Ultimate Review of the Best Smart Air Conditioner in 2023

Best Smart Air Conditioner

Oh, the summer season is here again, isn’t it? All you beach lovers would be planning your holidays with fun activities. Outdoors are super exciting when the sun is shining high in the clear blue sky, aren't they? It’s a great opportunity to get that natural tan you’ve always wanted, right? But what about indoors?  

What about them, you ask? You’ve got an air conditioner that runs. What more do you need? Of course, you do need more. You always deserve more. Why do you want to depend on ordinary air conditioners when smart ones are waiting in the market? And they aren’t going to wait for long. With so many people upgrading their homes, smart air conditioners are being sold like hotcakes. Yes. 

The sooner you decide, the better your chances of finding one before the stock ends. Hey, we aren’t overhyping the product. We just want to be sure that you understand these are quite in demand. If you are going wait for long, you may not be able to get hold of the best. 

But you don’t have to worry, really! We can see that you have already decided. The idea of using your smartphone to turn on/off the air conditioner is highly appealing. Isn’t it? Imagine walking into a cool home with the AC running. Not because you forgot to turn it off in the morning. But because you switched it on while driving back home! 

You can save on your electricity bill as well. Why not? The AC is smart enough to adjust the temperature so that the room isn’t too hot or too cold for you. That’s cost-effective, isn’t it? Why wait then? Oh, yes. You are waiting for the list of the best smart air conditioners in the market, aren’t you? 

We’ve got it ready. It’s all sorted below along with types of ACs, how you can convert your ordinary AC into a smart version, and the important factors you’ve got to keep in mind when choosing smart air conditioners. Exciting? Let’s scroll through and make our summers cool and cozy. 

Quick Comparison Table & Our Picks!

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!






Est. Coverage Area


Window AC

71.8 lbs


13.8 CEER

450 sq. ft.

Split AC

200 lbs indoor+ outdoor units


17.5 SEER

500 sq. ft.


50 lbs


2.61 EER

300 sq. ft.

Other Great Recommendations

Window AC

57 lbs


12.0 EER

350 sq. ft.

Window AC

67.9 lbs


15.0 CEER

300-350 sq. ft.

Best Top 5 Smart Air Conditioner in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 5 Smart Air Conditioner in the Market for the Money

LG LW1019IVSM Dual Inverter Window AC - Editor’s Choice 

LG has been one of the famous brands in the electronics market for a long time, isn’t it? To feature one of its air conditioners as the best choice is hardly surprising. Among the various models, LW1019IVSM took first place on our list for a lot of reasons. It is near perfect in many ways and comes with a 1-year warranty. 

Do you want to know more? We’ve got the details for you. Absolutely! From Wi-Fi to capable of being quite silent, this model is a darling of many users. We love how efficient and capable it is in maintaining the temperature and providing comfort. Shall we now see more details? Oh, yes, you are already eager. 

LG LW1019IVSM Energy Star

Features & Benefits 


LW1019IVSM looks pretty sleek and cool as a window unit. While it is said to be bulky, it does appear compact when fitted. Even though it doesn’t have any designer looks, it suits most interiors without standing out of place. 

The dual inverter technology makes it highly efficient. Do you know that you can save up to 15% of energy? That’s awesome, isn’t it? Apart from providing fast cooling, the model generates noise at around 44 decibels. Hardly anything, right? That’s how good it is. 


It would take professionals less than half an hour to install the air conditioner. Everything required for the process comes with the kit (except for the tools, of course). If you are a pro, you can set it up yourself, though holding a 72-pound machine while connecting it can be tough. 


Smart functionality is the best feature of this model. SmartThniQ technology allows you to operate the air conditioner through a mobile app, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Dehumidification, 24-hour timer, energy-saving mode, etc. can be managed through the app along with turning it on and off from any location. 

The initial pairing with Alexa and Google Assistant can be tricky. But once you connect them, there won’t be any issues. Operate the air conditioner through the app and keep your home cool as per your taste. 


