How to Sync-Pair Firestick Remote – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Sync-Pair Firestick Remote

If you have just got a new Firestick, you may find it challenging to pair/sync it with the TV. Or did you lose/break the old remote and want to sync a new one? If you’re going to pair the remote, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few steps you need to follow before going any further.

To pair the Firestick remote, you need to:

  • Point the remote directly towards the TV.
  • Then, hold the Home button for 20 seconds.
  • You’ll see a notification on the TV that the remote is connected successfully.

If the remote still doesn’t pair, then go through this article. The post covers everything you should know about pairing a Firestick to a TV.

How Do You Sync/Pair a Firestick Remote? Easy Steps

Pairing a new Firestick remote is easy, and there are just a few steps you need to follow. Make sure to put the batteries into the remote, as many users often forget it. Now go ahead with the steps explained below:

1. Plug In the Firestick 

Plug the Fire TV stick into your TV, and wait for it to load. If you have already plugged in the Firestick, remove it and plug it back in. Now use your TV remote and select the source, i.e., HDMI or USB, depending on the device’s port.

2. Grab the Remote

Get the remote in your dominant hand, and press the Home button for at least 10 seconds to pair the Firestick remote to the tv. You’ll see the LED indicator on the remote flashing quickly. Wait for a few seconds and let the screen load.

Note: Some Fire TV Stick remotes flash a blue light after the pairing process is complete. 

3. Use the Remote 

Once the Firestick loads itself, you can try testing the remote. Press any button to check if the remote has been paired successfully. 

Why is My Firestick Remote Not Pairing? Common Problems and Solutions 

Not able to pair your Firestick remote even after following the steps above? There can be multiple reasons why the remote hasn’t paired. Also, I have listed some possible solutions you can try to make the remote work.

Old Batteries 

Pairing or syncing the remote with a Firestick requires more power than using the remote. Therefore, if you are using old batteries, there is a possibility that the remote won’t pair. The only solution is to put a pair of fresh batteries in and try again. 


Firestick remote uses Bluetooth and not infrared, so its controlling distance is less than a regular remote. Make sure you are not more than 20 feet away from the TV. If the batteries are old, this distance should not be more than 10 feet. 

Avoid any obstructions between the Fire TV Stick remote and the TV. These obstructions can be a couch or something else blocking the remote signals.


If you have got a new remote for the Firestick, you may experience compatibility issues. Ensure the remote is compatible with the Firestick version you own. Check out this list of compatible remotes and the Firestick versions

You need a compatible remote to make it sync/pair with the TV unit.


A damaged remote won’t pair, and you know why. If you have banged the remote into something that has stopped working, you should order a new one. Or try resetting the Firestick remote and try to pair it again. If you wonder how to reset my Firestick remote, this article will help.

Apart from these reasons, some other reasons why the remote doesn’t pair can be:

  • Interference issues 
  • Not following the proper pairing process

How to Add or Replace a Firestick Remote

Firestick users having issues with the existing remote will need to replace it. Below you will find some steps to replace a Firestick remote. Once you have added the new remote to the database, you can easily pair it to the TV.

  • Put fresh batteries into the new remote, and press the Home button for 10 seconds. Hold the button until you see the LED flashing.
  • Open Settings by selecting the settings gear icon, and you’ll see the settings menu.

Note: People using an older Fire OS should locate Settings in the list of available options. 

  • After opening the Settings menu, choose Controllers and Bluetooth.
  • Choose Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

Note: Users trying to pair a third-party remote should choose other Bluetooth devices from the menu. Then select Add Bluetooth devices.

  • Now choose Add New Remote, and your Fire TV Stick will discover the available remote. 
  • Press and hold the Home button for a few seconds, and tap on the Select button on your old remote to confirm adding the new one. 

You can now use the new or replacement remote. Long press the Home button on this remote while pointing it towards the TV. Wait for the LED to flash again, and you can sync/pair it to the TV.

