Ultimate Review of the Best Electric Log Splitter in 2023

Best Electric Log Splitter

Hello, readers, are you gearing up for the coming winter already? It’s still a while away, but some of us like to plan in advance, don’t we? So how do you start your winter preparation? What’s the first point of your focus? Well, we guess that depends on where you live. If it’s going to snow like crazy in your region, you’ll be making alternative plans to stay warm. 

Say, what do we mean by that? Simple, actually! Firewood, or central heating? Which one would you pick? For us, its firewood any day! We love the crackling sound and dancing flames in the hearth as the heat spreads around and embraces us. 

Poetic, isn’t it? But firewood is work, right? You’ve got to chop the wood into small blocks and store them in advance so that you don’t run out of stock during a snowstorm. And chopping wood is not easy, is it? Of course, if you consider it a way to flex your muscles, by all means, flaunt them. But if not, what should you do? 

Also, it’s not only some of us who need firewood, is it? If you’ve got a wood stove or an outdoor wooden oven, you’ll need good quantities of chopped wood. Many of us like to chop our wood as it saves money. But it’s not always good for the back and shoulders. 

What do we do then? Use a machine? Yes. How does a log splitter sound? Great, right? Then again, which log splitter would you like? You’ll find gas splitters and electric splitters in abundance. So which one is for you? 

The electric log splitter, of course! It’s easy to use and maintain, has no poisonous emissions, and you can use it indoors and outdoors (given you have an electrical outlet outside). All you need to do is choose the best electric log splitter, and voila! 

Before you start to wonder, let’s assure you that we have all the information you need. Keep reading to find out more about the top 5 best electric log splitters, their advantages, and the factors you will need to consider when selecting a splitter. Let’s not wait any longer. Here we go! 

Quick Comparison Table & Our Picks!

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Splitting Pressure

Log Cutting Capacity


98 lb

38.5 x 28.25 x 39.25 in

6.5 tons

10” Diameter / 20.5” Length

117 lb

40 x 13.5 x 20.5 in

7 tons

10” D / 20.5” L

105.8 lb

37.72 x 11.81 x 18.5 in

6 tons

10” D / 20.5” L

Other Great Recommendations

99.8 lb

40.5 x13.8×19.3 in

5 tons

10” D / 20.5” L

103.4 lb

38.19 x 11.81 x 19.29 in

7 tons

12” D / 20.5” L

Top 5 Best Best Electric Log Splitters in the Market for the Money 

Top 5 Best Best Electric Log Splitters in the Market for the Money

WEN 56207 6.5 Ton Electric Log Splitter - Editor’s Choice 

We start the list of our top 5 electric log splitters with a powerful model by Wen. Also known as Wen Lumberjack log splitter, it is efficient and capable with 2.5 HP motor and 6.5 tons of splitting power. The 34” stand that comes along with the unit is a blessing. You just have to screw it in so that you don’t have to bend or sit when using the splitter. 

The initial setup can be a bit hard, and the manual doesn’t make it any simple. But if you’ve got someone to help you, it’ll be an easy job. Whether it is the capacity or the cycle time, this model offers a lot of benefits. 

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Features and Benefits 


Do you know that this model weighs less than 100 pounds? Yep. It’s one of the lightweight units when it comes to log splitters. The design is sleek and trendy. The unit doesn’t take up much space unless you use the stand. 

With a 4-inch push plate, 5-inch wedge, and a 14.75-inch cylinder stroke, the splitter has a cycle of 20 seconds. If you think it’s a little too long, you can simply adjust the ram-limiter and cut down the time, depending on the size of the logs.  


While the manufacturer promises a cutting capacity of 10” diameter and 20.5” length, the unit easily cuts through a log of 14” diameter. Yep. It will obviously take a little more time, but that’s it. 

Be it hardwood, softwood, seasoned, fresh, or semi-dry - you can split any wood using this model. But remember, huge rounds that have hard knots can cause difficulty. Wet greenwood can also be tough to split. You might want to dry them a bit first. 


