Quadcopter Hubsan H107C

Quadcopter Hubsan H107C

Quadcopter Hubsan H107C

The Hubsan H107C is a super-compact quadcopter that can be flown in or outdoors. The Hubsan H107C quadcopter can be flown with a protective black guard, or without. This quad has a 2.4GHz remote controller with four channels to avoid interference. With its video capability, you can shoot some great video. It has two green running lights for forwards orientation, and two white in the back. There are two black blades and two colored blades.

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Thte Hubsan H107C is perfect for the beginner to learn how to fly. Its compact design is lightweight, and it comes with a protective cover. You’ll find that it’s been completely preassembled at the factory, so you don’t have to put anything together. Simply take it out of the box, charge it up on the computer to one full charge, and then head outdoors to fly!

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There is enough on the Hubsan H107C to interest the expert as well. It can do flips in four different directions. The expert can also remove the protective black guard, and fly it on its own.

The Hubsan H107C is so affordable, usually under $50, that you’ll be able to buy one for each member of your family. The radio controller is four channels so that means you can fly at least four on the same flying field.

If you’re just learning to fly, you may not wish to spend $1200 on the DJI Phantom 3, but for $50, you can smash it around, and not worry too much about losing a major investment. The Hubsan H107C is truly for fun, and not meant for the pro who is looking for film-quality video for their business.

A Closer Look at the Hubsan H107C

The Hubsan can be flown both indoors and outdoors, and even in the dark. Its white and green running lights will help keep your eyes on your quad, so you don’t lose track of it in the dark.

The Hubsan H107C quadcopter is capable of doing some cool tricks with its 360 degree flip and roll function. Flip left, right, back or front.

You can easily charge up your drone with the use of the included USB charger that plugs into the wall. You can also choose to charge it up by computer if you wish, which is handy if you already need to upload videos and can do it all at once.

The remote controller comes in a black plastic finish and is reminiscent of video game controllers in shape with its two joysticks. Trim controls are to the side and the bottom of the joysticks, with on/off button in the middle, and a small LCD control screen at the middle top.

There is an included protective black plastic cover that will help your quad super stable in the air. This is perfect if you’re teaching kids how to fly, as you will then not have to worry about damaging it. The quad and the protective frame are both lightweight, so it’ll take off and land easily. When you unpack your box be sure to flip the packaging over so you don’t miss it. Many a pilot has tossed out the ring guard, which actually is quite useful.

The Hubsan also has four protective rubber tips on the feet to protect it while landing.

Best Features of the Hubsan H107C

The Hubsan H107C quadcopter is available in three different color contrasts: Black with red stripes; black with green stripes; and red with silver stripes.

This quad comes with a great built-in camera that’s actually contained within its forward-facing front body. It has an HD and 720 p x 480 p camera. It can film video in recording mode. It doesn’t take still photos, but you can always capture still images after you upload the video to your computer.

The Hubsan is so lightweight and compact, that you won’t be able to attach a separate GoPro mounting to it, nor any other type of camera, or accessory.

The Hubsan is built with the most advanced flight control system and has the six axis flight control that is expected with this type of quad. Its gyro is sensitive and automatically adjusts flights. The gyro keeps your quad stable in the air, even when you may have a momentary lapse. You’ll need to purchase a separate Micro SD card, as one is not included in the box.

Specifications of the Hubsan H107C

The Hubsan H107C has German patents, and is currently awaiting US patents.

There are four motors, one that powers each root blade. These four motors are 0820 scoreless motors. The radio controller has a frequency of 2.4GHz, and has four channels to avoid interference on the flying field. The battery has 3.7 volts and 380Ah capacity. It’s powered by one rechargeable lithium ion battery.

You’ll be able to fly your Hubsan H107C for about seven minutes on one full charge. The Hubsan can be flown out to about one hundred meters from the radio controller.

The Hubsan is built to a size of 70 by 70 millimeters/2.7 x 2.7 inches. It only weighs about one pound. The Hubsan was made in China.

There are replacement parts for the Hubsan, and most likely you’ll need the replacement blades first, as they are the most likely to get bent and warped, which can affect the flight stability. You may also find that if the propellers get bent and warped, that your drone won’t fly, as they will knock against the protective ring. Be sure to inspect your drone for damage at the end of every flight.

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Support for the Hubsan H107C

You can email for support on the Hubsan website, as well as download an instruction manual for the Hubsan H107C.

Go ahead and knock your Hubsan H107C around a bit. It can take some abuse, as you and the kids learn how to fly a quadcopter. Best of all, if you wreck it, you can just go out and buy another one.

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