How the Air Drone is Changing Remote Controlled Flying

If you’ve seen the news recently, you probably have seen the air drone which is a small, yet remarkable flying device that appears to be a cross between the standard airplane and a helicopter. The air drone has done more than just capture the world’s attention. It has opened up new possibilities for the radio control model industry as new customers are now clamoring to fly an air drone for themselves.

The versatility of the air drone is such that even Amazon has toyed with the idea of using them as direct package carriers to their customers if they were within a certain distance of their distribution plants. However, the primary purpose of the air drone is the many hours of entertainment that they provide while making fantastic maneuvers and zipping across the open skies.

The History of the Air Drone

The concept of the air drone actually goes back more than a century when the first remote controlled aerial devices were actually blimp or zeppelin models filled with hydrogen that allowed them to float and be controlled in a fashion not too far distant that what you see today with the RC air drone.

As technology progressed, the model airships started to give way to radio controlled model planes that mimicked those flying above the clouds during the Great War and then World War II. For children and adults around the world, these predecessors to the air drone provided many hours of entertainment.

By the post-World War II era, there were RC helicopters and all types of flying craft emerging as gas engines became lighter in weight and new materials that were lighter and stronger were being used.

However, by the 1990s the technology seemed to have stalled as the traditionally propeller model planes had advanced about as far as they could go. Enter the air drone, a radical type of new radio controlled device that could soar like an airplane and hover like a helicopter.

What is an Air Drone?

Basically, this is a remote control flying device that uses a combination of propellers to push, pull and lift the craft into the air. The inspiration for the air drone may have come from the Osprey flying craft, a propeller driven airplane that could tilt its wings and hover like a helicopter. However, an air drone does not have any rotating parts, it simply adds propellers to the top and sides of the craft so that it can take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane.

Today, these unique flying machines have become a real fad which has garnered attention all around the world for their unique capabilities. Their ultra-modern appearance, sleek design and versatility have made them quite popular, but are they here to stay or will they fade away like many of their predecessors?

The Advantages of Purchasing an RC Drone

Despite their versatility, there are some downsides to buying an air drone, especially if you are fairly new to radio controlled aircraft. However, there is no doubting their appeal or their potential when it comes to their abilities. The best way to see the advantages of one of these craft is to compare them to a traditional RC airplane.

Speed: Although they do not appear to be very aerodynamic, the air drone actually flies faster than most RC airplanes thanks to their power to weight ratio.

Style: It does seem at least for the foreseeable future that air drones are taking over the radio controlled flying market with so many being produced and purchased.

Versatility: You can control an RC drone in so many different ways as it can hover like a helicopter, but possesses more speed than an airplane. With a little practice, you can have the air drone do a number of incredible maneuvers.

Availability: The more of the drones that are bought, the more they are produced which means that buying a conventional RC airplane is going to become more difficult over time.
Naturally, it will take a little more time to learn how to do all of the maneuvers that you want which is about the only downside that they currently offer. They are even lightweight and easier to carry around than many larger RC aircraft as well.

Two of the Best RC Drone Products

If your interest has been peaked by the idea of flying an air drone through the skies, the next step is to find one that is relatively easy to operate and will really get you into the hobby.

DJI Phantom 2Air DronePhoto by Walter / CC BY 2.0

This remarkable air drone is not only straightforward in its ability to hover and fly at considerable speeds, there is a version that actually allows you to carry a GoPro camera so that you can see from the point of view of the air drone itself. This is a remarkable device that is relatively easy to fly, recharge and fly again in different types of conditions.

Check Price Of DJI Phantom 2 On AmazonSyma X5CAir Drone

This spectacular drone features four propellers for maximum lift and thrust. The lightweight materials and excellent maneuverability are complimented by the ability to carry a GoPro or similar camera and getting some remarkable shots. In fact, there are stabilizing gyros built into the air drone in order to get the smoothest possible shot.

Check Price Of Syma X5 On Amazon

These are just two of the many air drone products that are currently available and tearing through the skies thanks to their low weight/high power ratio. When it comes to the sheer versatility of this product, there is really nothing that can match it and thanks to the development of small digital video cameras, you can get the most remarkable video from these units.

All in all, owning an air drone is more than just having a fun, flying machine for your kids. This is a device that has revolutionized how people have shot video and may even change the way many stores send their products to their customers. From humble origins, the air drone has become a flying machine whose possibilities are only now being discovered.

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