At 98 pounds and with attachable wheels, you will find it fairly convenient to move this splitter from one place to another. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty, which we are totally happy with. 

It is hardly noisy, which means you won’t have neighbors yelling at you for disturbing their sleep. It’s great for residential use and meets all your needs. That said, it has a double-hand operation, and if you don’t like that feature, you might find it a bit annoying. And yeah, don’t stand near the wedge end. There’s no log catcher, and the wood will fall straight on your feet if you are not careful. 


  • Good log cutting capacity 
  • Fast reset time 
  • Powerful motor 
  • Two-year warranty period 


  • It has a double-hand operation 
  • The wheels could have been stronger 

Check WEN 56207 6.5 Ton Price on Amazon

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter - Best One-hand Operator 

If you are looking for a splitter with a one-hand operation that is powerful and efficient, Boss ES7T20 is the one for you. While the brand markets it as an industrial model, we prefer to use it for domestic purposes. 

The unit comes with operational accessories so that you can add a 4-way and get smaller log cuts. Instead of one log being split into two, it gets split into four pieces. That certainly saves time, doesn’t it? 

You do have to use it by sitting on the ground, but considering the log diameter it accommodates, you’re better off sitting. Want to know why? Read below. 

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Features and Benefits 


Luckily, this model also isn’t too heavy at 117 pounds. It has attachable 7-inch wheels for you to move it as per your requirements. Though the wheels are sturdy, they tend to wobble at times. If you are going to pull it on uneven ground, be extra careful. 

One thing we like about this splitter is the simple process of assembling it. Unlike other models, you just have to fix the operating handle and good to go. The motor stays close to the ground, so make sure you place it on an even surface. 


This is the best part of this model. The manufacturer claims that 10” diameter log capacity. But guess what? This one handles up to 17” diameter without causing any trouble. Yes! Knotty wood does create some issues, but nothing major. 

Elm might take 1-3 seconds more; though for the rest (hardwood, softwood, semi-dry, wet, and seasoned) the cycle time is 14 seconds. Nine seconds are for cutting and 5 seconds to retract. You can still reduce the cycle time by adjusting the ram. 


With a 2-year warranty period and durable build, you will not have any trouble using this unit. However, take safety precautions by wearing goggles and gloves. Sit a bit away from the unit and extend your arm to operate the lever. This applies to all splitters. Don’t work with kids around, and keep your other hand away from the wedge. The splitter neither vibrates much nor produces too much noise. That’s a definite bonus.  


  • One-hand operation 
  • Can split logs up to a 17-inch diameter 
  • Easy to assemble and use 
  • Has 7 tons of splitting power 


  • Doesn’t have a long stand 
  • The wheels wobble at times 

Check Boss Industrial ES7T20 Price on Amazon

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 Electric Log Splitter - Best Flexible Splitter  

SELS60 has many advantages. But our favorite is its flexibility. You can cut a log vertically and horizontally using this model. Depending on the size of the log, you can adjust its position to simplify the splitting process. 

Apart from that, the unit delivers good power despite having only 1.75 HP motor. To say it works better than what the manufacturer claims would be quite apt. Isn’t that something we all love? What else makes SELS60 a worthy splitter? Let’s check the details below, shall we? 

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 Electric Log Splitter

Features and Benefits 


This splitter, too, is not so heavy that you cannot move it. It weighs about 105 pounds and has 7-inch sturdy wheels. You won’t find it hard to port this unit from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. Yeah, it doesn’t have a stand, so you have to sit down and work. But that’s fine, isn’t it? 

Do you know you can store it vertically as well? If you have space constraints, simply rotate the unit to 90 degrees and let it stand in a corner. Super cool, right? 


SELS60 works perfectly well for residential use. It has the standard 10” D and 20.5” length log capacity. Of course, you can go ahead and use it for slightly larger logs. We didn’t face any issues with it. And even if there’s an overload, you don’t have to worry. The splitter has an automatic shut off feature that works like a charm and prevents damage. Phew! 

The handles are easy to assemble though you will need to operate it with both hands. Sit at an arm’s distance from the unit and keep your hands on the respective levers as the splitter works its magic on the logs. 


