Borderlands 3: Release Date, Trailers, Leaks and Pre-Launch Top Rumors

by Lisa Hayden
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Borderlands 3: Release Date, Trailers, and Pre-Launch Top Rumors

The story of Borderlands 3 revolves around the Calypso twins, Troy and Tyreen, who happen to be the leaders of a cult called the Children of the Vault. They’re the game’s primary antagonists, and your job as a player is to stop them from opening vaults underneath Pandora’s surface. 

For the uninitiated, this is the fourth main instalment of the franchise, an action-packed online first-person shooter (FPS) game created by genius minds from one of the most well-known indie video game developers—Gearbox Software. 

The backdrop is set 5 years after the events in Borderlands 2. It is an open-world, first-person shooting game that’s perfect for either solo or multiplayer gaming. Players get to choose their role (Siren, Gunner, Operative, or Beastmaster) and gain experience by finishing side missions and quests that also reward you with items and in-game money. 

There’s been a lot of hype about its release dates since the company started rolling out its trailers. There was, however, a single setback that didn’t sit well with most fans (you can read about it in the next sections).

Read on to find out more about the release date, trailer summary, and top rumors that came out even before the official launch date was announced. 

Release Date

So when will you be able to play Borderlands 3? We are pleased to inform you that the game has been released in September 13, 2019 at midnight.  Now that was a lengthy wait, given that Borderlands 2 was released way back in 2012.

The game was launched for console players--PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, to some players’ dismay, it will be exclusively available only at Epic Games store for the first 6 months due to an exclusive deal. 


Initially, Epic Games announced that there won’t be any active pre-launch downloads allowed. This, however, changed when they announced that they will be accepting pre-launch download requests for as early as 48 hours. 

To get a bird’s eye view of when the game has been released in different parts of the world and the scale of it, here’s a table showing the launch date and time at different time zones.

For Xbox One and PS4 Users

  • September 12 (9 PM)
  • Pacific Daylight Time
  • September 13 (12 AM)
  • British Summer Time
  • Central European Time
  • Eastern Daylight Time
  • South African Standard Time
  • Singapore Time
  • Japan Standard Time
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • New Zealand Standard Time

For PC Users

  • September 12
  • Pacific Daylight Time (4 PM)
  • Eastern Daylight Time (7 PM)
  • September 13
  • British Summer Time (12 AM)
  • Central European Summer Time (1 AM)
  • South African Standard Time (1 AM)
  • Moscow Standard Time (2 AM)
  • Singapore Time (7 AM)
  • Japan Standard Time (8 AM)
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (9 AM)
  • New Zealand Standard Time (11 AM)

The Epic Games store added another element to the excitement when they announced that players who are eager to embark on their next interplanetary journey can download it 48 hours before the launch date. This way, players can start looking up player guides and plan their builds using the interactive skill trees provided beforehand for characters Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane. 

Also, its publisher Take-Two Games in partnership with GAME, gave their customers to access the game earlier on September 12 at their flagship store in Westfield Stratford. Here, customers were able to purchase a copy at 9 PM UK time. Aside from this, the store’s interior was transformed to match the game’s overall aesthetic and prizes such as merch, a PlayStation 4, and a 50-inch Samsung TV were handed out to winning cosplayers. 

News Trailer

To inspire hype and excitement, Gearbox released a couple of trailers that showed glimpses of the story, characters, and violent gameplay of Borderlands 3. Here are some of them.

Official Developer Trailer

In March 2019, Gearbox Software released the official developer trailer, giving us our first peak into the art of Borderlands 3 and its content. Here, the characters were soft of introduced, as well as the gameplay and its best feature as an FPS game: more than billions of guns available! Seriously, there was even a gun with legs featured in this trailer!

‘We Are Mayhem’ E3 Trailer

E3, for example, produced and released a trailer in June 2019 that gave fans a good look at what the story will be for Borderlands 3. The trailer starts with Lilith making a badass entrance with a speech inviting gamers to join her in their next interplanetary adventure. The trailer then moves in to show a Mad Max-inspired scenery and introduces a heap of characters already familiar to long associated fans. 

Plus, the trailer gave us a glimpse of the free DLC for Borderlands 2, which links the story of 2 to Borderlands 3. 

Official ‘So Happy Together’ Cinematic 4K Trailer

What’s amazing about game releases is the developers’ unwavering commitment to produce creative trailers that showcase not just the game’s features but also the producers’ creativity as well. This trailer shows a bunch of action-filled scenes where the characters fire their guns to match the beat of the famous Turtles song, ‘Happy Together.’ 

Official Cinematic Launch Trailer: ‘Let’s Make Some Mayhem’

Finally, in early September 2019, Gearbox officially launches the trailer, announcing the game’s exciting and long-awaited release on September 13, 2019. 

The trailer is as action-packed and merry as you would expect from a Borderlands trailer. Gun-filled action scenes fill your screen in tune to an awesome soundtrack, and shows a Claptrap unit, Psychos, and a whole bunch of characters such as Brick, Mordecai, and Sir Hammerlock, to name a few. 

