Xbox Game Pass Secures Dungeons & Dragons Day One Launch Deal

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The Xbox Game Pass secures another noteworthy launch title for its roster. Fans of Dragons, and Dungeons, in equal measure, rejoice!

Over the past year, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has made a series of high-profile acquisitions. Most notably, regarding their purchase of Zenimax media. Which, in turn, has led to a slew of Bethesda’s cream of the crop winding up on the ever-popular subscription service.

As with most monthly models, keeping things fresh is key, which typically means securing new titles to the library from both past and present eras.

After all, we know of the essential role a back catalogue of classics can play these days. Its importance, perhaps demonstrated most by players speaking out in response to the prospect of Sony’s sweeping digital store closures.

A move Sony then axed, so vocal was the backlash.

Besides, if you’re going to pay a monthly fee, then offering value for money becomes a necessary component of your business model. Without this, any sense of future sustainability hangs in the balance.

At least for me. With that in mind, being proactive and adding further titles to your platform is an excellent way to go about things.

So, news that Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance will grace the Xbox Game Pass on day one of launch acts as another notable score for Microsoft. In short, this symbolises yet another reason to sign up for the service.

That is if you haven’t already. Well, what are you waiting for?

Without wishing to tease you all further, here’s the full scoop on today’s topic.

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Xbox Game Pass Adds D & D Dark Alliance

The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance will launch for the Xbox Game Pass from the first day of sale.

Meaning, anyone with an active subscription will be able to play the game at no extra cost. Without an Xbox Game Pass Membership, the hotly-anticipated RPG will cost players £33.49.

So overall, a pretty sweet deal and another high-profile asset snag for Microsoft. With an Xbox membership, players get access to the game across devices, including phone, PC, and tablet.

Not to mention the Xbox Cloud, which will also support the service. Outside of the Xbox Game Pass, Dark Alliance looks set to launch for PC, PS5, PS4, and both Xbox consoles.

In a recent Xbox Wire post, Jeff Hattem, Head of Studio & Creative Director, Tuque Games, announced the new partnership.

I am thrilled to announce that Dark Alliance will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10 PC, and phones and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass on Day One, June 22! The game will also support PC and console cross play at launch!

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

What is Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance?

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is a future action-role playing game played from the third person for those unfamiliar.

Shaping up as somewhat of a spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II, this next chapter will act as the third entry to the Dark Alliance saga. Itself, heavily rooted in the widely celebrated table-top game of the same name.

If interested in the upcoming title, which isn’t far from launch, there is a way to check out the game before it lands. Should you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Fear not, friends. Those talented developers at Tuque are on hand to help. Effective today, Tuque, alongside special guests, will be live streaming Dark Alliance to the masses up to its release.

You can catch the event every Friday (starting today) (3 p.m. ET/7 p.m. UTC) via, and of course,

Hope to see you there! Still undecided? Well, maybe this synopsis from the developers will do the trick and win you over:

Gather your party, choose your adventurer, and get ready to set out on an epic brawl through Icewind Dale on June 22 with Xbox Game Pass. Forget character sheets and math for the night, Dark Alliance is a third-person action brawler that drops you and your friends into the unforgiving frozen hellscape of Icewind Dale to take on iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters and collect epic loot.

You can venture on your own, but with the addition of cross play on PC and Xbox featuring up to 4-player co-op, why would you?

Dark Alliance

Xbox Game Pass Conclusion

So, which titles have Microsoft added in May? I hear you ask. Well, right now, you can play Red Dead Online, Remnant: From the Ashes, Knockout City, FIFA 21, Outlast 2, Steep, Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster, Just Cause 4: Reloaded, Psychonauts and Dragon Quest Builders 2.

So, no shortage of game options there!

With Microsoft’s popular subscription service, you gain access to over 100 titles. Better still, this includes all first-party games developed by studios under Microsoft’s wing.

These will be up for grabs on day one of launch. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Game Pass has enticed more than 18 million subscribers since its inception.

With those numbers only set to grow in the coming years. With more and more players reaping the rewards of the Xbox Game Pass, I’d say Sony certainly has its work cut out.

Whatever the case, as an active member, it’s exciting to see Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance feature on the service.

Soon as any more news surfaces, you’ll hear it here. Until then, though, we’ll just have to drool over the prospect of D & D. I can imagine worse ways to spend my weekend!

That concludes today’s topic. What do you make of the Xbox Game Pass? Also, will you be playing Dark Alliance on the service? Or would you prefer to purchase a standalone copy, be that physical or digital?

Like always, I love to hear from you. So please send in any suggestions below.

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