more expensive options. However, the basic features and the power to size ratio set it right at the helm of the best budget hedge trimmers.

Basically, the Toro 51490 is a strong contender if you’re scouring the market for an affordable corded option to maintain your small garden.

Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Features and Benefits


To save you from handling challenges, Toro 51490 has a support handle that lets you achieve a secure grip and balance.

On top of that, there’re 3 sides to the ergonomic support handle, meaning you can position your hands according to how you’re using the trimmer. This significantly improves the overall experience, especially when trimming the hard to reach spots as you won’t have to flex your wrists into unnatural positions.


The 22-inch hardened steel blades are not the longest on our list, but they offer a moderately extended reach.

They are also dual-action type, meaning they generate less vibration and offer twice the cutting power of the ordinary blades.

These blades can cut through branches, twigs, and leaves that are up to 9/16 inches.


The powerful 4-amp motor alongside the 22-inch blade offers an incredible amp to blade size ratio, which gives the Toro a power advantage over a number of its competitors.

Granted, this trimmer is for the lightweight tasks, and won’t cut the horrendously overgrown hedges.

 But for the lightweight and moderate, simple maintenance tasks, this trimmer is up to the task.

The 4-amp motor offers incredible performance and will easily cut through the 9/16 inches branches with ease, something most of the trimmers in its class can't do.


Safety features on the Toro include a cord-lock feature that prevents accidental unplugging and continuity of power.

A debris shield positioned below the blade prevents users from the flying cuttings and sharp thorns.

  • Incredible power to blade size ratio
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Budget
  • Not the highest performance

Makita UH6570 25″ Best Premium

The Toro we mentioned above is a great option for those on a budget, but it sacrifices on several performance aspects.

Makita UH6570, on the other hand, though an expensive option, has a superior performance and incorporates a slew of functional features.

The Makita UH6570 is tailored for professional use, and it's packed with a flush of great features to work through the various leaf and branch sizes.

It’s a direct successor to the Makita UH370, and it features a new external design and improved handling.

Makita UH6570 25″

Features and Benefits


At 8.4 pounds, Makita UH6570 is a bit weighty, but surprisingly, it doesn't feel so because it's really well balanced.

Additionally, it’s engineered for lower vibration, so you’re less likely to get fatigued when using it.


Makita UH6570 has the longest length blade on our list, and the obvious benefit is an extended reach.

The longer blades also cover more ground for every pass, which translates to a quick and easy trimming.

Finally, though durability is dependent on usage, the blade tips guard prevents the blade from getting unnecessary damage.


A 4.6 amp engine is responsible for powering the trimmer.

Now despite the robust engine, this model is optimized for noise dampening, and so, you're treated to silent operation.

The cutting capacity is also exceptional, and the dual ½-inch blades are sharp enough to cut through the thickest of the vegetation.


To operate Makita UH6570, you need to have both of your hands on the contact grips, and this enhances safety by preventing accidents in case you slip, all or lose grip.

Additionally, the trimmer has a large transparent glass mounted on the front of the trimmer, and it protects you from any shrapnel while letting you see on what you're trimming.

  • Well balanced
  • Long blade arm
  • Massive cutting capacity
  • Tad heavy

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Black+Decker Lst136 40v - Best Weed Eater

Corded trimmers are great, but on larger yards, the inconvenience of trailing dozens of cable or getting restrictions from cable length can be a real nightmare.

With Black+Decker Lst136, there’s none of that.

This cordless string trimmer promises convenience and cutting efficiency.

This battery-operated weed whacker from Black+Decker allows you to move around freely without any restrictions.

Black+Decker Lst136 40v

Features and Benefits


Of course, the biggest concern with the battery-operated devices is battery power.

You want a battery that will last long to get the job done and recharge fairly quickly.

Well, the 40V MAX battery on the LST136 seems to tick all the boxes.

It's powerful enough to deal effectively with pretty much anything in your yard.

However, where the battery really shines is that it only takes 1-2 hours for a full recharge, as opposed to the NiCad batteries that take as long as a day.

Power Command Dial

The run time of the batteries is determined through the Power Command dial.