  • Less noise
  • Energy efficient 
  • Seamless app connectivity 
  • Fast cooling 
  • Perfect for 350-450 sq ft rooms


  • Slightly on the heavier side 
  • Initial pairing takes a while 

Check LG LW1019IVSM Price on Amazon

MRCOOL Comfort Mini Split AC - Best for DIY Lovers 

The second smart air conditioner on our list is this super comfort model by MRCOOL. A ductless split AC, this has two units, and both of them can be installed on your own. Yes. Totally. The brand markets it as a DIY (Do It Yourself) model. It’s bang on. 

We tried installing and found it very easy. You just need a person to help you hold and move stuff. And being a split version, it doesn’t make a sound either. The outdoor unit takes care of the heavy work, keeping your indoors nice and cold. 

Want to know more about this efficient little model? Here we go. 

MRCOOL Comfort Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

Features & Benefits 


The indoor unit is sleek and white. It sits well on the wall and can be operated from any location. The best part about this model is the warranty. It has a 5-year warranty for parts and a 7-year warranty for the compressor. 

The air conditioner has been created especially for those who love comfort. That’s because it works as both a heater and a cooler. Yes. You can use it throughout the year to cool or heat your home, that too, without worrying about your energy bill. It helps save around 15%-17% energy. 


As we mentioned above, MRCOOL Comfort is very easy to install. Every tiny thing you need to install is available in the kit. The manual is highly detailed and tells you which tools to use for installation. If you are still doubtful, there is no need to worry. You can find video tutorials that explain the entire process clearly. You can put up the unit just about anywhere in your house. It is that simple. 


This Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioner has a free app for iOS and Android mobile phones. Whether it is the sleep mode, cool mode, or the heat mode, the temperate will increase or decrease by 2 degrees every hour. No need to wake up in the middle of the night to change the temperature settings. 

The best part is the ‘follow me’ feature that makes sure that the air conditioner will continue to cool/ heat the room even if the temperature around it has reached the desired level. Most ACs do not have this feature. And it also takes voice commands through Alexa and Google Assistant. Smart indeed, isn't it? 


  • Works as a cooler and a heater
  • Seamless smartphone connectivity 
  • Follow me feature maintains the room temperature 
  • The Low ambient cooling feature 


  • Some find self-installation tough 
  • Slightly on the expensive side 

Check MRCOOL Comfort Price on Amazon

JHS A016-10KR/B1 Portable AC - Best Portable AC

A016-10KR/B1 is the third smart air conditioner on our list for a reason. Unlike other portable units, you don’t have to remove the excess water it collects and dump it elsewhere. This model is famous for the built-in auto evaporation system. Yep. 

Er… Not sure what it is? Let’s put it in simple terms. Portable air conditioners turn off after an hour or three as they collect water. This creates quite some discomfort because you have to stop your work or wake up in the night to remove that water and turn on the AC again. 

A016-10KR/B1 dehumidifies the room on its own so that you don’t have to keep getting rid of that collected water. That’s not all. There’s more. Check out the information given below. 

JHS A016-10KRB1 Air Conditioner

Features & Benefits 


For a portable air conditioner, this model looks pretty good on the eye. It is a wee bit heavy at 50 pounds, but you can roll it through the house without too much effort. The entire piece looks compact as a single unit. Though the manufacturer says it covers up to 300 sq ft, you’ll find it more suitable for rooms with 220-250 sq ft. 

The unit comes with a 1-year warranty, has two fans speeds, and also doubles up as a dehumidifier. One thing that might be a little annoying is that you need to place it near the window to connect to the water hose.  Still, you can move it around without much work. 


There is hardly anything to install in this model. Whatever you need to set it up comes in the kit. The only thing to remember and be careful about is when you first use it. The unit has to be standing vertically straight for 24 hours before you plug it in. Since it is handled in various ways while transportation, you will have to wait an entire day to use it after taking the delivery. 