How to Unpair and Repair a Firestick Remote 

To remove the existing remote, you need to download the mobile app. 

Note: After installing the Fire TV app on your phone, enter your Amazon account log-in details. You’ll be able to see your old remote in the app. 

  • Open the Fire TV app and click on the Settings icon. 
  • Select Remotes and Bluetooth devices, and then choose Amazon Fire TV Remotes. 
  • Scroll down, and choose your Fire TV Stick remote. 
  • Click on three dotted lines in the app, and choose Unpair the remote. 

How to Pair a New Firestick Remote Without the Old One

Users that have lost their Firestick remote or damaged it need to use this approach to pair the new remote. Since you do not have the old remote handy, you should download the Fire TV app on your smartphone to get this done.

Note: I hope you must have downloaded the mobile app by now. If not, open the App store on your phone and download it. 

  • Open the Fire TV app on your smartphone/tablet. (Download for Apple, and Android)
  • Go to Settings by clicking on the Settings gear icon within the app.
  • Choose Controllers and Bluetooth devices.
  • Select Amazon Fire TV Remotes, and select Add New Remote. 
  • Choose the remote you want to pair. 

After adding the remote to the app, you can sync it with the TV. Press the Home button for 20 seconds, let the LED light flash, and you can easily pair the remote.

Troubleshooting a Firestick Remote that Won’t Pair

If the remote does not pair even after multiple tries and you cannot use it, you should troubleshoot the remote. I’ve had a few issues when pairing my Fire TV Stick Remote to the TV, and here are the steps I followed.

Reboot the Firestick 

Unplug the Firestick from the TV, wait for seconds, and plug it back in. Doing this will help reboot the Firestick, and you can try connecting the remote again.

Reboot the TV 

If the remote works well with the Firestick and not with the TV, you need to power cycle the television. Then, simply turn off the TV button, and turn it back on. Make sure to wait at least 60 seconds before turning the TV back on.

Press and hold the Power button on your TV remote for 30 seconds to drain the residual power from the capacitors. This hack helps sync the Firestick remote with ease.

Power Cycle the Firestick Remote 

Sometimes things are not right with the Fire TV stick remote. Take the remote in your hand, and remove the batteries. Wait for at least 30 seconds, and put the batteries back in. This way, you can refresh the remote and make it ready for the connection.

With the hacks mentioned above, you can quickly troubleshoot the remote and make it work with the TV. If the remote does not work, you can order a new stock Fire TV remote from Amazon. 


Q: Can You Pair a Firestick Remote to a Different Firestick?

A: Yes, you can pair a Firestick remote to a different Firestick. However, you can only pair one remote to the stick at a time. If paired with a new Fire TV stick, the remote will automatically disconnect from the older firestick.

Q: How do I pair my new Firestick remote without Wi-Fi?

A: Here are the steps to pair a new Firestick remote without Wi-Fi.

  • Select Settings from the TV menu, and choose Controllers and Bluetooth devices. 
  • Select Game controllers, and add a new game controller. Put the controller into pairing mode. 
  • Once the Firestick finds the controller, it’ll be visible on the screen. 

Q: Can I control my Firestick without a remote?

A: Yes, you can control your Fire TV Stick without a remote. All you need is the mobile app, and you can use it as a remote controller. However, the range of the mobile controller will be less than the stock TV remote.

Q: How do I fix an unresponsive Fire TV Stick remote?

A: Remove the batteries from the remote, and wait for 30 minutes. Now put the batteries back in, and you can fix an unresponsive Fire TV Stick remote.


This article covers everything about “how to sync/pair a Firestick remote.” Follow all the steps in the series to make the process hassle-free. I recommend using a pair of fresh batteries to make the capacitors work well.

If you still have any issues syncing the remote, please leave your questions in the comments. Stay tuned to The Wired Shopper for more interesting and informative posts on Amazon Fire Stick. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like connecting firestick to Alexa

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