Since it’s mostly used for domestic purposes, the 18-second cycle time shouldn’t be much of an issue. You can anyway adjust the ram limiter and cut down the cycle time for shorter logs. It has been built to last long, so that’s one concern addressed. 

There is no log catcher attached, though. You will need to be careful when the split logs fall off the wedge. But then, the unit is quite close to the ground. You should be able to work it out without too much pressure. This splitter is great for those who don’t use the machine every day. 


  • Compact, safe, and durable
  • It automatically shuts off when overpowered 
  • Can be stored vertically 
  • Can split logs vertically and horizontally 


  • Doesn’t have a log catcher 
  • Double-hand operations 

Check Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 Price on Amazon

YARDMAX YS0552 Electric Log Splitter - Best Splitter with Log Tray 

YS0552 by Yardmax is in fourth place on our list. Despite being a 5-ton model, it is surprisingly powerful and exceeds our expectations in many ways. The splitter comes with a log tray so that the logs don’t fall off the wedge. Since not every model provides the log tray, we are very happy with this model. 

While it requires double-hand operations, it does have a removable stand as well. You can either attach the stand or use it directly by setting it on the ground. The 7-inch wheels are strong enough to make the splitter portable. What else does this unit boast of? Let’s check the following details. 

YARDMAX YS0552 Electric Log Splitter

Features and Benefits 


The splitter looks quite trendy compared to other models. Whether you use it with a stand or without it (by placing it on the ground or the bench), it effectively does the job. The unit weighs almost 100 pounds and still is, of course, considered a lightweight model. We didn’t have any trouble moving this one in the yard and from the garage to the yard even though the wheels are made of hard plastic instead of rubber. 


The cycle time of this splitter is 16 seconds, which, according to us, is decent and sufficient for domestic needs. The manufacturer mentions the standard log capacity. But this unit can handle more. We could work with up to 15” diameter of softwood without any issues. 

However, oak over 10” tends to jam. Also, you will see that the unit takes a little more time with smaller oak as well. Small knots aren’t an issue, but the larger ones will cause trouble. Make sure to remove the knots before splitting them.


The splitter comes with a ram limiter that allows you to adjust the cycle time for shorter logs. The log tray keeps the split wood safe from falling. However, two things we aren’t particularly excited about this model are-

One, the bright orange paint tends to come off, probably due to corrosion. 

The second one is the height of the stand. It’s quite weird as the splitter doesn’t exactly reach the waist. And if you are taller, you’ll have to bend even more to operate the unit (that too when it requires double-hand operations). You’ll find it easier to use it without the stand. 


  • Comes with a log tray 
  • Fast assembly and usage 
  • Removable stand 
  • Splits softwood up to 15 inches diameter 


  • The paint tends of a chip off after a while 
  • Double-hand operations 

Check YARDMAX YS0552 Price on Amazon

Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter - Best Cycle Time 

The last splitter on our list is XM-380 by Powerhouse. The brand supplies quite a few electric log splitters with varying specifications. We’ve found that XM-380 is a good all-round choice considering the power 3 HP motor and the fast cycle time of 11 seconds. 

The 7-ton splitting power delivers the promised efficiency without any problem. The splitter requires double-hand operations. In fact, it even shuts off if you remove one hand from the respective lever. While it can be an inconvenience, we are happy with the feature. Why? Well, because of the fast cycle time. There are lesser chances of injury this way. 

Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Features and Benefits 


The splitter doesn’t have a stand, so you will have to use it on the ground or on a bench. Being a little over 100 pounds makes it portable. While we find the wheels a bit too close together (other users also have complained of the same), it can still be moved from one place to another. 

For domestic use, the splitter has pretty much everything you’d ask for. The unit comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. 


Just as the manufacturer promises, the splitter can handle up to 12” diameter logs. Wood, with knots,s is something you have to be careful with this model as well. It works wonderfully well for softwood. Narrow hardwood isn’t an issue either. 