The smartphone app is a real cute thing. It is user-friendly and can be used to set up cooling schedules. The features are simple yet effective. Even though the app doesn’t have additional features like geofencing or changing settings as per climatic conditions, it does what it should do without any troubles. One thing you might not like as much is that the AC is not too silent. 


  • Provides powerful cooling for its size 
  • Looks smaller than other portable units 
  • Also works as a dehumidifier
  • User-friendly smartphone app 


  • Can sound loud (during nights)
  • Should be installed near a window 

Check JHS Portable AC Price on Amazon

Frigidaire 115V Window-Mounted - Best Mini-Unit 

The fourth on our list is this mini compact window air conditioner. With 8000 BTU, it packs quite a punch despite its tiny size. Do you have small windows that can’t accommodate bigger air conditioners? Yes? This model has been built exactly for you. 

It sits perfectly in tiny windows and still gives you good cooling. The app is full of awesome features, and the auto-restart after a power outage is a blessing, we say. Who’d want to wake up to turn on the AC after the power comes back, right? 


Features & Benefits 


It looks quite elegant and simple due to its size. While window units don’t appear that attractive, this one manages to blend in with the décor instead of calling attention to its presence. 

It is one of the lowest cost ACs in terms of energy efficiency. This is because you save a decent amount per year with optimum utilization. The manufacturer offers a 1-year full warranty and five years warranty for sealed systems. The filters are super easy to clean and pop back in. 


It’s small, compact, and weighs quite less compared to other window AC units. A little over 50 pounds, you can fix it without much effort. You can either install it yourself or call a technician. We got the whole thing set up and running in less than 30 minutes. That does say something, doesn’t it?


The model comes with a remote (just like other ACs) and also has an easy smartphone app that allows you to operate it from any place. The app works on both Android and iOS smartphones and also responds to voice commands from Alexa. Cool Connect is highly reliable. We never had any issues with connectivity. 


  • Auto restart after a power outage 
  • Perfect Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Super easy installation 
  • Energy-saving and highly efficient 


  • Can be loud at nights 
  • Isn’t great as a dehumidifier 

Check Frigidaire 115V Price on Amazon

Midea U Inverter Window AC - Best Energy Saving AC 

Though Midea gets the fifth place on our list, it is no less efficient than the others. In fact, it is one of the best energy-saving models in the market. Do you know you can save up to 35% energy by using this model? Yes! It has been tested and certified. 

Another bonus of this model is its shape. You might have noticed that it looks like two units joined together at the base, didn’t you? Yeah. But it is a single-window unit that has been separated for your convenience. How? Let’s see more details, and you know. 

Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner

Features & Benefits 


The U shape of this model is its selling point. Wondering why? Simple. When you install a window AC, you can’t open that particular window. Also, it generates a lot of noise and can be annoying at night. Agree? 

Both problems have been solved due to this unique design. The motor part is separated from the indoor unit to close the window or open it as per your convenience. When you close it, you also block the noise from the motor. Bingo! Amazing, right? We love it. 


Well, here’s a tricky part again. If you focus too much on the shape, you’ll find that installing it is quite hard. But treat it as an ordinary unit, and there’s everything you need to put it up. Don’t rely on the manual though. Why? It doesn’t really tell you how to set it up. Either you figure it on your own and call a technician. We say call that guy and let him install it. Would save you the trouble, right? 


We say something similar here as well? No, no. The app works great. It is easy to use. But don’t depend on the manual to tell you what to do. Check the app as you would do with any new apps, and you’ll understand everything pretty soon. The unit also takes commands through Alexa and Google Assistant. The pairing works great. You just need to put a little time into getting to know how it works. That sure can be done, isn't it? 