In addition to trailers, there seemed to be some rumors that came out even before the release was officially announced through these trailers. The next section lists the top rumors surrounding the game’s release and features. 


Since it’s been a long wait for the fans, discussions on the recently released Borderlands 3 have come up in different forums, as well as in official articles released by top gaming sites.

Before Gearbox even started releasing trailers, there has been a lot of rumors about the game’s release. In March 2017, publisher Take-Two kept mum about the official release date but told fans to anticipate release between 2018 and 2019. Well, we know for sure that’s out of the way since the game was already released in September this year.

borderland3 leak

Here are the top 12 rumors that came out prior to the game’s release. 

  • The Walmart leak

Even before the official announcement of the game was made, Walmart Canada already leaked on its page suggesting that the game is coming. Yes, it was enticing and exciting, but it’s also undeniable that the page has been used to market other game releases as well. As far as we know, Gearbox has not made any statement on this, and thus the leak was ignored. 

  • Reddit rumors release

There were tons of rumors on Reddit announcing false dates of release, and even contains images that were perfectly edited to look like it was the official thing. However, the date mentioned happened to also be the same date for Bethesda and Microsoft’s E3, and no announcement has been made there. 

  • The game’s lead writer, Mike Neumann, left production

In 2017, there was a report that stated the game’s lead writer had to quit due to health reasons. Because of this, no one knows how much of the story was compromised and if this will impact the game in the future. Also, there weren’t any announcements of who will take over the role.

  • Game hints

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, showed a demo that showed the aesthetic of Borderlands 3. The art style would be characters lined in thick black shade. He, however, didn’t reveal the character shown in the demo but has hinted that fans might be able to see the character in the game’s final version. 

  • Where will it take place?

Some say the location setting of the game will not take place in Pandora, but glimpses of the planet have been seen in teasers. There were also hints to Promethea, a new world discovered by Battleborn sleuths. There were also audio patterns in the teasers that invited people to come visit Promethea, and this has been strengthened by a tweet that came from their official account. 

  • There will be new Vault hunters in the game

Borderlands 3 revolves around new heroes that players can choose from. There were rumors that players can now choose between Athena, Brick, Axton, or Lilith. 

  • New planet and monster

With each new vault in Borderland, there often comes a new monster as well. New planets will rise, and teasers have shown a map where new vaults are located across the Universe. 

  • On Microsoft gaining exclusive marketing rights

Rumors pointed that Microsoft will be in charge of the game's advertising campaigns. However, this announcement was shrugged off by the Gearbox CEO and said that no such contract was signed with Microsoft. 

  • Take-Two’s hopeful announcement

Take-Two, being the Borderland games’ publisher, announced that fans will be able to witness a release from one of the biggest game franchises. However, they did not specify that the game was going to be Borderlands 3. 

  • Pitchford and Musk’s interaction

At the PAX West of 2017, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford and Tesla CEO Elon Musk threw light on the rumor that there was a new game being developed. There was no mention of the game’s title, but Pitchford made the announcement just to let the audience know that they are acknowledging the audience’s excitement towards a new game being released, possibly for fans and hopefuls. 

  • Pitchford’s interview with IGN

In another interview, Pitchford specifically stated that they are developing a sequel to the franchise but hasn’t gone into the specifics just yet. 

The Kind Of Loot And Weapons

Fans can expect a large array of wacky weapons that can do serious damage with amazing effects. It seems that the Gearbox CEO has contacted Elon Musk to ask if guns can be used in the next release. This confirms that the Boeing Company Flamethrower is a weapon that players will be encountering first in the game. Other than that, no announcements were made as to what weapons would be included because everything will be previewed in the teaser trailers. 

Just to keep things entertaining, the biggest blunder that attracted a lot of attention was when Gearbox accidentally leaked the official Borderlands 3 trailer through a post on Twitter. The video was immediately taken down but not before hardcore fans managed to download it and share it through Reddit. This gave fans the idea that the game was showing pretty much a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy vibes. 

PC Requirements

Now that the game has officially launched, here are the minimum and recommended system requirements you’ll need for you to be able to enjoy the game. 


  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3570
  • Disk space needed: 75 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
  • Memory: 6 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Upwards 64-bit

Recommended (for the highest settings):

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770
  • Disk space needed: 75 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Upwards 64-bit

NOTE: To run the game seamlessly, your GPU should be able to run DirectX 11.

Bottom Line

Right now, those who want to play Borderlands 3 on PC are out of luck since you only get to play Epic Store games through the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. 

Gearbox has not made it clear as to why they decided to release it as a timed exclusive only on the Epic games store. However, an official announcement during a press release has confirmed that the game will be released in other digital platforms after 6 months. It doesn’t specifically list what these platforms will be, though, so it might be too early for expectations. However, educated guesses have pointed to Borderlands 3 being available on Steam in April 2020. 

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