However, the ram doesn’t travel completely from one end to another. This means, if you place a log that is 20.5 inches long, it’ll not be fully split unless you move it accordingly. Shorter logs are fine, though. 


The splitter is made of good quality metal and is highly durable. Moreover, it fits quite well, even in tight spaces. If you have limited storage space at home, this splitter is a good choice. But, we’ll have to warn you about the noise. 

We did say that electric log splitters make less noise than gasoline-powered ones. While that statement stands true, compared to other electric models, this splitter produces more sound. Though it is not something that’ll annoy your neighbors, it’s still there, buzzing around you. 

But since you can change the positions of a Y-shaped branch even when using the unit, we’d say it’s a good bargain. 


  • Fast cycle time of 11 seconds
  • Powerful 3 HP motor 
  • Automatic shut off when overpowered
  • Can split more than 100 logs per hour 


  • Narrow wedge 
  • Not so sturdy wheels

Check Powerhouse XM-380 Price on Amazon

Best Electric Log Splitter Buying Guide 

Best Electric Log Splitter Buying Guide

That’s a cool list of log splitters, isn’t it? They do pack quite a punch, don’t they? You might have noticed that we get electric log splitters in different sizes and shapes. Yes, they are mostly horizontal models and can’t really handle heavy logs. 

However, they are reliable and can be used for domestic and small scale commercial requirements. They are also quite small and hence make it easy for you to lift and move logs as you work on splitting them. All you need is an electric outlet to plug the splitter. That might be an issue for some of you if you haven’t got a power source nearby. 

You can maneuver the logs close to the splitter and cut them into desired sizes before carrying them to another place for storage. Yes, generator power will help, but it is not recommended. The last thing you’d want is to damage the log splitter due to power inconsistencies, isn’t it?  

With minimum work, you can get maximum results and pile up the stock of chopped wood for your fireplace or the stove. If you aren’t convinced already, take a look at the benefits offered by electric log splitters. 

Benefits of Electric Log Splitter 

We cannot deny that using an electric log splitter is convenient than a manual splitter. You don’t have to use the ax as often anymore. But what other benefits does it provide?

  • An electric log splitter makes the job faster and effective. You don’t have to spend hours to chop a small pile of firewood. 
  • They are quieter compared to gas-powered versions. You don’t have to plug your ears or apologize to your neighbors for the excess noise. 
  • They do not emit any fumes, especially carbon monoxide, emitted by gas-powered versions. You can breathe the air around you without inhaling the fumes. 
  • Electric splitters are easy to maintain. There’s no need to clean and remove thickened oil. You don’t have to keep a can of gasoline handy for emergency purposes, either. 
  • Some models are energy efficient, which means that compared to what you spend on hiring someone to chop the wood or buying gasoline manually, you will be spending less money on the electric version. 
  • Compared to gasoline-powered splitters, electric models are cheaper too.  

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Electric Log Splitter

How do you know if the electric log splitter you see is suitable for your needs or not? The product descriptions will give you some information, but from your side, you do need to know how each factor affects your decision, isn’t it? 

Shall we take a look them in detail and make notes? 

  • Horsepower

The power of the motor determines the efficiency of the splitter. The higher the power, the better will be the performance and results. A 2HP motor will be enough for average usage, but for extra work, you’ll need a 3.5 HP motor. 

  • Portability 

Well, we don’t wish to carry the splitter in our arms. Most models are heavy for a valid reason. But, we do like to move them around as per convenience. So how do we do that? For one, the splitter can have wheels for easy movement. And as an alternative, it should also have a ball hitch in case you want to tow it. Just make sure you’ve got full control over the unit when moving it around. 

  • Build

This doesn’t need much explanation, does it? When you place heavy logs on the splitter, you want it to stay put and split into two. The body should be made of high-quality metal so that it can last for a few years (you will need to at least get back your investment, right?). 

  • Cycle Time 

The cycle time refers to the unit's time to split a log of wood into two. Superfast models have a cycle time of fewer than 10 seconds. That’s awesome, right? Now, tell us, can you really replace logs just as fast? Unlikely, isn’t it? The cycle time doesn’t necessarily have to race ahead. You’ll be able to work with the same efficiency even when choosing the one with 15 seconds cycle time.  