  • Energy efficient 
  • Less noise
  • Seamless app connectivity 
  • Flexibility to open windows 


  • No drainpipe plug
  • Makes noise when you turn it on 

Check Midea U Price on Amazon

Best Smart Air Conditioner Buying Guide 

Best Smart Air Conditioner Buying Guide

That was a list of smart air conditioners, isn’t it? There’s so much to know and read when we want to buy anything. It can be overwhelming at times, we understand. That’s the reason we try to sort it out for you. If it’s easier to read, you’ll be able to understand the intricacies better, and well, that would mean making the right decision, isn’t it? 

Types of Smart Air Conditioners

You would already be aware of the different types of air conditioners available, right? When you already have one at home, it won’t take much to figure out the one that suits you the best. But if you are reconsidering your options, or if you are giving your home a makeover, you’d want to try something different. Here are the three types of smart air conditioners for your home. 

  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner 

You could say that these are the most expensive models. But they are absolutely worth the money invested in them. They make the least noise as the actual noise-making unit stays outdoors. If you’ve got a small to moderate-sized room/ apartment to cool, split air conditioners work the best. They are quite powerful, even though they aren’t a perfect choice for cooling the entire home. 

  • Window Mount Air Conditioner 

These are your regular kind of air conditioners used by everyone. They sit on the window sill (a place is made for them to fit into the window). They come in different sizes and variants. You can choose any of them depending on the size of the room. But they don’t exactly look good when sitting half in and half out of the window. Also, you can’t seal the windows tightly. This does make some people worry about security, but things are not that scary either. We’ve all used them some time or another, haven’t we?

  • Portable Air Conditioner 

The word portable says everything, doesn’t it? You can move this air conditioner from one room to another. It’s pretty much like dragging a heavier vacuum cleaner around the house. Boy, they are bulky. There isn’t an option for fresh air either. That means, it circulates the same stale air in the room. But if you can’t have an air conditioner in each room, this is the next best option. Opening the windows and doors once a while should solve the problem for fresh air, what say? 

Along with the above, you can simply attach a smart controller to your regular air conditioner and turn it smarter. You can find generic smart controllers in the market that will help you with the job. Sensibo Sky, Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub, Cielo Breez, etc. are some famous controllers you can get. But if your air conditioner is a few years old, you are better off investing in a new one rather than upgrading the existing piece. There are always going to be the benefits of choosing a smart air conditioner for your lovely home. 

  • Operate it from anywhere. Doesn’t matter if you’re at home or work or traveling.
  • You can also schedule the turn on/ off timings along with the temperature settings.
  • With proper programming of the thermostat, your power bill will come down. 
  • Your home is always going to be of the right temperature. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Smart Air Conditioners 

You have to consider quite a few factors before selecting a smart air conditioner for your home. Read through the list and see how each of them will impact your decision. After all, you want nothing but the best when you are investing a considerable amount on an air conditioner that’s smart and highly effective. 

  • Smart Features 

How smart is the smart air conditioner? Well, the word smart isn’t limited to operating it from a smartphone. The air conditioner should have much more to offer. Whether it is features like geofencing, tracking the history of usage, giving the status of the filters, or scheduling the timings and temperatures, the more a smart air conditioner can offer, the better it is. 

  • BTU and Room Size

The size of the room decides the BTU for your air conditioner. No point in letting the AC overwork when it is not needed. You’ll end up paying extra for the power bill, isn’t it? Smaller rooms need air conditioners with lower BTU and vice versa. Measure the size of the room and check the capacity of the AC. 

BTU is British Thermal Units that measure the cooling or heating capacity of an air conditioner. Generally speaking, an AC of 6000 to 12000 BTU capacities works for living rooms of the standard sizes. Do we see you calculating already? There’s no need. You can find detailed charts on the internet. 

  • Energy Saving Certification 

While this isn’t mandatory, buying a smart air conditioner with an Energy Star certification will guarantee that the unit is of good quality and will help conserve energy when used right. The certificate also means that the air conditioner is eco-friendly. On average, certified air conditioners can be 10% more energy-efficient compared to the non-certified models. That would work very well for you, wouldn’t it?  

