6 tips to install your own personal home security system

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Six Tips To Install Your Own Personal Home Security System

Improvement in consumer technology has made installing your very own burglar alarm system easier than ever before. However that does not necessarily mean you're more secure than before, because unless you install your burglar alarms the correct way you will never achieve expected results and will end up wasting a lot of time and money. Correct installation of your personal security system means covering all possible entry points including doors, windows, hatches, etc. You will also need to make sure that the alarm does not end up treating your guests, children, or pets as threats. In this article we will discuss the 6 most important points that you need to think about while installing your personal security system. If you follow these procedures while setting up that new anti-theft system, there will be a much lower chance of false alarms and intruders will have a much tougher time breaking into your home.

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  • Make sure that all the main entrance points and ground floor doors/windows are covered:
    This is one of THE most important things to keep in mind when you purchase a new alarm system or anti-theft system for your home. Make sure your ground floor is secured safely, because almost half of all burglaries occur through the ground floor. Keep deadbolts on your doors, and invest in sufficient sensors to cover ALL doors and windows in the ground floor. If the sensors are wireless and battery operated, make sure to check the batteries every once in a while. If you are going to be leaving your windows for ventilation then invest in a motion detecting alarm that will alert you if there is anyone trying to get in through the window. Or even better- keep the windows shut as you leave the house.
  • Make sure you place the main alarm box outside in from of the house where it can easily be seen and heard: This serves two purposes- firstly it makes sure that when the alarm goes off, everyone in the neighborhood can see as well as hear it. Secondly, any potential burglar will know that the house he's thinking about breaking into is protected by an anti-theft system. Make sure to place the alarm box on a wall at least 2.5m above the ground. If possible, put it in a tamper-proof box that will automatically trigger the alarm if anyone tries to mess with it.
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    Position your PIR sensors and motion detectors properly: PIR sensors are infrared sensors capable of detecting heat signatures across a moderately wide area. They must always be placed in a position from where they can easily monitor a crucial part of the house without any obstructions in the field of view. If you want to monitor the entrance to the house, make sure that you position it in such a way that it does not set of the alarm if an person is walking across the street. If you will be placing it inside the house, choose a hallway or corner of a room. If there are pets in the house, make sure to get pet-friendly motion sensors to avoid a fiasco. Don't point the PIR sensor at sources of heat such as lights, windows, or large electronic appliances such as microwaves and fridges. And do not place them near curtains, or reflective surfaces.
  • Make sure to get cameras that can work in all kinds of light: If you want your home security system to have both sensors as well as cameras in order to monitor theft activity, then get a camera that can work equally well in day and night. Blurred, grainy footage is of no good to police and if the burglar wears a mask it will be even more difficult to identify his facial features. Also, don't point the camera at the lights, because all you will end up getting is a big blob of flash in the center. Position the cameras well so that they covers important places such as access points(front and back doors), hallways, and important rooms. If you have outdoor cameras, then make sure to point them in the correct direction so that they can see the fences and gates clearly.
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    Setup your alarm system to give an impression that somebody's always in home: One of the best ways to deter most burglars is by making them think that there are people inside the house even when it is actually empty. Change the message for the answering machine on the door from "Sorry, nobody's home" to something like "Please hold on, we can't get to the door right away". Install a motion detector-light combo on the front door so that as soon as anybody walks up to it, the light turns on(or you could just leave your lights on if you don't care much about saving energy). Put up some stickers of home security systems on your doors and gates, even if you may or may not own any products from those companies.
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    Make sure the control panel is set up in an easy to access place, and everyone knows how to use it:This may seem trivial, but believe us when we say that 1/3rd of the burglaries that take place in homes protected by anti-theft systems, happen without even raising the alarm. The reason for that is most of the family members did not know, or care about learning how to operate the security system. No matter how much you invest into a costly home security system with all the latest cutting edge technology, it is just dead weight if no one even bothers to turn it on before going out. Make sure the console is placed in an easily accessible position, and brief all members of the family on the operation of the system, at least the basics. And, keep the console high enough so that children don't mess around with it else you will be tormented by frequent false alarm fiascoes.

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