WTFast: Pro’s and Con’s of Using It to Reduce Ping Times

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What is WTFast? WTFast is a service that reduces Ping Time to other players in online games. It does so by re-routing your traffic through its servers and can be used on any ISP. This blog post will discuss how it works, are pro’s and cons of using it, tips for getting started with WTFast, as well as a list of games where you might find it handy!

Latency, Ping & Their Effect On Gaming

One of the most important things for any gamer is latency. Latency can significantly affect your gameplay, especially if you’re playing shooters like Fortnite or CS: GO, which requires quick reflexes and fast reactions to succeed.

You will notice that If your opponent has a better connection than you, you are severely disadvantaged in your reaction times and sooner than later, you will find the entire gaming experience to be not optimal.

Refresh Rate and Overclocking Tips for GamersFeatures of WTFast

  • It installs in seconds, and there is no need to change any settings on your router.
  • WTFast comes with a 14 day trial period before the user would have to purchase it for $14.99/yr (unless they buy the lifetime license)
  • WTFast’s mobile app has been designed specifically for iOS devices, which means you can be anywhere in the world and still get an optimal ping time while playing games through WTFast.
  • WTFast also offers A VPN service that allows users from all over the world to bypass geo-restrictions and unblocks online gaming content without having to worry about latency spikes or packet loss issues caused by ISP throttling.
  • The network has hundreds of servers across the world
  • All WTFast services are encrypted with AES-256 to ensure the highest level of security for your data.
  • The service is unlimited and doesn’t require any extra fees or charges other than the purchase price during signup. You can also reduce ping times by using cache server locations in order to improve latency further when playing games online (for some games).
  • There’s an easy installation process that takes just seconds
  • It installs on all devices, including Macs, Windows PCs and Linux computers – virtually anything that connects through ethernet cables or Wifi signals

useful tips for gamersPerformance

WTFast claims to reduce your ping and RTT times. It claims to offer up to a 50% reduction in latency, which can be the difference between winning a game and losing it.

Your gaming experience can be affected by latency as a significant factor with the most hated lag. By taking routes through different ISPs instead of just one you are currently connected to (your ISP), WTFast helps reduce lag and pings during online gaming sessions, provided you are not already using quality network optimisation software BattlePing Pro on top of WTFast for better performance results. This also means that if you have multiple devices connecting to games or services such as Xbox Live simultaneously, all those will benefit from reduced RTT times thanks to WTFast.


WTFast may assist you here…Should You Use WTFast? There are many arguments both for and against using WTFast and various age-old debates over what constitutes an acceptable ping time (some say anything below 100ms is fine while others may not find that acceptable). The best way to know whether it’s right for you would be to try it out yourself by downloading their app from their website.

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