How Smart Home Will Take Over The World- 43 Stats & Facts!

by Lisa Hayden
Couple On Stairs In A Smart Home

Smart homes are at the forefront of technological developments and is slowly but surely spreading to homes all over the world. It is a worldwide trending topic, and although it comes at a cost, one day it should be affordable for all. It is trending in fields like business and health care as well. But will it trend with voice control technology? Here is an infographic detailing the stats about smart homes and voice control.

What Do The Stats Say?

32% of Americans use smart home products. 72% of these people want their products to have voice control capability. Millennials are leading the way with ownership of these products. 58% of them own products with voice control capability. 50% of generation X owns such products and only 26% of Baby-boomers own these products.

So Does It Go Together?

A big resounding yes! Smart homes are designed to make life easier, more productive and cheaper. A sure way of making life easier is by removing complicated keypads and buttons. That is what voice control will do. Devices will operate by your commands. Are your hands dirty? No problem, just ask your oven to preheat itself to the desired temperature.

Where Is It Heading Towards?

Analysts estimate in 2020 smart products to a total of 447 million will be shipped to customers globally. There are already high demands for smart products to have voice control capability. You can expect smart homes to receive even greater voice control capability in the years to come.

Smart Homes With Smart Ears

Smart homes are becoming more sophisticated by the day. But, voice control makes it very easy to operate. Don’t be afraid of this new technology. It is here to help. Read this infographic to see what help Smart homes can offer.

Smart Homes Infographic

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