Definition of Drone

The definition of drone is a radio-controlled, or RC toy used by kids, businesses, or the military. The definition of drone generally includes boats, ships, robotic figures, vehicles, airplanes, and helicopters that may be played with by children, or could be used in military strategies in war-torn regions of the world.

What Are Flying Drones Used for?

Children enjoy playing with smaller radio-controlled drones, as they’re too young to drive cars, or boats, or too young to pilot an aircraft. The military would say the definition of drone is a radio-controlled device sent in to monitor the activities of militant groups, or even to be used as radio-controlled weapons.

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Usually these military drones are used to spare soldier’s lives, and are the modern method of warfare. Playing with drones is also a popular hobby among adult males, though many women are also joining RC clubs as well. RC drones can be “hacked” to make the intent of the toy do something different.

A boat can be turned into a vehicle that drives over land. An RC drone can also be “bashed” to change the look of the vehicle. If you’re tired of basic white quadcopters, they can be repainted in bright colors, and have decals added, denoting a specific business or military group.

What Is the Actual Definition of Drone?

The definition of drone includes three main components.

  • The actual vehicle body part, such as an aircraft, tank, or helicopter.
  • The transmitter also known as the RC toy transmitter, a small handheld device that lets you control the movements of your toy.
  • The receiver that receives the signal from the transmitter transmitter.

The definition of drone can include RC flying drones such as quadcopters. A quadcopter is an unmanned flying toy that has four turning rotors, similar to an actual helicopter.

Two Quadcopter Reviews

DJI Phantom2 Quadcopter With Zenmuse H3-3D Gopro Gimbal Combo
Definition of drone: DJI Phantom 2

The DJI Phantom2 Quadcopter comes out of the box, ready to fly. This higher-end RC model is the definition of drone, and you’ll sure to be pleased by its performance.

The aircraft has a variety of features that can help you create amazing aerials. It weighs in at around 1030 grams, and can hover vertically up to 0.8 meters, and up to 2.5 meters horizontally.

It can tilt in the air at an angle of 35°. It can ascend into the air at a velocity of 6 meters per second, and descend at two meters per second. Though it’s not recommended to run your quadcopter at maximum speed, it can be run up to fifteen meters per second.

If you’re tiring at the end of the day, there’s no need to steer your RC flying drone back to you, all you have to do is enable its return to home feature. It’ll fly back to you, and land safely back on the ground.

If you’re worried about invading people’s privacy, there’s built-in no fly zone software, so you can avoid the areas that you shouldn’t be filming, such as military and government installations.

One of the nicest features of this quadcopter is the built-in camera. You can choose still photos, or digital video modes, then connect to your computer, and download your photos and videos. You can even preprogram your flight path in advance, using an iPad.

This quadcopter is approximately 350 mm, and it has a reasonable flight time of twenty-five minutes before needing to be charged up again. It takes four AA rechargeable batteries.

Packaging in the box includes one DJI Phantom2 Quadcopter, a transmitter, Zenmuse H3-3D Gopro, and batteries.

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FreeX Skyview Quadcopter Drone 5400mAh LiPo Battery Color Box Version RTF With Free 2 Axis Gimbal , silver

FreeX Skyview Quadcopter
If you’re not ready to commit to a more expensive device, than the FreeX SkyView Quadcopter is available for half the cost of the DJI Phantom2 Quadcopter. You’re still covered with the definition of drone in the FreeX SkyView Quadcopter.

This flying drone comes with an attractive Silver body with red and blue stripes on alternating wings, enabling you to see your drone from a distance.

The DJI Phantom2 Quadcopter promises the best aerial performance, with built-in safety equipment. It’s ready to go right from the box, after a simple compass calibration. The aircraft control board makes the quadcopter easy to customize and tweak to your preferences. Personalization mode is what the definition of drone is all about.

You’ll also enjoy the two different flight modes. The first is an attitude and altitude flight mode, so that the toy will hold its position when all the sticks are centered. There is also a GPS position mode where the quadcopter will hold its attitude, altitude, and GPS positions, when all the sticks are centered.

These two modes are ideal for beginner RC enthusiasts who are learning to fly drones, as it’ll give them time to build up on their flying experience, without compromising the safety of the drone.There is also a professional level mode for adventurous drone flyers.

This drone measures in at 280 mm, and a height of 191 mm, with a diagonal base of 396 mm. Propeller size is the standard nine inch, though it can be upgraded to ten inches if you want. Total weight is 840 grams, including the battery.

Specifications of the FreeX SkyView Quadcopter include a 45° angle of inclination, lifting speed of 3.5 meters per second, and a maximum flight speed of around 30 km per hour.

A biggest advantage of this quadcopter is that it can be flown both indoors and outdoors making it more versatile and user friendly. Also equipped with a high definition camera that can take professional standard images and videos and being able to stream to your LCD screen directly is a sure winner among all sectors of people.

Included in the box is a quadcopter, a set of high performance blades, one USB cable, a transmitter, an lithium polymer battery and charger, and a camera gimbol.

The DJI Phantom2 Quadcopter and the FreeX SkyView Quadcopter are both great RC flying drones that epitomize the definition of drone.

If you have recently started out in the RC hobby and are ready to invest a bit of cash into better flying drones, then either of these flying drones are sure to be a worthwhile investment. You’ll be sure to obtain years of enjoyment from them as well.

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