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UAV stands Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or also known to be called as drone. Other people also call this vehicle as unpiloted aerial vehicle which is a type of aircraft without having human pilot on board. This UAV drones can also be a remote controlled aircraft operated by pilot.

This is even used for different types of missions that include attack roles and reconnaissance. UAV drone is defined as a convenient aircraft that can be controlled with sustained level of flight that is primarily powered by reciprocating or jet engine. This system has its complex system that covers ground stations and all other elements which are similar to an actual aircraft.

With the high quality features, parts and components making up the system you are assured that this will provide you convenient experience that you deserve to have.

Types of UAV Drones According to ICAO

According to the ICAO or the International Civil Aviation Authority, there are two types of UAV drone that can be seen under the Circular 328 AN/190 and these are as follows:

  • Autonomous Aircraft

This is a type of UAV drone aircraft that is not suitable to be used due to several liability and legal issues when it comes to the system making up this vehicle.

  • Remotely Piloted

Remotely piloted types of UAV drone aircraft are subjected to civil regulation with ICAO under the important authority of the National Aviation.

Other Essential Types of UAV Drone

With the continuous advancement of the different types of UAV drone, there are also observed changes that people might observed when it comes to its types. To give you an idea more about the latest types of UAV drone, here are the lists of the commonly chosen types of this aircraft and these now include:

  • Decoy and Target Aircraft

This is an aircraft that provides aerial gunnery as well as convenient ground to a target. This is very essential since it simulates missile or even enemy’s aircraft easily and conveniently.

  • Reconnaissance

This is one of the most commonly chosen UAV drone aircraft that provides battlefield intelligence to people’s missions.

  • Combat

This aircraft provides attack capabilities that can help you out with some of your missions. This is very essential specially when it comes to high risk type of missions since this can really help and guide you towards your goals.

  • Development and Research Aircraft

This is used to effectively develop some UAV drone technologies. Apart from it, these are also used for the integration of deployed UAV drone into the field.

  • Commercial and Civil UAV<

These are primarily designed for commercial and civil applications. This is very essential since it provide optimal easiness and convenience to some of your civil and commercial purposes with the use of this UAV drones.

Photo by Juhan Sonin / CC BY 2.0

Apart from the types of UAV drone, there are also different models of this drones that suits for your demands. Some of the models of this aircraft that you should not miss to have includes the DJI Phantom 2 and  UDI U818A and many others that can provide you convenient and essential benefits upon its used. There are still other models of these drones that you should watch out for.

Photo by Adam Meek / CC BY 2.0

As time passed by, these models are observed to be enhanced and completely developed in relation to the needs of the people.

Important Uses of UAV Drone

With the convenient and high quality system making up this UAV drone, people are given great assurance that whatever type of aircraft mission they wanted to achieve will be given to them. This is due to the fact that these types of aircrafts are widely used in huge numbers of field of works and these are as follows:

1. Aerial Surveillance

People whose aim to have aerial surveillance purposes may use this UAV drone especially if the area they are going to assessed is very big. Surveillance applications with the use of this aircraft includes wildfire mapping, home security, anti-piracy, livestock monitoring and even pipeline security.

2. Motion Picture and Commercial Filmmaking

UAV drone can be also used in the field of photography. These drones had already been used by huge numbers of filmmakers worldwide who wanted to have a clear picture of the movie they are taking. This provides clear and convenient images and photos making the film more creative and appealing to look at.

3. Sports

These UAV drones are already starting to make its name in the field of sports. This started as it had been used in the 2014 Winter Olympics for filming the skiing and even the snowboarding events. This provides essential advantages since it gets closer to the athletes because of the flexible and cable suspended type of camera system attached to it.

4. Disaster Relief

With UAV drone you are given great assurance that medicines, vaccines and all other medical samples will be delivered to its designated places safely and on time. This is very significant especially to those remote and inaccessible areas since it helps in building a clear picture of the disastrous situation. This is even helpful when it comes to the mitigation of damages and in saving life.

5. Armed Attacks

With the continuous war and attacks that can be seen in different parts of the world, it is now time for military forces to make use of this UAV drone. This is because, it can provide them easiness and convenience every time they have their mission of attacking and securing their place from dangerous threats of other people. This can help them with their attacking goals at the same time provide them optimal easiness in making every situation manageable and organized.

These are just some of the common uses of UAV drone. Knowing them in advanced is very important in order to get hold of important thoughts and facts with regards to its optimal convenience and effectiveness into the life of the people. Sparing time and effort to know more about this UAV drone is one way of letting yourself discover more interesting facts about it that can also help you in some aspects of your life.

This is very important since it provides you broad knowledge and understanding with regards to this aircraft vehicle. With this UAV drone you are assured of getting hold of exciting and amazing experience you are aiming for provided that you know how to make use of this particular aircraft in its appropriate purpose.


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