Are Electric Fireplaces Safe? (Quick Confirmation!)

electric fireplace precautions

A fireplace that blazes provides colour and warmth to a living room. It is a beautiful sight to see. However, due to safety concerns, many homeowners choose not to install one in their dwelling.

In addition, the cost of hiring contractors to erect one can be expensive.

One good alternative to a traditional fireplace is electric ones. The distinctive electric fireplace is versatile, does not need any vents to operate and more cost-effective compared to standard fireplaces.

But how safe are these units? If you’re still wary of getting one, we will break down what you need to know about the safety of these devices.

are electric fireplaces safe

How Does an Electric Fireplace Work?

As soon as the electric fireplace gets switched on, the electricity moves throughout the cord into the device. This electricity goes into the heating coils.

Heating coils are the same as those coils present in stovetops for cooking food; they heat up whenever electricity passes through them.

Once the coils are very hot, the device’s blowing fan then starts to work. This component moves hot air outwards to give off heat at a distance in the same manner as traditional fireplaces.

So, Are Electric Fireplaces Safe for Homes?

A resounding yes; electric fireplaces are safe for home use. The device provides a safer heating system and also offers warmth and heat.

As long as you follow proper installation, guidelines for correct usage and perform maintenance procedures, the unit will remain safe.

In addition, electric fireplaces won’t release smoke, leak gas or allow creosote buildup, unlike traditional ones. The device does not contain any forced air system as well, which can blow around dust and allergy-causing particles that can trigger respiratory conditions.

Thus, excellent air quality around your home will be maintained, leading to a safer, cleaner environment.

Electric fireplaces operate and sustain heat at lower temperatures, so they serve as safer supplemental heating systems for places with children and pets. There are no accessible, exceedingly-hot surfaces that parents and pet owners have to worry about. Lots of electric fireplaces include safe glass parts that retain low temperature during operations so they won’t burn hands or skin on contact.

Electric fireplaces also show flames, but these fires aren’t hot in the first place because they’re just projections to replicate the feel of a real, blazing fireplace.

The only parts of the device that get considerably hot are the element and the air close to the heating output.

Not Only Safe - Electric Fireplaces Maintain Cleaner Surroundings

fireplace tv stand electric

Wood-burning fireplaces are great for aesthetics. However, most homeowners cringe at how messy these areas can get. The smell becomes a problem soon after. Wood chips, ashes and soot accumulate.

Black dust materializes on every surface with regular use. It makes for one unsightly living room, and the maintenance can be a pain.

Why go through all that trouble of cleaning up and ruining your nice living room when you can install an electric fireplace instead? With an electrical device, all you need to do is plug it in, turn it on, and the electric fireplace will do its job.

Enjoy the ambience and feel of a traditional fireplace minus the hassles. You can use it all-year-round, too. It is an affordable way to enjoy a soothing, warm fire.

Electric Fireplace Safety Tips

To maintain safety during electric fireplace use, consider these suggestions.

  • Opt for products that have been certified by CPSC (Consumer Protection and Safety Commission) and other related organizations to ensure that the product is thoroughly tested for safety.
  • Verify the number of volts you require to heat the room where you want the device installed. Majority of electric fireplaces operate at 120V, 1500W and 12.5 amps.
  • To get the power range, divide the wattage digits by 10. For example; for 1500W, you will have 150. This means the model can capably heat a room measuring 150 sq. Ft.
  • For prevention of fires, a reliable electric fireplace includes an automatic cut-off device in case it tips over. Another safety requirement you need to look for is a sufficient number of heating coils and guards.
  • The device should be positioned in a place that does not have flammable surfaces. Avoid putting curtains, furniture, carpets and other flammable items close to the unit.
  • Use the device in accordance with manufacturer directions. Always turn the machine off if it’s not in use. Electric fireplaces will not emit carbon monoxide; however, there’s still the risk of overheating.
  • Do not touch the electric fireplace’s coils. Do not sleep close to the device.
  • Unplug the cord of the electric fireplace whenever it’s not in use.
  • Do not use a malfunctioning electric fireplace. Have the device inspected for damage by HVAC specialists or authorized professionals.
  • Prevent the risk of electric shocks and fires by not allowing any foreign matter to get into its openings.
  • Do not attempt to make adjustments or modifications to the unit.
  • Make sure that the electric outlet is well-grounded before connecting the electric fireplace.
  • Lift the electric fireplace by holding the firebox, not by its glass.
  • Do not hit the electric fireplace’s fire glass.
  • Take extra precautions when the electric fireplace is close to children, pets or physically-handicapped individuals.
  • Do not use electric fireplaces out of doors. This type of device is designed only for indoor use.
are fireplaces safe

Electric fireplaces come in a good variety of sizes, shapes and styles. It can be mounted in your home without needing a chimney or gas vent.

All it needs is a socket to work. Lots of models are portable, too so you can place it in any part of the house, not just the living room.

Electric fireplaces allow homeowners to take in the warmth and character of a wood-burning fireplace sans the mess, fumes and fire/burn risks.

You don’t need to worry about live embers flying about all over the room. There won’t be sparks landing on the floor or worse, the carpets.

Having an electric fireplace around any time of the year is indeed a comfort for every homeowner.

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