Surfshark Vs Express VPN – An In-Depth Comparison

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Surfshark Vs Express VPN

Did you know that you’re at a high risk of being hacked or monitored by government agencies every time you use the internet? That’s why many internet users use virtual private networks (VPNs) every time they go online. Doing so keeps your online activities private and away from hackers. Surfshark and ExpressVPN are among the leading VPN platforms providing users with internet privacy and protection.

Surfshark and ExpressVPN are well-known VPN services providing secure and private internet connections. Here’s a short comparison between the two:

  1. Security: Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN offer strong security features such as AES-256 encryption, support for multiple VPN protocols, and a kill switch to protect your privacy in case of a connection drop. However, ExpressVPN offers more advanced security features like split tunneling and RAM-only servers, which provide an extra layer of protection against potential data breaches.
  2. Speed: Surfshark and ExpressVPN provide fast connection speeds, essential for streaming and downloading large files. However, ExpressVPN has a slight edge in terms of speed, as it offers faster connection speeds than Surfshark in most locations.
  3. Server locations: Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN have a large network of servers in various countries around the world. However, ExpressVPN has a slightly larger server network, with servers in more than 90 countries, while Surfshark has servers in 65 countries.
  4. Price: Surfshark is generally considered to be more affordable than ExpressVPN, with lower monthly subscription fees and the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices. ExpressVPN is more expensive, but it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to try the service risk-free.
  5. Ease of use: Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN are user-friendly, with easy-to-use apps for various devices. However, Surfshark’s app has a more modern and intuitive design, while ExpressVPN’s app is more straightforward and simple.

In summary, Surfshark and ExpressVPN are excellent VPN services providing reliable security and fast connection speeds. However, ExpressVPN offers more advanced security features and a larger server network, while Surfshark is more affordable and has a more user-friendly app design. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and priorities.

Key Takeaways

  • Surfshark and ExpressVPN offer military-grade encryption 
  • Surfshark’s 2-year plan is affordable compared to ExpressVPN
  • Surfshark and ExpressVPN have user-friendly platforms accessible on different devices.
  • You can use both VPN services to access censored and restricted content
  • They both support streaming. 

This guide compares the two VPN features, like speed, privacy, security, and accessibility, to help you make an informed decision. If you read on, you’ll also learn the features that make each VPN uniquely suited to your needs.

Background on Surfshark and ExpressVPN

When in the market for a VPN program, it’s crucial to know a little about each product to determine if it meets your needs. We’ll review each product, including the features that make it ideal for customer use. 

Overview of Surfshark and its Features

Overview of Surfshark and its Features

Many people choose Surfshark as their ideal VPN program, and they have been proven right due to some amazing features the program packs. These include:

  • Military-grade encryption
  • No-log policy
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Global server network
  • Ad-blocker
  • CleanWeb
  • Multi-hop VPN

Let’s discuss these in detail.

  • Military-grade Encryption

Surfshark assures privacy and security by utilizing AES-256-GCM encryption, which is similar to that used by military and government agencies to protect sensitive information. 

  • No-log Policy

Leaving browsing traces online attracts unwanted attention, which might expose your online activities. The no-log policy ensures that none of your browsing history remains stored in the browser, giving total privacy online. 

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Do you own multiple devices with internet connection capabilities? Sufrshark allows you to connect all these devices using a single account. You can simultaneously secure your smartphones, laptops, or tablets without additional costs. It’s the best protection option for those with multiple devices or a small family.

  • Global Server Network

Do you want to access content that’s in a restricted country? Surfshark has servers in 65 countries, allowing access to censored or restricted content almost anywhere. 

  • Ad-blocker

Marketing companies use tracking cookies to trace your online activities. They use the data they gather to show relevant ads on the websites you visit or sell them to the manufacturers, who then market to you. Additionally, websites show up ads, including pop-up ads, which are always annoying. Surfshark blocks all these activities, ensuring safe, anonymous, and secure online browsing. You don’t have to close these ads constantly but only focus on browsing the internet ad-free. 

  • CleanWeb

While ad-blocker keeps away unwanted ads, CleanWeb ensures you avoid threats like hackers, malware, and other phishing activities that would place you in danger. CleanWeb guarantees safety and privacy when surfing the internet. 

  • Multi-hop VPN

Did you know that with Surfshark, you can route your internet traffic through multiple VPN servers in different locations? Doing so helps to add an extra layer of protection and encryption, which guarantees privacy from prying eyes, as the double-encryption prevents anyone from tracking your online activities back to you.

Surfshark Server Location

Surfshark has servers worldwide, allowing you to access different geolocations easily. They’re perfect for accessing any censored information. You can also view geo-blocked content.

