51 Must-Have Gadgets to Get You through Quarantine

Must-Have Gadgets to Get You through Quarantine

51 Must-Have Gadgets to Get You through Quarantine

The fatal canopy of the Novel Coronavirus has spread all across the globe, engulfing nations far and wide. Economies have been shutting down; educational institutions have been closed; everything is at a standstill during the present scenario.

On the minute scale, we, humans, have also locked us in our homes to abide by the much-needed instructions given by the governments. Well, that is the need of the hour!

Funny thought – All this while we have been cursing technology and the plethora of gadgets that we have lying around the house for distracting us in day to day lives.

But now, in this time of crisis, it seems like we would have gone insane if we didn't have such wondrous gadgets at our disposal during this major lockdown. Let's thank science and human creativity later and first take a look at the must-have gadgets for quarantine (in no particular order) that can help you keep sane!

Must-Have Gadgets - The Evergreen List!

1. Temperature control Smart Mug

What could be more imperative than to have a mug full of your favorite caffeine at your disposal when you are locked in your home? We all love to drink it at an optimum temperature.

With this Smart Mug, you can keep your drink at the exact temperature that you choose fit, for more than an hour on a single charge! You can now stop worrying about drinking cold coffee again.

2. Tile - Remote control tracker

If there is one good thing that you are going to get in this lockdown, that will be spending prolonged quality time with your family. It is needless to say that you all are going to crowd up on that cozy couch while watching your favorite shows, and there's going to be an inevitable moment when no one will be able to find the remote.

Tile, the remote control tracker helps you to find your lost remote controls, headphones, and even toys. Simply stick it onto your remote, and you will be able to track it in no time!

3. Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube helps you to club together all your preferred entertainment options that range from the cable to the satellite and even streaming your favorite channels. As a bonus feature, it is supported by Alexa, which lets you control all smart home appliances with your voice commands. With this cool gadget, you can make your smart home even smarter during this quarantine period.

4. The robot vacuum

Remember the famous Cartoon Network show "The Jetsons"? Well, with Roomba 675, the fictional gadget has come in for real! This device can run up to 90 minutes, cleaning every nook and corner of your house from underneath your couch to those tricky corners where your hands can't reach.

Control this cleaning robot with your smartphone, and it will automatically learn a specific route to maneuver and clean around the furniture throughout your house. Whether or not you are a cleanliness freak, this robot vacuum is one of the must-have gadgets for quarantine.

5. USB Led clock fan

Though this gadget isn't for everyone out there, still, it has a pretty fancy utility for those who like it. This USB led clock fan has an extension that plugs into your laptop's USB port and illuminates a sizeable big clock showing you the time while blowing some soft air to keep you cool.

Some of us prefer to have a clock to glance at the time while working instead of having to pull up the taskbar every time you need to check what time it was. This gadget keeps you cool and tells you the time, and that's a two-in-one combo!

6. Magnetic levitating globe with LED

If you are one of those fanatics who is crazy about decorating her or his desk with fancy gadgets, then the Petforu magnetic levitating globe with built-in LED lights will do wonders for you.

It obviously doesn't have much utility like the other gadgets, but this illuminated floating globe will surely add a mesmerizing effect on your desk. Switch off the lights in your room and put this on to add beauty to your otherwise mundane desk.

7. Security safe box

While you are working from home during this quarantine, it is needless to say that you need a safe and secure place to keep your confidential work. The AmazonBasic Security safe box comes in handy in situations like this. With a very sturdy built, this safe lox has a digital lock and is small enough for you to mount it easily under your bed or even underneath your desk. Simply set the passcode and keep your confidential work hidden inside this safe with any worries.

8. Under desk footrest

Working long hours while sitting at your desk during this lockdown can take a toll on your spine and legs. Let the AmazonBasics Under desk footrest take care of your feet by giving you a comfortable feel while you are busy doing your paperwork or working on your computer for hours at a stretch.

