8 Easy Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

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It has taken almost 30 years to move from a big cellular phones to smartphones of today and tablets that can store data, and provide access to the internet with a single tap. As much as these smart devices offer increased internet connectivity they also at the same time carry considerable security risk. 

With the increase in selfie fad and the self admirable millennial and Genx generations, more and more of our data invariably resides in cell phones. Cybercriminals, like all social engineering exploiting deviants, know and invariably prey on it.  What does it mean to the mere mortals like us? In simple words, all of our personal information, photos, data, or anything that resides on our tiny little bling phones, when stolen, is up for grabs. The security risk is not just limited to personal lives but also affects people who increasingly use phones and tablets as part of their work.

Today a mobile phone is almost an ubiquitous device in our lives and connects us to the outer world seconds. Did you ever have misfortune of losing your cell phone? If yes, then definitely you understand the anger, fear, and frustration that comes with it, not to mention the angst of losing all the important contacts and memories attached to the photos on it. We have tried to capture few key things that you would want to check to keep that precious phone of your away from cyber criminals

Lock your Phone with Strong Password

I know it’s very common practice, but still, people don’t do it. It is more likely that you get into trouble by a pickpocket snatching your phone and running away. The first step to securing your mobile phone to ensure that your data is safe even when the phone falls in wrong hands is to secure it with fingerprints, pins, passwords, iris scanning, and voice recognition. Ensure that your password or pins are combination of alphanumerics and includes special characters and avoid numbers like 1122, 123456, or your name or your loved ones. Simple as a pie to avoid being a sitting duck!

Download Apps from Google Play Store or Apple Store

Do you know the vast majority of malware attacks happen when you download apps from any unreliable sources? Protect yourself and invest in antivirus and malware prevention apps

Update Operating System Regularly

Updating your device can fix all the problems on your phone. It can fix small issues in the operating system and apps, not to mention it also can repair security problems and improve the working of your mobile.

Phone Tracker Apps

Phone tracker apps help you to locate your lost device/mobile phone by using GPS and variety of technologies. If you misplace your mobile, applications like phone tracker help you to track your mobile quite easily. Always, check the authenticity of these apps and ensure they are from reputed brands as most of the fly-by-night operators provide little to no support when you most need them

Always be Vigilant with Public Wi-Fi

Public WiFi's especially ones with no password are hackers' paradise. If it is free and non-secure, help yourself and stay away!

Install Anti-Virus Software

Online hackers and malware can affect our mobile phones. Use an anti-virus software for your phone can detect any problem, malware, or hacker attack in your device. 

Uninstall Extra Apps

Every app comes up with its security issues. If you’re not using an app, then its prudent to either quarantine or uninstall it. This’ll help your device to work fast, and also it’s the way to keep your mobile safe from external attacks. The fewer apps you’ve downloaded in your mobile, the fewer chances an attacker has to exploit it. 

Turn Off Connections

If you’re not using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, then turn off these connections. This will help your device to save battery life and reduce the risk of hacker’s attack. Many Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hackers are alive. So, don’t give them a chance. 

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