The Advantages Of Buying A Pre-built Gaming Computer

by Lisa Hayden
When Buying a Mid-Range Gaming PC Is Better Than Building One

When Buying a Mid-Range Gaming PC Is Better Than Building One 

Your old gaming rig has served you well for years. But it’s struggling with some of the latest releases, and you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade.

While it’s become extremely common these days for a gamer to build their computer at home from scratch, there’s a growing trend of ordering a custom rig that’s built on-site before it’s shipped. In fact, having your new rig put together by a company actually offers a surprising range of benefits.

Keep reading to find out why pre-built machines are quickly becoming the preferred way of getting your hands on a new gaming PC.

Let’s Look At The Price

It’s easy to assume that it would be cheaper to buy all the parts individually, then put them together yourself, saving on labour costs. And most of us will do anything to cut back on the price as much as we can. Decent gaming computers are not cheap, especially considering the costs of hardware at the moment.

Graphics cards, in particular, have seen their prices shoot through the roof over the last year as supply has become constrained. Companies like NVIDIA are battling to meet the ever-increasing demand for their new line of cards, which are popular among both gamers and crypto miners.

Price is a major point to consider when choosing whether or not to build your PC yourself. But trends have shown that it’s getting cheaper to have it built for you.

Part of the reason for the lower asking price is that a PC distributor will often be able to get a hold of their hardware in bulk. This means that they can charge their customers less overall, even when including the costs of labour. They also have wholesale agreements with suppliers and tend to offer specials on rigs at certain times of the year, or when new components hit the market.

Of course, this may not always be the case—some PC shops like to charge much more than they should. But if you’re able to find one that you trust and you crunch the numbers, you’ll likely find that it would end up being that much cheaper to buy pre-built.

The trick here is to do your homework. Don’t just go for the first deal that looks good on paper.

The Right Specs With No Stress

Gaming Computer Parts

Just because you’re an avid gamer doesn’t automatically mean that you’re a computer guru. The different components that make up a mid-range gaming PC need to complement one another and be the right power, speed, and spec. You need more than basic tech skills to know what’s what, and how it all works.

By opting for a pre-built machine, you’re letting the experts guide you towards what you’ll need, without having to work out if your CPU is underpowered, or your graphics card won’t cope. Pre-built gaming computers are paired with the correct CPU-GPU combination and will have plenty of RAM and storage space. By design, they’ll offer a premium experience as they’re purpose-built.

You won’t have to worry about if your components are compatible, or whether or not they’ll perform well. Nor will you spend hours completing a rig build, only to find out it doesn't really deliver the way you expected it to.

You’ll also have plenty of choices available, as there are a variety of mid-range gaming PCs on the market that suit various price points. You can find one with the specs you want without having to waste time and money researching components and potentially buying parts that don’t work the way you envision.

Access To Additional Features

Many PC manufacturers and distributors often include features in their computers that you cannot purchase individually. Warranty-safe overclocking, pre-installed game statistics software and LCD panels are just a few features that may come standard with some mid-range gaming rigs, but that is not necessarily available for individual purchase.

If aesthetics is a factor, you’ll find that many cases are exclusive to pre-built machines. Both Corsair and Alienware use in-house chassis you cannot purchase separately. These cases are specially modded to the computer’s components and are not available for home builds. If you want a seriously good looking case, a pre-built gaming rig is your best option. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ensuring it’s closed up properly so that dust and dirt cannot get in easily. The case will be sealed tightly, with no missing screws or misalignment.

With a prebuilt computer, cable management isn’t a factor either. All the cables are properly crimped and the correct length. This makes it easy to keep them neat and tidy and avoid them getting damaged.

The Nightmare Of Warranties

Overclocking Gaming Computer

If you’ve been playing games for several years, there’s a good chance that a part on your rig has failed at one point or another. When this happened, you entered the nightmarish world of warranties.

When you’re dealing with the manufacturers as an individual, it’s easy to feel like nothing more than a number. Plus, it can be downright impossible to find someone willing to give you the time of day to help you fix your problem.

When you’re buying a computer built by a well-established company, the chances are they’ll offer you a warranty on the machine as a whole.

What this means is that if something were to go wrong, you don’t have to tear the machine apart looking for the problem. You can simply pick up the phone and report a problem or drop them an email. Depending on the warranty agreement, they may even send a technician out. If they find that one of the components is faulty, they’ll be able to replace it right there and then. And they’ll deal with the warranty issues without you having to lose any sleep.

Everything Just Works

If you ask anyone that’s built any number of computers in the past, they’ll inevitably tell you horror stories of their rig not starting after a build. If this happens, they’ve had to strip it down piece-by-piece, until they eventually discovered which of the components failed. Then they had to send it back and wait weeks before they could get a replacement. It’s a nightmare scenario for any gamer.

When buying pre-built, this is never the case. The machine gets assembled on-site, and they’ll test everything to make sure it’s working. When it arrives at your door, all you need to do is unbox it, plug in a printer, mouse and keyboard, and any other accessories you use, and turn it on. This plug-and-play option eliminates hours of potential frustration, lost time, and even lost money.

The Added Benefit Of Tech Support

Advantages of Tech Support

Along with a warranty, most PC businesses will offer tech support that’s part of your package. If something goes wrong, you can contact them directly and explain the issue. They will make a plan to have the issue sorted quickly and painlessly.

This removes the need to spend countless hours testing parts. Plus, it means you don’t have to trawl through endless threads and forums to find a solution that involves a spare testing rig to figure out what’s wrong. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that if your PC isn’t working, you have professionals on call.

Preloaded Software

For most gamers, the recommended operating system is Windows, but if you’ve ever looked at the price of Windows 10, you’ll know it’s fairly expensive. This OS can dramatically increase the price of your mid-range gaming PC.

However, when purchasing a pre-built system, software, like the OS, comes preloaded on the machine, often at a reduced price. The drivers for the keyboard and mouse will be pre-installed too, so you won’t have to download any additional software or take the time to install them. This is why the current era of plug-and-play has never been more popular, convenient, and cost-effective. Along with that, you'll have the option of having additional software installed, such as an antivirus suite and other platforms, including Steam.

Saving Time and Money

Building a computer at home takes a lot of time and patience. In today’s busy world, not everyone has the time to dedicate to a project like this. Especially if the end result may need tweaking and tinkering too.

Buying pre-built is not only less demanding on your time, but it’s also kinder to your pocket. You can start gaming from the minute it arrives at your door. Keep an eye out for deals and you’ll eventually find something that suits your needs and offers a package that includes a warranty and support.

Happy gaming!

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