9. Mini wooden desktop bowling game

Yes, we know that games could be a major distraction while you are working on some crucial projects, but our human brain is a muscle, and it does get tiring. Nothing works best than a momentary break from your stressful work, and this is where this Mini wooden desktop bowling game comes for you to play.

It is sized aptly to keep on your desk and is also easy to set up. Roll a few balls and de-stress yourself midst of your long working hours!

10. Tablet Keyboard cover

It is only obvious that you will be bored while sitting at your desk and working on your computer all day long. You need a change, but you cannot afford to stop working, and we understand that.

This is where a keyboard cover for your tablet will come in handy. Whether you own an iPad or an Android Tablet, you can sync all your work and keep working on your tablet by sitting on the balcony with the help of the keyboard cover. It's light, portable, and durable to meet your needs.

11. Desk potato

Don't go by its weird name! The Original Desk Potato is a handy utility tool that helps you to clear up space at your work station. While working on your computer, you would need to move your mouse a dozen times, and with the help of this desk potato clamped onto your desk, you will free up a lot of space.

It is big enough to move your mouse freely on this extended tray and also to keep some of your sticky notepads. Well, they say it right – There's a lot more to see than just a name!

12. Electric toothbrush

With the market flooded with a plethora of toothbrushes, the Oral-B Electric toothbrush stands apart. It is not just any random battery operated toothbrush out there.

Built with state-of-the-art AI technology, this toothbrush connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It gives you real-time tailor-made feedback on how well you are brushing your teeth.

It comes with a sleek travel case that charges the device, so you need not worry about keeping another adapter for your e-toothbrush. This is a must-have gadget for quarantine for everybody (except babies!)

13. Smart digital canvas

By rendering lifelike high-definition images, the digital canvas from Meural comes with a glare-free finish from every angle. You can easily filter, crop, and upload your pictures via your home's Wi-Fi and get them displayed on its giant 27" 1080p resolution screen.

With this new digital canvas, not only can you upload pictures but also HD videos. Hang it up on the wall either in portrait or landscape, and it will detect the orientation automatically while auto-dimming the screen to suit the mood, space, and ambiance.

14. An Apple

We obviously did not mean the apple fruit (which you should eat to be healthy) but the Apple, and more specifically, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. The tech giant's latest smartphone is ruling the hearts of millions across the globe.

If you are a tech fanatic (as we are), then this device will be you're the ultimate must-have gadget for quarantine. Built-in state-of-the-art cameras, extended battery life, a gorgeous Super Retina XDR OLED display, and many more, with this Apple in hand, you would probably forget the world around you!

15. A Kindle

One of the best ways to beat the "lockdown blues" is to keep you engrossed in reading some good literature. Books have always been our best companions (Yes, we know dogs are man's best friend too), and what's best than having your favorite collection all bundled up together?

With the Kindle Paperwhite, you can enjoy reading all the genres seamlessly in one single device. The exceptional display on a Kindle device gives you the feeling that you're reading an actual book!

16. Multi-device wireless charger

With all your smart devices lying all over the place in your home, you would need quite a few different adapters to charge them. Searching for such adapters can be a real pain (if you like being disorganized like us), let alone detangling those messed up wires.

This multi-device wireless charger can provide a solution to this problem. The resting pad is wide enough to accommodate 2 devices with up to 10W charging capacity.

Well, the only con in this device is that it cannot charge your device if it does not have the hardware compatibility of wireless charging!

17. Smart home theatre projector

After having a long day of working-from-home, you obviously need some relaxation to beat the stress. Watching your favorite series on a big screen (bigger than your television) simply multiplies the satisfaction of watching your favorite movies.

The Portable Full HD LED Smart home theatre projector comes with a combination of full HD resolution of 1920x1080p at up to 100" screen size along with a built-in battery and Wi-Fi connectivity. Your movie-watching experience at home just got a lot better!

18. Wi-Fi system range extender

Do you often experience that your home's Wi-Fi connectivity is not the same at every corner of your house? If so, then it is possible that your router does not have a wider coverage range of connectivity.