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Overview of Express VPN and its Features

Overview of Express VPN and its Features

ExpressVPN is a great VPN offering state-of-the-art features to protect your data and browsing history from unwanted parties. Here are a few ExpressVPN features that might interest you:

  • Military-grade encryption
  • No-log policy
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Global server network
  • MediaStreamer
  • Kill switch
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Offers split-tunnelling

Here’s more on these features.

  • Military-grade Encryption

The number of hackers and cybercrime activities is rising, and ExpressVPN uses military-grade encryption to protect your data. AES-256 encryption is one of the best in the market and is only used by huge cooperations and government agencies to keep their information safe. 

  • No-log Policy

Your browsing history should be private; ExpressVPN’s no-log policy guarantees this. The program doesn’t log any of your online activities, ensuring you don’t leave any traces after browsing.

  • Multiple Simultaneous Connections

ExpressVPN allows you to connect multiple devices without subscribing to another account. With a single ExpressVPN account, you can connect up to five devices. 

  • Global Server Network

Take advantage of their servers in 90+ countries, allowing you to access information from different countries, even those censored or restricted.

  • MediaStreamer

You can now access geo-restricted content from platforms like Hulu and Netflix, even when the VPN connection isn’t available. 

  • Kill Switch

The Kill Switch cuts off your internet connection when the VPN connection drops. Doing so protects your data from being transmitted unencrypted.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Benefit from the helpful ever-present customer support ready to answer your questions and help out with any problems.

ExpressVPN Server Location

ExpressVPN has servers worldwide, which is handy when accessing any restricted content. 

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Reputation and Popularity of Each VPN

The two VPNs have built successful popularity and reputation over the years, primarily based on user-friendliness, security, speed, and privacy. Here’s how the two compare in terms of popularity and reputation:


Although it’s a relatively new company, Surfshark has become popular with many and has built a reputation of providing fast and secure connections. Surfshark’s popularity is growing, especially among young gamers, corporate executives, and travelers. It has a 4-star rating due to its privacy, speed, and security. 


The VPN has been around for decades and has built a strong reputation during that time.ExpressVPN managed to carve a niche in over a decade of operation and is generally trusted by business people, streamers, and businesses. The VPN service receives a 4.3-star rating for security, usability, and privacy.

Is ExpressVPN or Surfshark Better?

Choosing between the two programs depends on how you plan to use a VPN. Although they serve the same purpose, they differ in performance, security, and privacy. Comparing the features is the best way to know which program is best for your needs, as we have done here:

  • Server Location and Network Size

With a network of 3,200 servers spread across 65 countries, Surfshark provides a reliable and fast VPN connection worldwide. ExpressVPN has a network of 3,000 servers spreading to 94 countries, allowing you to access restricted content anywhere in the world.

  • Encryption and Security Protocols

The two VPNs use the no-log policy to ensure your data stays secure and don’t leave any traces online. They also utilize military-grade encryption to secure your data. 

  • Speed and Performance

ExpressVPN and Surfshark have impeccable speeds, enabling you to use an internet connection effortlessly. However, the speed might vary depending on where you’re connecting from and the server you’re accessing. 

  • Price and Payment Options

Surfshark has different pricing options, starting at $2.49 per month for a 2-year plan and $12.95 for monthly plans. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, costs $8.32 per month for a yearly plan and $12.95 for a monthly plan. The two platforms accept different payment options, including PayPal, Credit Cards, and Bitcoin.

  • User-friendliness and Customer Support

Both VPN services have 24-hour customer support to help whenever you need them. They also have fairly-friendly platforms allowing you to access all the features easily. 

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How the Two VPN Services Stand Out in Terms of Features

Surfshark and ExpressVPN services have incredible features making them competitive in the 

Market. These include:

  • The encryption allows you to access the internet without worry someone will intercept or spy on your activities. 
  • The affordability is advantageous to many, especially those looking to use VPN services on a budget. 
  • A higher number of servers worldwide makes it possible to access restricted content globally and is perfect for traveling overseas. 
  • They both have user-friendly platforms with all the features laid out in an accessible way. 

How Do Surfshark and ExpressVPN Compare in Terms of Security and Privacy Policy?

The two VPN services have very clear privacy and security policies to help clients stay safe and anonymous when using the internet. Here is how the two compare regarding these policies:

  • Zero-logging Policy

Sufrshark and ExpressVPN are very strict on their zero-logging policy, meaning they don’t protect your online activities. Doing so provides you with the anonymity and privacy of internet use without worrying that someone is spying on you. 

  • Encryption Standards

The two platforms use standard military-grade encryption to keep you safe online. AES-256 encryption ensures no one can access the information you send online, like messages and emails. 

  • Kill Switch and Protection Against DNS Leaks

The programs have a kill switch to cut off your internet connection when you lose the VPN connection. Doing so ensures your data stays safe and doesn’t leak when you’re not secured. 

How Do These VPN Services Protect User Data and Privacy?