The Power Command Dial is a proprietary setting function that optimizes the performance of the motor, depending on the nature of the project.

Since not everything requires the same power, the power dial command lets you choose the performance based on the 6 different power levels.

For instance, the lowest setting, ideal for grasses and weeds that are long overdue, a cut can give you up to 45-60 minutes of runtime.

On the higher settings, for the more arduous task, the battery can offer 20-25 minutes, which is still a pretty standard runtime.


The PowerDrive Transmission optimizes the power from to motor to the cutting string, therefore providing more cutting force.

When in use, the manufacturer says the trimmer can cut twice as much as one stroke.

The intriguing performance is further complemented by a 13-inch cutting swath, the highest we’ve come across for the cordless electric trimmers. The large swath means it’s easy to cover the large area in considerably less time.

Easy to Use

Black+Decker Lst136 has plenty of features promoting a comfortable and easy to use trimming experience.

For starters, an automatic feed that requires no bumping supplies enough length of the line to get the job done.

The featured telescopic handle, on the other hand, let’s you adjust the height of the trimmer according to your height.

The adjustable handle is a perk for the tall individuals as it alienates the need for slouching over and hurting your back.


A value-packed trimmer, the Black+Decker Lst136, has the added benefit of including an edger that makes it easier to work on the delicate edges such as driveway or sidewalk vegetation.

The good thing with either function is that it can transform with a simple push of a button.

  • Cordless, it so lets you move around
  • Value-packed as it includes an edger function
  • Telescopic use for enhanced performance
  • Can’t handle the thick vegetation

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Husqvarna 122HD60 - Best for the Large Yards

It is a compact trimmer that feels light for its power and weight.

Typical of the gas-powered options, it's ideal for use on the large and high hedging, and so, it's an ideal option for the bigger gardens and those with more mature hedges.

Though it has a powerful motor, it's pretty comfortable to use, thanks to the anti-vibration feature that dampens the vibration and lets you use the trimmer for longer without fatigue.

Husqvarna 122HD60

Features and Benefits


The ergonomic and rubberized handle promotes a comfortable and stress-free cutting.

However, the standout feature is the adjustable rear handle that lets you reposition your cutting grip with ease.

The twisting handle features make it's easier for you to cut in all positions or angles easily.


The blade on the Husqvarna approaches 24 inches, leveling that of the Black Decker HH2455.

The longer blade gives an extended reach and easy access to the hard to reach spots.

It also allows you to cut more with every sweep, therefore, promoting a faster work rate.


Generally, gas-powered trimmers are quite noisy but that’s not the case with Husqvarna 122HD60.

While it’s not entirely as quiet as the corded versions we’ve already mentioned, it’s relatively light and won’t disturb your neighbors.


Husqvarna 122HD60 weighs 10.8 pounds, the highest on our list.

Still, it's nothing compared to other gas trimmers in the market, and if anything, it's approximately only 4 pounds more than the lightest trimmer on our list.

So, yes, when in use, it's less likely to cause cramps or fatigue, even after prolonged use.

Smooth Start

Staring up the Husqvarna 122HD60 is a cinch and requires minimal effort if any.

The low compression and fuel pump make the turn on quite simple and reduces the cord resistance by up to 40%.


Husqvarna 122HD60 features a unique safety feature that automatically returns the on/off switch to the start position once the machine is off.

  • Ideal for the large yards
  • Easy to start
  • Ergonomic
  • A tad heavy

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Best Hedge Trimmers Buying Guide

Best Hedge Trimmers Buying Guide

When choosing the perfect hedge trimmer for your need, there’re plenty of considerations to make.

Normally, the cost is always a big factor, but there's more to it; you should also consider other factors such as performance, durability, power, strength, and much more.

Let’s look at the critical factors to consider when selecting a hedge trimmer in detail.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Hedge Trimmer

Examine your Yard

Before making any decision, it’s always advisable that you sift through your garden.

Knowing the type of vegetation, especially in terms of bush thickness, height, type, size, and accessibility, determines the type of trimmer to choose.

Put differently, if you’ve a large garden with plenty of vegetation, then you probably need a compelling trimmer, probably a gas trimmer.