You don't have to sit near the router to get the best speed anymore. By using "mesh technology" the Orbi Wi-Fi system range extender, spreads an equal canopy of Internet connectivity all-around your house. Just set it up and enjoy your blazing fast Internet from any corner of your home!

19. Digital cooking food meat thermometer

This is one of those must-have gadgets for quarantine that will make you wonder why you didn't have one of these before! The digital cooking food thermometer makes it super easy for you to grill or adequately cook your food to the most optimum temperature.

With a built-in large LCD display, this thermometer provides you with the ability to measure the internal temperature of the meat that you're cooking.

20. Electric pressure cooker

The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker is a life-saver for those who are not much of a cook. During this tough period of quarantine, you do not have the luxury of ordering food from your favorite restaurants and you’re left alone with your cooking skills (if you’re sadly staying alone during this lockdown).

This 7-in-1 multi-function pressure cooker can be programmed according to your needs and can speed up cooking time by up to 10 times along with saving 70% of energy.

21. Healthcare companion water bottle

Since we are humans, and humans by nature are 'social animals', staying at home 24*7 for a prolonged period of days, during this quarantine, is obviously tough for all of us.

Our daily schedule gets all messed up, and we end up forgetting to drink the required amount of water every day. The EVE Healthcare Companion water bottle solves this problem completely.

This smart water bottle has built-in mini speakers and multicolored LED lights that glow up with music alerts to remind you when it's time to drink water.

22. Persona purifying fan

The list of must-have gadgets for quarantine cannot be complete without the inclusion of an air purifier. The Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan uses a HEPA filter by which it captures 99.7% of allergens and pollutants and delivers you with cool and purified airflow.

It comes with built-in reminders that indicate when you need to replace those filters. Put in on oscillating mode and enjoy the smooth, pleasant airflow exactly where you want.

23. Amazon Fire HD Kids edition tablet

If you have been blessed with children, then keeping them inside the house all the time during this quarantine period can be a real tough task. You can't possibly keep them sitting at a place by giving them some candy; you need better to give them a better companion.

This is where the Amazon All-New Fire HD 10Kids Edition Children's Tablet comes in for them to play! With a sturdy built quality and 12 hours of battery time, this kids' tablet is fully loaded with a myriad of games to keep your kids busy for hours.

24. Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker

Staying inside the house all day long means that you will need to communicate between different rooms of your house without physically traveling (Yes, we are lazy!). The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker helps you to do the same with full access to the smart assistant, Alexa.

From playing music to knowing the weather to controlling other smart devices in your home, all you need to do is ask Alexa, your smart virtual assistant.

25. Home workout system

Gadgets are meant to make our lives easier and stress-free, but we, at times, switch over to the negative side and use them to become lazy.

This is even more evident during this period of quarantine when people cannot go out of their houses to the gym. With the EdgeCross X Intense Home Workout System, you can get some serious strenuous workout at home in just 10 minutes.

It comes with an exercise mat with a detailed instruction manual for every exercise. Now go burn some fat without giving excuses!

26. Fitness tracker

You will not be motivated to exercise daily if you do not keep track of the calories that you burn. The gadget companion that you cannot do without when it comes to getting on track with your exercise routine is a fitness tracker.

There is a plethora of them available, and almost all get the job done. From tracking number of steps you took to monitoring your sleep, some of the fitness trackers also inform you about your blood oxygen saturation. Also, they look trendy on your wrist and hence can serve as a fashion statement too!

27. Smartwatch

Today almost every other person owns a smartwatch these days, but unfortunately, not all use it to its full potential. Smartwatches not only show you the notifications that you receive, nor is its only job is to show a fancy watch dial.

They can effectively be used as your step-counter, heart rate monitor, and lots of other useful functions. In short, if used effectively, they can be used as a supplement to those fitness trackers.

28. Wireless headphones

Whether you are working out or running on your treadmill, or even listening to your favorite songs on your smartphone, a pair of wireless headphones is a quintessential gadget.

There is a variety of them available with different specifications in the market. From in-ear to over-the-head headphones, some of them also come with a noise-cancellation feature that blocks out 90% of the external sounds to give you a richer experience.