  • Weight of the Air Conditioner 

Well, irrespective of which type of smart air conditioner you want to buy, its weight is going to play an important role. And if you decided to pick the portable type, it becomes even more important. Fitting a heavy air conditioner in the window will not be easy, either. Split ACs have two units, one of which is going to be large and fixed outdoors. That too, needs some thought. You know your home, close your eyes and think. We’ll wait for you at the next factor until then. 

  • Location at Home (Type of Air Conditioner)

We can’t separate the weight of the air conditioner for the location or the type, can we? They are interlinked with each other and need to be considered together. A split might suit your living room while the window mount might work for the bedroom. And if neither seems possible, you’ve got to work with the portable version. Not to worry, you can figure it out easily. Think about the one you already own and see what you like or don’t like about it. Simple, isn’t it? 

  • Sound/ Noise Levels 

Even smart air conditioners tend to make a sound. Some are pretty audible and can be annoying if you prefer the utmost silence. But most people don’t mind the humming sound in the backgrounds. It’s constant and goes steady, almost becoming a part of your surroundings. Still, if you find it irritating, you’ve got a check for the models that specify less/ no sound. 

  • Filtration Process

Sponge and mesh filters belong to the past. Smart air conditioners come with the latest ones that are washable and reusable. Some also have antibacterial properties that clean the air to prevent breathing allergies. Wonderful, right? Yeah. Make a note of the type of filters used in the AC before you finalize a model. 

  • Size and Design 

No matter what we say, we do love it when an air conditioner adds beauty to the décor instead of looking like an unappealing box of electronics in the room. Aren’t we speaking the truth? You don’t want a silly-looking AC unit to ruin the perfectly matched interiors at home, do you? So take your time and give teeny focus on its size, appearance, and design as well. Some smart air conditioners look very classy and elegant. 

  • Installation Methods 

There’s no simple way of phrasing it. So here it goes. Installing an air conditioner is not easy. It is time-consuming and requires effort and skill. Unless you are totally sure of what you are doing, we say give that technician a call and ask them to fix it. And yeah, pairing with the smart app can also be tricky if you aren’t used to it. Keep the manual with you for a while and refer to it. 

  • Ease of Using AC 

Some models in smart air conditioners can be way too complex. Not that they aren’t the best, but they happen to be complicated. If you prefer to understand things in simple terms, pick the one with a clear display and easy terms. Make sure the air conditioner can be controlled through iOS and Android smartphones. 


And now, we come to the end of our detailed review of smart air conditioners and how to choose the best one. We hope you have everything you need to make the right choice. Other factors, such as cost and warranty, also play a role. While we leave the cost for you to decide, the warranty is something you have to take seriously. Isn’t that right? 

We are 100% sure that you will take every care and order the right smart air conditioner for your beautiful home. Maybe you could let us know which one you finally picked? What say? Have a cool and breezy summer, folks. See you soon! 

Editor Notes:

Should I turn off my AC during the day when I'm away?

We recommend leaving the AC on for the day to ensure the room's temperatures are within the required limits. If you put off the AC and put it on when you get to the house, it will consume a lot of energy since the accumulated temperatures will need more power to get back to normal.

Are smart air conditioners affordable?

Yes, the air conditioners are affordable based on the type you are buying. The more advanced features on the unit, the higher the prices. This means that you'll get one within your budget.

Are smart ACs noisy?

Most smart ACs are quiet, which makes them great for home and office usage. If you notice a strange noise from your AC, contact the company for advice about the issue. You can also check the warranty, and if it is within the required time, you can launch a claim.

Should I turn off the AC at night?

This depends on the amount of air getting into your room. When you open the windows and realize the cool air flowing into your room, you can decide to turn off the AC and save some bills. If the windows do not let in enough air, adjust the AC to meet the room's needs.

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