If your hedges are taller beyond your height reach, then you might need a telescopic trimmer.

Finally, if your hedge is situated close to a wall, then you should probably opt for something sleek or slender.

Power Source

The two types of clippers are electrical or gas-powered.

Now, while the gas-powered options are generally more powerful that the electrical, many household owners are increasingly turning to the electrical modes because of their ease of use and convenience.

Since most of the household owners don’t have thick bushes or even large tracts of land to clear, the electrical clippers sufficiently address their needs.

Whether corded or cordless/battery-powered, the electrical trimmers are lightweight and easy to use.

Unfortunately, they have their drawbacks; their power, as we had mentioned above, is pretty limited.

The cordless options are limited by their battery power, while the corded options are limited to the length of the power cord.

The gas-powered options, though powerful, tend to be quite bulky and are messy to use due to the release of exhaust fumes and possible contact with the oil.


There’re many elements to the blade of a hedge trimmer.

The first one is the cut, or rather how large of a branch a trimmer can tackle.

Generally, most of the blade can slice through a blade of up to ½ inch thick, though the more powerful trimmers can handle up to an inch in diameter.

Your choice of the blade cut will entirely depend on the type of vegetation that you need to trim.

Next in line is the length of the blade; a longer blade gives you more reach while allowing you to complete your task easily.

The tradeoff is that the longer blades are hefty, meaning you’re likely to get fatigued easily.

Shorter blades, on the other hand, provide more control over the trimmer, but on the flip side, they restrict your access to the shrubs.

The secret here is to strike a balance between control and performance; find a blade that gives you easy access to the shrubs, while at the same time providing you with some level of control.

The final blade element is the blade type; there're two common blade types, which are single-sided and dual-sided.

The single-sided blades are far common and are often design for commercial use. They reduce the weight of the blade and let you make a sweeping flat cut for neatening the top on your hedge.

They're longer, thus giving you a greater extension, and can also be used vertically with great success.

The double-sided blades, on the other hand, are much more common, and they’re meant to be used at or below chest height.

They’ve wider tooth spacing and are often used for topiary work.

Other Factors to Consider


Weight determines the ease of use of a hedge trimmer.

Generally, you should choose a lightweight hedge trimmer if you don’t want to get fatigued.


While all trimmers are noisy, some are noisier than others.

The corded hedge trimmers, however, offer noiseless operation.

Nonetheless, it’s still advisable to wear protective noise-cancellation when using this equipment.


You’re going to use the trimmers for extended periods, so it’s only wise you pick a model that offers optimum comfort while in use.

Comfort in trimmers is manifested through various means, but primarily, you should look to see that the handles are padded with rubber to enhance a comfier grip. They should also be ergonomically designed for easier handling.


There’s really not a “one-size fits all” hedge trimmer.

Each hedge trimmer is unique in its way and differs in its functionality.

However, the listed hedge trimmers come pretty close to what might be classified as the best hedge trimmers.

They all have great functionality, and their performance is simply exceptional.

You simply have to go through our hedge trimmer buying guide, and you’ll easily find a model that suits your hedge trimming needs.


What are the safety measures when using a hedge trimmer?

Makes sure you read the instructions for installation before you begin using the trimmer. Since the blade is sharp, you need to be careful when using it to avoid injuries. When trimming large bushes that require a ladder or stand, pick a sturdy and stable stand to avoid falling.

Can I cut grass with my trimmer?

Hedge trimmers are designed for cutting your fence and trimming flowers around your garden. You’ll need to get an alternative for grass trimming. This is because hedge trimmers have large blades that will not trim the small grasses to your desired levels.

Are the hedge trimmers heavy?

The hedge trimmers come in different weights but will not overwhelm your hands when in use. Most manufacturers are using lightweight materials to construct hedge trimmers for portability. You can compare the weights and pick the one you feel will work for you even though the weight is not a major feature when picking the best trimmer.

Are the motors low-noise in hedge trimmers?

 The motors on each trimmer vary in noise levels,  but luckily, the noise isn’t deafening and hence safe for your ears. 

Current Best Selling Hedge Trimmers!

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