  • Encryption

ExpressVPN andSurfshark protects user data and privacy through state-of-the-art encryption to ensure the information doesn’t leak and isn’t accessible to hackers. 

  • Hiding IP Addresses

They also help hide your IP address, ensuring no one can trace your activity or know where you’re browsing from, which is perfect for accessing the content in restricted countries.

  • No-log Policies

The no-log policies help to keep your browsing private without worrying someone might see what you were searching for on the internet. 

  • Kill Switch

The kill switch comes in handy when the internet connection drops, ensuring none of your online activities leak or transmit unencrypted information. It’s perfect for business transactions where you exchange sensitive information. 

How Surfshark and ExpressVPN Compare in Terms of Speed and Performance

VPN services are known to be slow, making them the least ideal options for heavy browsing. How do Surfshark and ExpressVPN compare in terms of speed and performance?

  • Surfshark: The VPN is fast enough to handle heavy browsing, with users not noticing any difference, even when connected to distant servers. 
  • ExpressVPN: This VPN company is renowned for fast and reliable performance, making it perfect for online gaming and streaming movies or music.

Surfshark vs ExpressVPN Speed

The two providers have great speeds to ensure smooth online surfing. They’re perfect for heavy browsing; you won’t notice any difference when watching your favorite movies. 

Surfing Capabilities

Surfshark has dedicated servers for streaming with unnoticeable differences. You’ll maintain the same video quality as when you’re not using a VPN. You can access restricted content on streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix. 

ExpressVPN supports streaming and has dedicated servers to handle these tasks.

Comparing the User Experience and Customer Support of Surfshark and ExpressVPN

The two platforms have user-friendly software and apps compatible with many devices. Doing so makes it easy for users to interact and use the service without much assistance. Here is how they compare user experience and customer support:

User Experience

The services offer great mobile applications on all platforms, which are free to download. The software and applications are also straightforward, needing no tutorial to start. The simple and clean interface ensures you locate everything you need to operate a VPN service.

Customer Support

The 24/7 customer support comes in handy when in trouble. The team is knowledgeable in their work, and always ready to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and offer solutions. Responsiveness is another reason why these two companies stand out regarding customer support. You don’t have to wait hours to get solutions; the team is always on standby to come to your aid.

Surfshark and ExpressVPN Price and Payment Options

The two VPN providers offer flexible pricing to cater to any budget. They also support popular payment options, allowing anyone to access their services. Here is a breakdown of their pricing plans, money-back guarantees, and supported payment options:

  • Pricing Plans

Surfshark has monthly and yearly payment plans, and they charge as follows:

Is there a Surfshark free trial? Unfortunately, Surfshark doesn’t have a free trial plan.

ExpressVPN has the following plans:

Is there an ExpressVPN free trial? Unfortunately, the provider doesn’t offer a free trial of their services. 

  • Money-back Guarantees and Refund Policies

The two VPN providers have a 30-day money-back guarantee, where you can get a full refund before 30 days lapse, with no questions asked. Doing so gives you peace of mind, knowing you’ll get your money back if you don’t like the service. 

  • Payment Options

Surfshark and ExpressVPN accept major credit cards like American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. Additionally, they accept Bitcoin and PayPal as alternative payment methods.


Are there Other VPN Services Besides Surfshark and ExpressVPN?

Yes, there are many other VPN services besides Surfshark and ExpressVPN. However, the most common ones are:

  • NordVPN
  • IPVanish
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Proton VPN
  • Hotspot Shield

These services offer benefits like hiding your IP address, military-grade encryption, and no-log policies to keep you safe online.

How Surfshark, ExpressVPN and NordVPN Compare

These three VPN services serve the same purpose of keeping you safe online and ensuring your information doesn’t leak to hackers and dangerous people. The companies have invested heavily to provide secure and impenetrable services, allowing you to surf the internet peacefully. 

An In-Depth Comparison of Surfshark and ExpressVPN: FAQs

  • Is Surfshark Any Good as a VPN?

Yes, Surfshark is one of the best VPN services around. It’s fast, secure, and reliable, with an extensive server network. 

  • Is Surfshark Better than Nord VPN?

The two providers have similar qualities and features, and choosing one over the other is a personal decision. They’re both great for privacy and secure web browsing. 

  • What VPN is Better than ExpressVPN?

Although there is no knowing for certain the best VPN than ExpressVPN, we have some contenders that can provide the same services as ExpressVPN. They include:

  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Proton VPN
  • Hotspot shield


Surfshark and ExpressVPN are great VPN services, providing optimal privacy and protection when using the internet. They’re fast and secure, with military-grade encryption for safe online activities. The no-log policies ensure you don’t leave any traces online, while the kill switch protects your information from leaking to dangerous people. Choosing between the two is a matter of choice and affordability. Surfshark is much more affordable than ExpressVPN when you buy the 2-years plan. 

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