A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing an Online Graphic Editor

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing an Online Graphic Editor

You can do a lot of fun things with a graphic editor. However, not all programs are created equal, and some might be expensive. To make the most of your limited time and resources, choose a program that suits your requirements. Then you’ll have to determine if you want to experiment or work on serious projects as a graphic editor. We’ve spoken about VistaCreate and other flyer-maker apps that you may try. Check this article to learn how to find an excellent online graphic editor.

What Are Online Graphic Editors and How Do They Work?

Graphic online editor has thousands of templates for creating and processing photo and video files. The best thing about online timeline editors is that, unlike the “things” you can do in Photoshop, you don’t have to download and install an add-on to get access to what you want. As a result, there are many things you may achieve with an online graphic editor, particularly if you understand properly how it works. You can create:

  • Animated Logo
  • Twitter post
  • Instagram post
  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Square Video Post
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • Instagram Story, etc

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless, and most importantly, it’s all completely free, you just need to register on the selected website of the online graphic editor.

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How to Choose the Best Online Graphic Editor?

Before choosing any online graphic editor you should consider the following factors.


Before you select a particular graphic editor it is important to know the cost of that tool. The higher cost of a graphic editor will be the one you must carefully choose. Sometimes, it depends on the features and functionality of the tool. There are several free online graphic editors as well as paid ones. Just compare them before selecting one. You can compare two to three free graphic editors that you have already selected and use the best one.


You have to choose an easy-to-use graphics editor. Just make sure you grasp all of its features and functions. It will make it easier to use and save you time. Many online graphics editors provide quick learning.  The tutorial will walk you through the basic features of the editor as well as the key tools you’ll be using.

Image Size

Another significant factor to consider is the size of the image. Many graphic editors enable you to upload photos as large as 5 MB. However, some applications enable you to upload files up to 2GB. You should be aware of this information because it will help you in choosing the right solution.

Image Quality

Image quality is another factor that you need to check before uploading your images. Before uploading the image, make sure that it is in the format of JPG, GIF, and PNG. It will help you to improve the image quality. You can also compress the image and save it in JPEG format if you want. Choose the tools that can compress your images without compromising on the quality.


The security of your images is one of the important factors that you need to check. You must ensure that your images are safe when you are uploading them online. There are certain solutions that might help you ensure the safety and security of your photographs. You can employ a variety of tools that are well-known for their high levels of security.


You should check if the tool has all the features that you want. Some of the features that you need are:

  • An image editor
  • A filter
  • A spell checker
  • A crop tool
  • A trim tool
  • A watermark
  • A text tool
  • A logo editor, and many other tools

You will receive a decent tool if you pick an online graphic editor that has all of the core features. Check to see whether the editor allows you to change the number of lines as well as the text format. You may also adjust the font’s size and color. You might look at the tool’s additional features. A link tracker, a contact page builder, a gallery creator, a form builder, a video editor, and many more features may be used. You should ensure that the tool includes all of the features you require.


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