  • Splitting Force

How much power should the splitter produce to cut a log of so and so dimensions? The splitting force is measured in tons, and hence the term tonnage. This again depends on the type and age of the wood. Say, if the splitter needs to exert a force of 12-15 tons for 12-inch (diameter) softwood, it’ll need to exert about 22 tons of splitting force for the same sized hardwood. 

  • Length and Diameter 

There’s no point in using an electric splitter if you have to split the log into two and then set it on the machine. Always choose a model with a diameter of at least 10 inches and a length of about 20 inches. These are decent measurements, considering you’ll have to heft the logs and place them on the unit. Some models have a length of 25 inches as well. Whichever suits your needs the best gets picked, right?

  • Height Adjustments 

The height here refers to the log plate. Not all logs are of the same size, right? Some can be chunky, and unless you adjust the height of the splitter, you can’t cut the wood. Most models have 2-3 adjustments though you should check the details before buying. 

  • Single-hand Vs. Double-hand Operations

You might be wondering what all this hand operation is about. You’ve got to use one hand to operate the lever, simple, right? Yeah, in a way! But some models insist on additional safety where you need to use both your hands. With one hand, you activate the lever, and with the other, you press and hold a button. It is meant to keep your hands engaged so that you accidentally don’t put in near the blades. 

  • Type and Age of the Wood

What kind of wood do you usually use? Trees like Oak, Ash, Beech, Maple are classified as hardwood and have a dense cellular structure. You’ll need more power to cut through the wood. Softwood trees such as spruce and pine are a bit easier. Also, cutting fresh wood is harder than cutting seasoned/ dried wood. If you can’t dry the wood for a season or have only hardwood logs, you’ll need a powerful unit. 

  • Warranty 

With products like splitters, it’s tough to find a warranty that spans for years. However, if the brand offers less than a year's warranty, you should choose another one. Think about it. If the manufacturer is not willing to stand by their products for more than a few months, how can you be sure of their performance? Valid point, isn’t it? At the same time, check if other customers complain about warranty issues. That’s one reason why famous brands score brownie points in the market. They are good at dealing with warranty and customer service issues. 

  • Reliability and Safety 

Even though we put it as the last factor, it is one of the most crucial ones to consider. A log splitter has to be handled with care. The blades are super sharp, and well, you don’t want to end up hurting yourself. Read the safety instructions thoroughly before setting it up. If you cannot bend or kneel, you’ll need a splitter with a stand. But that stand has to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the logs. Choose a brand that is known for its quality and safety measures. 


We hope you now have a concrete idea about electric log splitters and how useful they are. Why spend your time and energy by manually chopping the wood when a machine can do it with increased efficiency? It’s time to invest in the best electric log splitter and make the most of it. 

Let your winter be warm and happy with the fire burning in the hearth and yummy food on your plate cooked in hot wood ovens. Enjoy your free time making snow angels and reading good books. See you again. 


What is the right oil for my electric log splitter?

Electric log splitters use hydraulic oil whose weight rating is 10W (Winter). The 10W hydraulic oil offers the gears and mechanical parts lubrication during extreme temperatures. As a result, it ensures these parts remain protected and last for a long time.

How can I tell if the oil level in my log splitter is low?

You can confirm the oil level in your log splitter using a dipstick. You can also do a faster test by raising your log splitter’s front end on a wooden block or a similar object.

If your machine starts working normally after raising the front end, then the log splitter needs oil refilling.

Is my log splitter’s broken handle an issue?

Yes. You should confirm that the plastic knob on your splitter’s lever is appropriately in place. If the knob unscrews, it deters the lever from getting pushed down. This then prevents your log splitter from functioning.

Is it okay to use my log splitter facing downhill?

When your log splitter is facing downhill, the circulation of fluid around the unit becomes a challenge. This may cause your log splitter to shut down. It is best to use your log splitter on flat ground or facing uphill to avoid this.

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