How to Write an Essay on Video Games in the Best Way

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How to Write an Essay on Video Games in the Best Way

College and high school students often have several hobbies they spend their free time on. From surfing the net to social media and gaming, it’s an inevitably huge part of their lives as a youth. They’re at the stage where they want to learn a lot of new things and continue to explore the world in different ways. 

In the last decade, one hobby that has seemingly stood out and has become even more popular in recent years is video gaming. These games allow these students to explore different worlds. They appear in hundreds of worlds with thousands of possibilities and bring the game players joy, fun, and entertainment. Today, several video games are not only popular but have made themselves adaptable to several platforms, such as PCs, mobile phones, PlayStation, and Xbox. 

This makes it impossible to neglect video games, as they’re a big part of the youths’ lives. However, as essays also play a huge role in college education, questions are now being asked about how essays can be combined with video games. Students are now being asked to write essays about video gaming or their favorite video games, which seems like an issue for this demographic. 

While some students may outsource their essays to a professional writer service, it’s understandable that some may try to write them by themselves. If you fall in the latter category and are unsure how to write an essay on video games in the best way, follow the steps discussed in this article. 

Start by defining video games

The first thing you should do when writing an essay about video games is to try and define what a video game is. Video games are a good activity for students to have fun and relax. They are also under multimedia, so it might help to do some research about multimedia generally and get additional information that you can use in your essay. 

A general trick to writing excellent essays is to be very knowledgeable. The more knowledge you have, the more you can write and improve your essay. This is why research is very critical for essay writing. 

Students often misunderstand multimedia and what it is, especially those that aren’t interested in it. However, it doesn’t mean they would stop playing video games with their friends. So, if you write an essay about video games, you should start by briefly discussing multimedia. 

Gather necessary information about different game genre

Technology and its numerous features and used increasingly day by day. The implication is that more video games are being produced and released into the market. Every year, new games are released, and exciting updates are added to the existing ones. This is something that should reflect in your essay. 

You must also mention that the thousands of essays on the market are divided into different genres. There are different people with their individual preferences. So, while some people love playing sports games, others prefer adventure-based games. All of these genres are important and natural to people. 

To make your essay truly outstanding, you need to understand the different genres of video games available. You may not necessarily write about each of them, but you can pick some popular ones and let them be the focus of your essay. Talk about the genre, its purpose, what they offer players, how they were founded, etc. Ensure that you give answers to these questions. 

Include colorful examples

Your essay should include colorful examples of the video games and genres you’re discussing. Rather than worry about the credibility of what you find online or the game’s publishers, your focus should be on delivering a colorful essay to your reader. This spikes their interest and makes it easier for the readers to understand the essay. These colorful examples also help you to express your thoughts in ways that words may not be able to. You may think that your essay doesn’t need an illustration, and it truly may not, but it helps to liven the reader’s mood and give more credibility to your writing. This is why it’s important. 

Research extensively

The hardest part of any essay writing assignment is research. Much of the points already discussed – defining video games, writing about genres, and adding examples – are research-based. But it’s still worth mentioning that the amount of research you do determines the quality of your essay. So, you must take your time to research extensively about video games and provide the best possible argument for your essay. 

Remember that you’re trying to persuade the reader about your perspective. This is why you need to be very knowledgeable about it. You must also use examples and evidence from your research to prove your point. Without this, you may not get the grade you desire for your essay. 

Proofread your essay

Before submitting your essay, ensure to edit and proofread it. This means you would be looking for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other errors. Submitting an error-free essay is important to getting good grades. Use these tips when proofreading your essay:

  • Read it out loud. This would help you hear the errors in it. 
  • Don’t rush the editing and proofreading process. Take your time so you don’t miss the likely errors.
  • Focus on one error at a time. Don’t read through looking for spelling and grammatical errors simultaneously. You can focus on the grammar error first before proofreading for spelling errors and punctuation errors. 
  • Have a checklist of common mistakes people make when writing essays and look for them in your essay. 

These tips will ensure your essay is free of all kinds of errors that can reduce the effectiveness of your argument and the quality of your work. 


Video gaming is a common activity nowadays and will only become more commonplace for future generations. One way to increase public knowledge about video games is to write essays about them. It’s also a way to inspire others and communicate knowledge to them.

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