29. Portable charger

If your devices do not support wireless charging, then worry not, for we have got you covered. A portable charger will be a solution to power up your devices even when you are away from the power socket or without the specific adapter.

The Bolt Portable Charger comes with 2 charging cables – a micro USB and a lightning cable. With a battery capacity of 6,000 mAh, it is sufficient to charge your smartphone twice.

30. Smart TV

Television sets have also gotten 'smart' while competing with smartphones and smartwatches! Having one big gorgeous display in your living room, right in front of your couch can be a great source of entertainment during these quarantine periods.

With built-in Google Assistant, these smart TVs run on Android OS and can sync with all your smart devices and produce top-notch picture quality.

31. Smart bulb starter kit

Unleash your creativity by accenting your home with the Philips Smart Bulb starter kit. You get to control the lights in your rooms with your smartphones.

You can also set timers to them to light up different colors at different brightness levels during the pre-fixed time tables. One Hue Hub can add up to 50 lights throughout your home without the requirement of any Wi-Fi extender. They are also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

32. RGB keyboard

If you are an avid gamer, then it is best not to use the delicate keys on your laptop (unless it's a gaming laptop) while playing hardcore games. Games such as Call of Duty or PUBG-PC or MGS-V, require you to hit the keys hard and very frequently.

To get some of the best gaming experiences, you must get one RGB keyboard. With multicolored backlit keys, these keyboards are highly durable as they are built to withstand the hard whacking of the gamers. Let's boost your gaming up a notch now!

33. Portable external hard drive

If you have a massive amount of files stored in your primary computer or have some confidential documents in soft copies or even if you are an avid gamer, it is inevitable for you to need a reliable portable hard drive.

You have several storage options ranging from 500GB to 3TB. Back up all your documents, media files, and even those Steam games' files on to your external hard drive. If you do so, you will have a peaceful sleep at night, even if your computer crashes by any chance. Backup and stay secured!

34. Wireless controller

If you want to experience gaming other than hitting the keys on your keyboard, then you should get a wireless gaming controller. There's a plethora of them available, and most of them work on Windows PC as well as Mac.

They can either be wired with a USB cable or wireless, depending on your preference. Feel the vibration in your hands when you crash your car or get hit during your gameplay with the built-in motors in these wireless gaming controllers.

35. Joystick

Are you a racing game fanatic? Do games like Need For Speed or Dirt Rally keep you hooked on your PC for hours? If so, then try playing those games with a joystick.

With multiple buttons, a dual-throttle lever, and an adjustable handle, any right joystick is sure to fuel up the adrenaline rush the next time when you drive at high speed while the cops chase you (Only in games, not in real life though!)

36. Gaming mouse

We all have used the usual mouse with 2 buttons and a clickable rotating wheel, but when it comes to our gamer buddies, they need something extra.

The Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse is the one that comes with 20 programmable buttons that are useful during Massive Multiplier Online (MMO) games. If you love playing World of Warcraft, then this is the device you should use for the ultimate gaming experience.

37. UV phone sanitizer

Your smartphone being your biggest companion (after your dog) during this quarantine, it is quintessentially imperative for you to make sure that germs do not get deposited on your gadget.

Here is a gadget to you safe from using your gadget, and it is by far the most important must-have gadget for quarantine.

The PhoneSoap 3 UV Phone Sanitizer takes away the worry of your phone being contaminated with germs and viruses. Its germicidal UVC light kills 99.99% of the germs on your phone's screen and back cover. Use it to protect yourself and your family during this COVID-19 quarantine.

38. Smart cocktail scale

One of the most significant disadvantages of working from home during this lockdown period is missing the after-work drinks at your favorite bar with your friends and colleagues.

We understand your misery. Although we can't magically make your friends appear (even if we could that would have been illegal right now), the Perfect Drink Pro Smart Cocktail Scale will surely take away your cravings for the perfect cocktail!

Use this kitchen scale along with its companion app, and it will guide you through mixing the lip-smacking cocktail. Set your cocktail shaker on the scale and pour the ingredients according to its recommendation. With the right amount of ingredients, your luscious cocktail is ready at home!

