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We are always in search of guest and freelance writers who are capable of sharing opinions, insights, and well-researched, informative, and well-written content with our readers. The content submitted must educate the readers and must give them reasons to come back to us searching for more such informative and interesting content. We welcome individuals with tips and tricks, ideas, and insights that they are eager to share with the drone enthusiasts or the tech community, to join our team of writers. If you have materials that are inspirational, share-worthy, and cool and have the potential of becoming viral on the Internet send them across to us and get them published.

Here are the categories we currently accept submissions in:

  • Tech Design, News and latest developments
  • Technology Innovation
  • Guides & Tips

How to publish your content on our website?

Once you submit your content, we will get it reviewed by our internal team of experts. Your content will be published only if the team approves it. There are certain things that help us in determining whether a particular post is suitable for being published on our website. Read on to know about them.

How to get your content approved?

Individuals looking to write for us must do the following:

  • Link back and cite credible resources/sources substantiating the ideas and claims presented in the content.
  • Provide relevant examples that would help readers in visualizing the message they (the writers) are looking to deliver.
  • Add images (only if it’s possible) complementing the write-ups submitted by them aptly.
  • Have clear idea about the target audience of the posts they are submitting and write in a way so that the posts meet the needs of the targeted readers.

For a writer, who knows his or her subject, meeting the above criteria shouldn’t be a problem. However, you cannot expect your content to be approved by our team of expert editors just by following the above rules. Every day we reject hundreds of posts for a range of reasons. So, other than keeping the above rules in mind, you must also remember the things that can cause rejection of the content submitted by you.

What we reject?

Here are some reasons why we reject submissions

  • If you submit a write-up that covers a topic irrelevant to the theme of our website (drones and everything related to them) or things we mostly publish. Examples include biographies, science papers, science fiction stories, a chapter from a novel, essays, articles on home décor and loans, legal articles, etc.
  • If the article submitted by you is too long (like a novel) or too short (like a blurb) for being published.
  • If it’s not an English article, or is written in a kind of English that cannot be understood easily by general readers. Every post you submit to us must be duly proofread; we don’t accept content with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • If the content includes elements, which are against the publishing policy we follow. We have discussed our publishing policy in details later in this page.
  • If the content submitted by you is found to be a spun, copied, or plagiarized version of another source. Writers put in a lot of effort for putting an article together and we respect that. For us, honesty is one of the main pillars of the process of making trade through writing and it should stay like that. So, we reserve the right of not publishing compromised posts submitted to us.
  • If the article is written explicitly for selling or marketing a product, service, app, or tool the writer is affiliated with.

If it’s not at all a submission. We request you not to use your submission link for enquiring about your possibilities of getting your post published or asking questions regarding the ways of improving your chances of getting published. We don’t believe in keeping secrets, definitely not when it might interfere with the quality of posts we get from writers. We have already told you what we look for in a post and what we don’t for approving it. So, don’t hesitate, just write down keeping our guidelines in mind and send your post to us for review.

We will always reserve the right of taking the final decision on accepting or rejecting a submission. We reserve the right of deciding whether a post includes issues, which make it inappropriate for publication.

About format check

  • Never forget to run a format check before sending in the post to us. Here are some of the rules you must follow
  • Always submit your posts in DOC, HTML, or plaintext format (or a format equivalent to these)
  • Make sure your post contained a full title.
  • If you are adding images, make sure you are uploading JPG files.
  • Every single image you add must be accompanied by a proper credit line. The credit lines should link the images directly to the source pages. Just linking the images to their source website will not be enough.
  • Every image you use in your submissions must either be free to use or have copyright issues sorted out.
  • The image files uploaded by you must have their names written in lowercase; the names must also be hyphenated (not spaced or underscored). It must be written like this: drone-accessories.jpg.
  • All the image files included in a post should be zipped in a single folder. The folder must be named IMAGES.
  • Make sure imaged added by you are in their highest possible resolution. This is important for ensuring that the images don’t appear blurred when published.
  • Don’t forget to send in an author’s bio introducing you and your basic credentials. The bio will accompany the published post. If you are sending in a guest post, sending an author’s image is not mandatory.

Submit posts

It is extremely important that you understand that because of the huge quantity of posts we receive on a regular basis, it’s not possible for us to each submission. However, we don’t want to keep you waiting for an extended period of time; if you don’t receive a reply form us within two weeks of submitting your post, you should assume that our team of editors hasn’t approved your article for some reason.

The information provided above must have helped you to understand what exactly we are looking for from the writers. So, are you planning to submit any time soon? Don’t forget to read through our Publishing Policy before doing that.

All posts need to be submitted to us through email only. Please contact us here with your credentials to receive email id details for editorial submission.

Publishing Policy

If you can write original, high quality, unbiased, and neutral posts on drones and related subjects, you are welcome to join our list of immensely talented guest post writers. We only accept knowledge-powered, fact-checked, well-written articles from experienced tech writers and drone enthusiasts.

Whatever might be the credentials of the person submitting an article, before publication, the article would be reviewed thoroughly by our team of editors. Other than checking the content for plagiarism and making light editing, we use another unique method for assessing its quality. For an article to be approved for publication on our website, it must get a minimum of two positive reviews.

Payment & Copyright

If the article submitted by you gets published, you’ll get paid for it. This rule will be followed unless the writer wants to get their work published simply as contribution. Every published article will be original creations of authors. We are not responsible for the recommendations, opinions, and advice presented in the contributed content; we also don’t have any kind of influence on the kind of message put forward by the content. However, we would always reserve the right to reject any post that we would find inappropriate for publication.

We take every possible step for ensuring that not a single article published on our website have been reproduced illegally or breaches another author’s copyrights. However, if we get proof of the fact that any such incident has occurred, we’ll ensure that the article in question immediately gets removed from our website.

Materials published

Our website operates with the goal of providing our readers with accurate content that they would find interesting and beneficial. Individuals, who have been regular visitors to our website and read articles published on it on a regular basis, are aware of the fact that we always value our readers’ preferences more than anything else.

Unlike many websites dealing with the subject we deal with, we never participate in any king of link-exchange system. What makes us even more different than those websites is that we always encourage our readers to contact us with suggestions and criticisms. However, we don’t entertain suggestions put forward for benefit of the writers’ own products and/or services.

If you submit a post that includes links or keywords that might confuse or appear to be attempts to influence or game the rankings on SERPs, we’ll not approve it for publication. This rule applies even for the author’s bio.