5 BreathTaking Programs For Making A Video Resume

Video Resume

Video resume allows you to describe your skills and experience in a short video clip to the prospective employer. The video resume can be made for a targeted position that you are hoping to apply. You can create the video resume or have a professional create it for you. Many job boards allow you to upload a video resume in your profile. The following are the top 5 programs for making a video resume.


Animaker offers a lot of resume templates to help you in creating a creative resume video. The template has text placeholder for your name, introductory line, qualification, work experience, achievements, and specific skills. You can incorporate animation effects from the free library, upload your own image/art into the video, and include background music. Animaker features 50+ background music tracks and 175+ sound effects.

The online video editor has a free text to speech engine that can read your text aloud in robotic sound. The text to speed engine is useful for helping the audience with hearing impairment and for enhancing e-learning course. With Animaker, you can create up to 100 resume videos and each video can be maximum 30 minutes length. The free version only allows you to create up to 5 resume videos per month with each video average of 2 minutes.

Before you can use Animaker, you must register for a free account. The next step is to select the video topic under categories and select the preferred template. You have to option to add text with the font of your choice. You can use the font you upload yourself for the video text. The volume of voiceover and background music can also be adjusted to the right level. The final video can be uploaded on YouTube and Facebook. If you have a paid membership, you can download an HD quality of the video to your computer.

Renderforest Video Maker

Renderforest is a top software suitable for making video resumes for different positions such as graphic designer, team worker CV, event manager, content writer, digital marketing specialist, and freelance designer. It has been used by the staff of big companies like BBC, Bose, Sony Music, and Salesforce. To create a resume video, you must click create now button on the homepage and select a template.

In the search box, you can enter a search term to filter the templates you want to use for making your job resume video. Next, you select what scene to include in the video. You can select multiple scenes for inclusion at one time. After you select the scenes, you can edit the text, choose a style, choose a color palette, and add background music. There are lots of scenes featuring a character in the job with different expressions.

Flinging Paper Resume

You can check out their built-in library which offers access to free business icons, logo animations, and background animations. There is also a music library where you can find music clips of the various genre like folk, rock, and funk to include in the video. The last step is to preview your video. The free version has a watermark logo of Renderforest. The paid subscription is billed annually and does not have any watermark on the video.

Go CV One

Go CV One allows you to record your own resume video without the need of hiring any camera staff such as screenplay writer, camera-man, and lighting technician. There free templates that you can use to create your script. You can rerecord the video as many times as you want until you are happy with the result.

The finished recording can be converted to an online video that is accessible on the web. There can only be up to 5 scenes in each video. There is no need to have any technical knowledge to use Go CV One. The job resume video can be customized with different color themes and fonts. It can be uploaded on your preferred domain name on GoCVOne.com.

The video page can be protected with a password so that only the employer can view it. Besides, you can also include attachments to other relevant resumes on the page. Whenever you want to apply for an online job, you simply point them to the URL to view the resume video. To create the online video resume, you must first enter your email, password, and name in the form.

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is a suite that consists of 3 programs including video editor, video converter and screen recorder. The screen recorder program is suitable for recording a job resume video. If you activate the webcam option, it will show a video of you talking in a small frame in the corner of the screencast. You can use it to record your job resume page like the LinkedIn page. In the meantime, you can talk on the microphone explaining the details on the job resume. You need to activate the microphone feature if you want to record a voiceover on microphone.

In the resume screencast, you can give a walkthrough of your job profile on Linkedin. For this purpose, you may want to highlight your cursor. You can click the mouse cursor icon on the control panel to go to the cursor options and check the highlight cursor option. After you check this option, you can select the highlight color of the cursor by clicking on the color picker tool. 

The built-in video editor has a trim tool that allows you to conveniently delete mistakes that you make during the recording. In the settings, you can also reduce or increase the volume level to fix the volume problem in the video.  

When you finish recording the screencast, it will redirect you to a screen where you can trim the video. Below, you will see an option Upload to. It offers option to upload your video to several places like YouTube, Vkontakte, Vimeo or FTP. You can select multiple options to have your video upload to multiple places at the same time. For faster uploading, you can use the video converter to compress your video to a lossless format like MP4 and a small resolution like 640x360 for faster uploading. Click here to learn more about it.

Biteable Video Resume Maker

Biteable video resume maker allows you to create a resume video within a few minutes. The first step is to create an account with Biteable. Next, you must select a video resume template. Once you have selected the template, you can start editing it by changing the text and adding a personal logo. They also have animated logo graphics which you can add into your video for free.

It will take some time for Biteable online video editor to load since it is flash-based. Once it is loaded, you will be able to see the timeline. You can create a video from scratch or with the video resume sample. You can upload anything into the timeline, including photo, footage, and audio. The sequence of the clips can be adjusted by dragging with the mouse cursor. You can improve your video by changing the video color, and add background audio.

They offer a lot of free music clips for use in videos with a different mood. You can find various types of music clips such a carefree, cinematic, folk, electronic, and cheeky. At an extra fee, you will get access to free stock photos from Shutterstock. They do not put any watermark on the video. Biteable is available as a free trial. The video you create with the free trial cannot be downloaded to your computer.

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