39. USB microphone

If you are a YouTuber or run a daily podcast show, then this is the ultimate "quarantine gadget" for you. The USB microphones are affordable and provide you with premium quality for the price that you pay. Get this microphone along with a pop filter to keep your voice crystal and also free from any possible edgy plosives.

40. Laptop cooling pads

Also known as a chill mat, the laptop cooling pads are a must-have gadget for quarantine if you work for long hours on your computer. As the same suggests, these cooling pads aid in reducing the temperature of your laptop when it is involved in heavy-duty operations or is being used for a long time.

41. USB webcam

It has often been observed that even when you are using a good laptop, the in-built webcam does not give satisfactory results. During the quarantine period, if you are away from your family, then having a good quality USB webcam will be very useful.

With a good quality USB webcam, your friends and family will get to see you properly rather than a blurry pixilated face when they video call you.

42. The Pencil

No, we are not talking about a pencil gadget here! It is the pencil, more specifically the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen. If you are a proud owner of an iPad, then your best companion would be the Apple Pencil.

With loads of functionality, this stylus pen can simply revolutionize the way you have been using your iPad till now. It's intuitive, precise, and magical. Use it to know the difference!

43. An extended power socket

You all must have the regular power socket extender with 3 or 4 three-pin ports. This NTONPOWER 3 Desktop Charging Station is a valuable upgrade. With 3 outlets for three-pin ports, this charging station also comes with additional 3 USB ports that will work wonders on your desk, living room, or even on the nightstand in your bedroom.

44. Cup cozy pillow

This one cannot be explicitly categorized under a technological gadget, but its utility is no less. The Cup Cozy Pillow is a padded cup-holder that fits in any size of cup, bottle, or mug, and you can comfortably place it on your couch while gaming or at your desk while working.

45. Smartpen with Transcribing Notebook

Although studying is the last thing that anyone would want to do during this lockdown period, still if you have exams coming up, then you need to study and make lots of notes.

If you want to use the old-school methods of writing in a notebook with a touch of modern technology, then the NEO Smartpen M1 with Transcribing Notebook will be your best companion. Simply write on the transcribing notebook with the smartpen, and this device will automatically convert your writing into digital texts.

46. Indoor security camera

With the most advanced indoor security camera, featuring a 4K sensor with 12x digital zoom, you can get a good night's sleep without worrying about any burglary. The camera can differentiate between a person and a thing with its HDR imaging technology and will alert you immediately if it spots an unexpected presence.

47. Mini smart plug

Compatible with popular virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, the Wi-Fi-enabled mini smart plug provides you with the functionality to wirelessly toggle on or off your fan, light, or any other appliance that you connect with it.

48. Voice-activated trash can

It is now possible for you to lift the lid of your trashcan with your voice command! Simply say, "Open can" and the lid of this smart trash can opens up smoothly for you to dump your waste. Even waving your hand over the top also gets the job done.

49. Wireless mini photo printer

This Coronavirus quarantine period will be etched in history, and you are fortunate enough to survive through it. Don't you want to take some pictures now so that you can show your grandchildren how you fought the pandemic and saved the world?

With the mini photo printer, you get to fulfill your dream. This mini printer beautifully prints 2x3 inches of peel-and-stick photos directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

50. Smart oven

A food warmer, air fryer, microwave, and a convection oven, all clubbed in the Amazon smart oven, makes it the perfect kitchen gadget during this quarantine period. You can also voice control this oven via your Alexa devices.

51. Smart sleep tracker

If you are tired of wearing the smart wristbands that track your sleep, then the Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Tracker is just for you! Simply slip it under your sheet, and it effectively tracks your sleep.

Final verdict

The gadgets listed above will surely make your life easier and more fun during the tough times that we all are facing now. On a serious note - To inform you about the must-have gadgets for quarantine wasn't the only purpose of this article; we intend to ensure that you get the best possible devices at home so that you do not step outside your house during this lockdown. Stay home with your gadgets, and stay safe!

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